Best Way to Travel with Golf Clubs

If you’re going to a golfing destination such as Palm Springs, CA, San Antonio, TX, or Savannah, GA, you’re probably taking your golf clubs along with you. You want your golf clubs to be in good condition during your travels, which means you have to find the best way to travel with them.

What’s the Best Way to Travel with Your Golf Clubs?

You’ll need to buy a travel bag, check-in your luggage, and pray that your golf clubs reach your destination in one piece. To help you out, we have cracked the code to finding the best way to travel with golf clubs.

1. Flying with Your Golf Clubs

Let’s take a look at how to fly with your golf clubs.

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Buy a Durable Travel Bag

Start by buying a durable travel bag for storing your golf clubs. We recommend you take pictures of your travel bag, golf clubs, and other golfing gear before packing them for your record. If something happens to them during transit, you can provide the airline with pictures.

When looking at different travel bags for your golf clubs, get a sturdy cart bag instead of a stand bag. Stand bags are thinner and likely to damage your golf clubs when handled and tossed around by baggage handlers. Add extra towels or socks in between all your golf clubs for added protection.

Other things you can add to your travel bag is golf shoes, tees, sweater, golf balls, rain gear, and towels. Do not pack expensive items, such as a rangefinder or golf watch in your travel bag but pack them in a hand carry that you always have on you.

Add a Tag to Identify Your Travel Bag

Add a carry ID on your travel bag, so you can easily identify it. Your travel bag may come with a carry ID, but it’s a good idea to add another one for increased safety. You don’t want another traveler to accidentally pick up your travel bag, thinking it’s theirs at the baggage claim. Consider adding a ribbon or sticker to your travel bag as well.

2. Shipping Your Golf Clubs

Now, let’s see how to ship your golf clubs.

Search for a Reliable Shipping Company

You’ll come across various shipping companies that you can use to ship your golfing clubs to another state or country. Most shipping companies require you to schedule your shipment online. Next, you’ll need to print and attach the shipping labels to your travel bag with your golf clubs, followed by dropping your bags at their location or letting them pick it up.

An advantage you get by getting your golfing clubs shipped through a shipping company is that your items will be fully insured, and you’ll receive a guarantee in the event your items get lost or become damaged during transit.

These are two of the best ways to travel with your golf clubs. We have more tips for you to travel with them safely.

5 Tips for Traveling with Golf Clubs

Here are a few tips for traveling with your golf clubs:

1. Prevent Your Golf Clubs from Breaking

As mentioned earlier, use socks and towels for extra protection. If you want to take more measures to protect your golf clubs and prevent them from breaking, wrap each golf club with bubble wrap. If you own costly shafts, wrap them with bubble wrap as well.

Additionally, you can unscrew the heads of your golf clubs and wrap them in towels. You can put the heads of your golf clubs in a head cover. If you want, you can pack the heads in your carry-on bag. If you’re going with this option, make sure to bring your adjustment tool with you.

You also have the option to use a telescoping shaft. A telescoping shaft extends to the bottom of your travel bag and sits on top of your golf clubs. If you didn’t buy a hard cover bag and went with a soft cover bag, use a telescoping shaft to ensure your travel bag doesn’t get crunched during transit.

2. Insure Your Golf Clubs

If you aren’t using the shipping method to ship your golf clubs, you should get insurance for your golf clubs. Good quality golf clubs don’t come cheap; hence, it’s a good idea to get them insured, especially if you’re carrying them in a soft-shell golf bag.

3. Book a Direct Flight

If you’re flying with your golf clubs, you should always book a direct flight. Changing flights increases the chance of your golf clubs becoming damaged during the various changes. If you don’t have a choice in this matter due to the destination you’re traveling to, choose the one with the fewest changes.

4. Book Beforehand

Book your golf bag as additional luggage from the airline’s website instead of going to the airport and doing it. The reason for this is that it’s cheaper and will save you money. Make the payment online.

5. Be a Light Traveler

There are a few airlines that give golfers baggage allowance for golf clubs and include it in the price. Most airlines may not offer that, which is why traveling light is key. Don’t exceed the maximum allowance and avoid paying the additional fees airlines charge for overweight luggage.

What if You Don’t Use a Regular Travel Bag?

If you decide to forgo using a high-quality golf bag, which you shouldn’t, you risk damaging your golf clubs. If you use a regular travel bag with less padding, there is a chance that when you open your travel bag, you’ll find damaged or broken golf bags.

If you intend on taking your travel bag to the golf course, it might sustain damages. You don’t want to go out on the golf course with a stained, dirty, and torn bag. A regular travel bag will also be easy to break in to by thieves.

Golf clubs are a costly investment, so it’s better to invest in a high quality golf bag that offers maximum security. Again, this is one reason you need to check your travel bag in as well. A regular travel bag may not be waterproof; hence, it’s better to get a golf bag that is.

What to Do If You’re Allowed to Take Your Golf Clubs on the Plane?

If you’re allowed to take your golf bag on the plane with you, you need to fill the pockets. This offers your golf clubs added protection and lightens your carry-on. You can fill the smaller pockets with socks and undergarments, fill the longer side pockets with rolled up pants and shirts, and fill the side pockets with shoes and flip flops. Don’t fill them up to the point where the zippers of your carry-on are bursting.

Place your longest iron against your driver without removing their head cover. Use packing tape to tape them together and ensure the iron is above the driver’s head. Do the same with your three or five wood. Place the taped golf clubs and graphite golf clubs in the middle for added protection against impact from the top and side of the golf bag.

Place the remaining putter and irons on the outside pocket with the tallest golf clubs in the center. In the rain cover, add shorts and lighter clothing items, but leave it unzipped. Remove the shoulder straps and put it in a pocket. If you need to, use tape to secure any loose zippers and straps.

If you’re traveling with your golf clubs, follow the tips mentioned here to ensure they arrive undamaged.

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