The 5 Best Women’s Golf Bags

A golf bag is an important necessity for golf players. Most golf players put in a lot of thought and consideration into the clubs, irons, drivers and wedges they buy, but fail to show the same amount of consideration when buying a golf bag.

It is important for golfers to understand the importance of purchasing a golf bag that not only fits their tendencies, but also goes well with their style. Using the wrong sized bag can lead to more bulkiness and weight than you can manage.

While women golfers were previously stuck with bags more suited for men, we now have a lot of variety for women golfers available in the market. In recent years, companies have diversified their offerings to include a range of women-only products for golfing.

Best Women’s Golf Bags

Best Women’s Golf Bags

In this article we look at some of the best women’s golf bags. Go through this list and the buying guide that follows to ensure the right choice for your golfing excursions.

1. Callaway Hyperlite Golf Bag

Callaway hasn’t maintained a massive presence in the industry for golf bags. While they are the premier manufacturers of a number of other golfing products, they have a limited number of options available here. However, when they do produce golf bags, Callaway maintains the quality that is synonymous to their name.

This Callaway Hyper-Lite 3 Stand Bag is one of the best you’d see in the game. Avid golfers will let you know just how much the weight of the bag matters when strolling through the full length of an 18-hole course. This bag comes with a self-balancing strap system, light weight features and a total of 8 pockets for women golfers to store their accessories.


  • Dedicated carry straps
  • Very light in weight
  • Many pockets available


  • On the expensive side

2. TaylorMade Cart Lite Golf Bag

While cart bags have been considered to be on the heavier side since ages, the TaylorMade Cart Lite hits home with women golfers due to its lightweight features.

The cart bag is made of lightweight materials and has a durable interior. The bag has been optimized perfectly to work with almost every golf cart or push cart. The bag comes with a 14-way divider to put different clubs in different slots.


  • 14 way top divider
  • Easy to use strap
  • A number of pockets


  • Expensive

3. Sun Mountain Sierra Women Cart Golf Bag

The Sun Mountain Golf 2019 Sierra Women Cart Bag is ideal for female users and is marketed for women golfers. The bag comes with an attractive mix of colors and is very soothing on the eyes. The eye-catching pattern is what makes this bag stand out.

The Sierra doesn’t just look good, but also packs a total of 7 pockets to keep your accessories safely in place. The rugged lift handles on top of this bag help you load and unload your accessories with relative ease.


  • 14 way top divider
  • Matching rain hood
  • Cooler pocket


  • Limited pieces available

4. TaylorMade Flextech Bag

The TaylorMade Flextech Bag is TaylorMade’s entry into the market for stand-bags. While most stand-bags come with the same repeated features, TaylorMade is trying to change this with this Flextech Bag. This bag comes with its very own Anti-Split Stand System that can make it easy for you to prop the bag and stop clubs from getting stuck.

The bag comes with eight pockets and comes in a mint and silver color scheme, which is different from many other stand bags we have seen in the market.


  • Easy to use straps for carrying the bag
  • Very light
  • Clubs do not get stuck together in this bag and are easy to remove


  • A price upgrade over other stand bags

5. Glove It Ladies Golf Bag

Bright colors and crazy patterns unite together to form this feminine Glove It Ladies’ Golf Bag. The bag is a work of art, and goes well with women golfers that want a customized bag and are proud of their feminine sides.

Glove It was ideally created for women and assists women golfers rock the course with the best colors and strokes. The bag comes with a fourteen-way club divider which makes it more than ideal for storing your full range of clubs and irons in one place.


  • Easy to lift and carry
  • Eye-catching print
  • Item specific pockets


  • Too colorful for some users

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Women’s Golf Bag

While you can buy any of the bags reviewed on this list with your eyes closed, there is still some due diligence left for you to perform. Some of the things you should consider before buying the best women’s golf bag include:


The weight of the bag is the first thing that should matter to you. The bag should ideally weigh less than 5 pounds and shouldn’t overpower you. Obviously, it is bound to get heavier once you add your golfing accessories to it, which is why the initial weight shouldn’t be much.

Pockets and Compartments

The bag you buy should have more than 5 pockets to add simple golfing and other accessories that you don’t want to be carrying around with you in your golfing pants. Additionally, there should be separate pockets or spaces for your clubs and irons.

Aesthetics and Color

Since color matters a lot to most women buyers, you should preferably consider the color and aesthetics of your purchase as well. Find something that parallels your aesthetic needs.

Our Final Thoughts

The Callaway Golf Hyperlite is the best women’s golf bag on this list according to us. Many colors and patterns exist in the bags available to women today. We highlighted these varieties in some of the bags we reviewed today and hope you like them.

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