The 4 Best Women’s Golf Clubs for an Intermediate Player

Gone are the days when golf was only limited to men. Over the years, women, in large numbers, have entered the golf field and impressed sports lovers with their amazing skills. Making the sense of the popularity of the game among women, manufacturers launched a separate line of golf gears for women.

Does a women’s golf set differ from the men’s? Yes, it does. While the components of the golf set are same in both male and female club sets, it is the shape, length, and size of the clubs that are different.

In this article, we bring to you some of the best golf club sets that can be easily used by female golfers. But, before we list the details of the sets, let’s find out what are some of the main components of a golf club set and what should you expect in a typical women’s golf club set.

Best Women's Golf Clubs for intermediate player

What Does a Typical Women’s Golf Set Have?

With the entry of women in the sports of golf, manufacturers have now become more cautious of manufacturing women-specific golf gears. If you are unsure about what to expect in a female golf club set, this section is just for you. Here are some of the clubs that you will find in a typical women’s golf club set.


Many women’s golf club sets don’t include long irons. On the other hand, they have at least one hybrid club. Similar to long irons, these clubs can be used on the fairway.


A pitching wedge is an essential component of the golf set. It is used when a player is close to the green. The loft degree of a pitching wedge is generally between 45 and 50 degrees. Since this wedge has a greater loft, it lets you hit the ball high for a short distance.

Another addition in the club set is that of a sand wedge. Even though many sets carry this club, it is not necessary to have this club included in the set. With a loft of between 55 and 58 degrees,   a sand wedge is essentially used from greenside bunkers.

Tips: If your club set doesn’t include a sand wedge but has a pitching wedge with loft on the lower side of around 45, you must get a sand wedge.


Almost every golf club set comes with a putter. This equipment is used to get the ball in the hole.


In your golf club set, the one essential thing is a driver. Usually included in every set, a driver is essential for giving the player the distance off the tee. Even though these drivers offer less distance, they provide more accuracy to the player.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs (Intermediate)

The following are some of the best women’s golf club sets that are available in the market. Have a look at them and decide which one is the best for you.

1. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Set

With elite performance and incredible distance, Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Aqua Set is the best for women golfers. This club sets feature 16 clubs and include multiple wedges and hybrids that will you help you stay out of trouble. Accompanied by a large 460cc driver, the set promotes both distance and forgiveness from anywhere on the course.

Pros of  Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Clubs

  • Comes with two hybrids – instead of long irons – which makes it easy for a player to get the ball into the air
  • Includes two wedges – one of which being a 56-degree sand wedge.
  • Comes with a lightweight and stylish stand whose many packets are ideal for increased storage

Cons of Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Clubs

  • The driver in the set has a loft of 10.5 degrees while the preferred measurements are between 12 and 13 degrees.

Strata also offers the Plus or Tour models of their golf set. They feature different colors and slightly different specs. If you’re looking for the best model, you’ll want the Strata Tour set.

2. Precise NX460 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

Precise NX460 is an affordable club set for women who are looking for pocket-friendly deals. Even though it looks small on the outside, the set has carefully picked clubs that ensure that a player is able to game efficiently well.

Pros of  Precise NX460 Ladies Clubs

  • Comes with a mallet putter
  • Great for beginners, but players at the intermediate level may use as well
  • Includes two wedges

Cons of Precise NX460 Ladies Clubs

  • Minimal set that doesn’t have many clubs
  • Performance of the irons and clubs are not at par with that of other established companies’

3. Palm Springs Golf Visa Ladies Hybrid Club Set

A large high-performing set of clubs, Palm Springs Golf Hybrid Club Set is also an affordable set that has garnered a satisfactory response from almost all its buyers. The set comes with an impressive selection of clubs including two hybrids, a driver, and 3-wood. Also included in the set is a hybrid blade-mallet putter and six graphite shafted irons.

Pros of Palm Springs Visa Golf Clubs

  • Well constructed stand bag
  • Comes with four woods and six irons
  • With an affordable price tag, the set carries premium graphite shafts

Cons of Palm Springs Visa Golf Clubs

  • Putter quality is lacking
  • No sand wedge in the set
  • The 10.5-degrees driver makes the learning curve steeper

4. Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

High-performing from the fairway, Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set is the best for high-handicappers. The set comes with five irons and three woods that are carefully placed in a high-quality cart bag. Lined and padded, the bag provides maximum protection to the club sets. The three woods that come with the set include a hybrid, a 3-wood, and a driver. All of them are designed with a low center of gravity; a feature that assists in getting the ball up in the air and further down the fairway.

Pros of  Wilson Women’s Ultra Clubs

  • Comes with a durable cart bag that doesn’t only have plenty of storage, but it also comes with headcovers for the protection of the woods
  • Solid sets of woods with a low center of gravity.
  • Outstanding ball height on drivers because of the woods’ low center of gravity
  • Cavity-backed irons that are consistent and have a solid feel

Cons of Wilson Women’s Ultra Clubs

  • Many people haven’t liked the blade putter that comes with the set
  • No sand wedge is included in the set

Our Final Thoughts

The game of golf comes with its own set of challenges. In order to master the game, it is essential to have the right set of clubs. Many players often don’t carry out extensive research and end up buying the clubs that don’t help them improve their game. For women players, it is essential that they buy the set that is manufactured specifically for them.

This is because there are so many differences between a man and a woman. For example, generally, women are shorter than men. Now, a woman with a shorter height may not be able to handle the club designed by keeping the height of a man as a standard. Naturally, this will hinder a woman’s ability to play the game effectively.

In addition to this, men generally have a larger body mass. So, they can easily carry larger-weight clubs. On the other hand, women are more comfortable in carrying light-weight clubs. In light of these factors, it makes sense why manufacturers would introduce a separate line of golf club sets for women. So, if you are a woman who is planning to up their golf game, we recommend you to carefully go through the club sets we have talked about and chose the one that suits you well.

Out of the women’s golf club sets we’ve listed above, the Callaway Strata Ultimate set is by far the best. This set of clubs suits the intermediate women’s golfer well and will last a long time. Not to mention, they look pretty sweet!

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