Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls Review

Bridgestone, the tire company, started making golf balls in 1935 when the golfing industry as a whole started constructing golf balls with rubber bands in the core. This move was a no-brainer for Bridgestone. It was and still is one of the largest rubber manufacturers in the world.

Since entering the game of golf and after many decades of failures, successes, and innovation, Bridgestone is now a top brand in the industry. Bridgestone is the go-to golf ball for world-renowned golfers like Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau. Bridgestone also has golfers like Lexi Thompson, Fred Couples, and Matt Kuchar on their roster.

While these top golfers use Bridgestone’s higher-end tour-grade golf balls, the Bridgestone e6 has also been a fan favorite for many years now. The first Bridgestone was released in 15 years and since has provided beginners, amateurs, and everyday golfers a soft feeling ball that provides amazing distance – and the newest Bridgestone e6 is no different. The new Bridgestone e6 now features an even better feel, distance, and overall performance for all.

So, what are the specs and features of the new e6? Let’s take a deeper look at our Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls review, starting with an overview to showcase all of its new features.

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls Review– Overview

The new Bridgestone e6 is a 2-piece constructed ball, the same as the previous generation, also featuring a Surlyn cover as before. The Surlyn cover has been popular among users of the e6 and has been left unchanged, except that the new cover is thinner than the previous generation. The thinner cover allows for a lot more spin around the greens while also giving the same soft feel as it used to previously. While the cover is thinner, it is still incredibly durable and resists scratches and marks.

As the Bridgestone e6 is designed for and aimed at those who have moderate swing speeds, it features a low compression core that is large in size. This large and soft core provides great distance and high launch speeds while maintaining a soft feel.

The new e6 also features a new 330 dimple design. This 330 dimple design features dimples of different and varying sizes, designed to straighter shots off the tee and also to improve consistency in ball flight.

These are the features covering this golf ball on the inside and out. Now that we know what this golf ball is all about, we can get in-depth in our Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls Review.

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls Review

Bridgestone e6 golf balls are designed to provide distance to low-medium handicappers who have slow to medium swing speeds. The newest golf ball is the same too, and the thinner Syrlyn cover featured gives you a ball that provides everything – distance, spin, feel.


The Bridgestone e6 is a low compression ball and are incredibly soft feeling. The ball compresses a lot, even at low speeds, but the ball doesn’t exactly feel ‘dead’ due to the firm but pleasing sound the ball makes on impact. The ball’s soft feel makes both long and soft putts very controlled and easy to play.

Short Game

When it comes to 2-piece constructed golf balls, the short game is where they usually falter. But the Bridgestone e6, while a 2-piece ball, still provides a great short game. As we mentioned earlier, the ball has a very soft feeling, and the performance on the green is good. It is very accurate, even for long-distance putts, and is easy to control. The spin the e6 generates is a little low, but it doesn’t get away from you.

Also, the e6 performs well in both pitch and chip shots. The ball feels very controllable when pitching, and the ball doesn’t bounce too high when landing on the greens. The stopping power of the ball is very good, sometimes a little too much stopping power, but that isn’t a major issue. If you are looking for a little more spin, opting for the e12 instead of the e6 would be a good idea.

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