Best Wiffle Golf Balls

Wiffle ball is an extremely exciting and intriguing recreational sport that kids absolutely love playing in the summer. This sport is a good way for players to learn competitive sports such as baseball, softball and golf. The ball used to play the game of Wiffle is typically lightweight and easy for kids to handle as well.

The ball is a strategic part of the Wiffle game as it dictates the pace of the game and the excitement that players go through while playing it. We’ve come up with a list of the best Wiffle golf balls for your kids to play with. These balls are strategically chosen after due consideration of user preferences.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Wiffle Golf Balls

There are a number of different Wiffle golf balls available in the market today. Knowing the variety and options available to you, one should consider a few factors during the purchase. We list these factors down in this section:

Best Wiffle Golf Balls


The very first thing you should consider during the purchase is buying a Wiffle ball made out of plastic. Plastic Wiffle balls are easier to handle for kids and younger players who are excited to play softball, baseball and golf in the future. The ball should be made of material that is resilient and does not break down at the first swing.


The second thing to consider here is the weight of your Wiffle ball. Of course, the material you choose will determine the weight of the ball. The construction of the ball determines the weight that it carries. Most parents and players expect Wiffle balls to be lightweight so that it is easier for children to play with them. Manufacturing firms should make Wiffle balls keeping the weight of the balls in mind. One single ball should weigh around 20 to 25 grams and nothing more than that.


The third factor to consider during the purchase is the durability of the ball you buy. If your ball is not durable, it will most probably get damaged after a little while. This is one important reason you should consider the durability of the ball before you buy one. Try to choose a durable and sturdy product that serves you in the long run and gives you the best possible solutions.

Color and Size

Finally, you should consider the aesthetics of the Wiffle ball you buy. To start with size, the ball should not be oversized for kids to play with. The ball should preferably have a diameter of 7 to 8 cm and should be easy to hold and carry for kids. The game of practice golf is best enjoyed with balls that come with the desired diameter. The balls should preferably be white in color to best replicate the spirit of the game, but you can go for different color varieties as well if you want.

1. Birdie Balls Practice Golf Balls (12 Pack)

If you want to upgrade your golf practice balls and have a little extra room in your yard or field, Birdie Balls are by far the best option. They’re not exactly wiffle golf balls, but they are similar with a new twist. They fly up to 40 yards in the air and give the same ball flight of a real golf ball. With regular wiffle golf balls, it’s hard to tell if you’re really hitting the ball well. But, with the Birdie Ball practice balls, you can tell if you hit it straight, hooked it, or sliced your shot.

2. Franklin Sports Plastic Wiffle Golf Balls (12 Pack)

3. Theodoon Practice Golf Balls (12 Pack)

4. Faswin White Plastic Golf Balls (100 Pack)

5. Faswin Red Plastic Golf Balls (150 Pack)

Our Final Thoughts

If you want a regular wiffle golf balls, any of the choices are good, but if you want the newest golf practice ball, definitely go with the Birdie Balls. The only downside to them is you’ll need 40 yards of space, because they go farther than wiffle balls. I hope this review helped you find the best golf wiffle balls, and made your purchase a little bit easier.

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