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Top Flite as a golf brand has been around for many decades now and has produced golf equipment for any and all types of golf players. While Top Flite now is a globally recognized name amongst golfers, the company has experienced its fair share of ups and downs throughout its brand history.

The brand has been passed around various owners over its lifetime, with private investment groups owning the company for many years initially, then being owned by athletic wear manufacturer Russell Corp, after which it was sold to Callaway, who saved Top Flight from going bankrupt. Top Flite now is owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods since 2012.

Callaway improved the Top Flight brand significantly and brought it back to the forefront of golf equipment manufacturing. Nowadays, Top Flight is known for producing and selling reasonably priced, affordable golf balls that are perfect for all golf players.

They are most famous for producing high-distance golf balls that will fly off the tee but also make high-spin balls for those looking to improve their short game or for better control on the greens.

Top Flight balls are well-suited to golfers with mid to high handicaps, but even golfers with a low handicap can also have a lot of fun with the best Top Flight golf balls.

While most golfers think that since Callaway improved upon Top Flite’s existing lineup, the prices would have changed to match the quality as well but, Top Flite golf balls are still as affordable as ever, even with the significantly improved quality.

The Best Top Flite Golf Balls

In this article, we will review the best Top Flite golf ballson the market at the moment.

Top-Flite XL Distance Golf Balls

The Top-Flite XL range of golf balls has been around for over 25 years now. They have provided golfers with a ball that is made for distance and accuracy, and the new Top Flite XL Distance is no different. The XL Distance Golf ball is designed to make your shots soar high and long for incredible distances.

The Top Flight XL Distance features its Distance Dimple Technology, which allows the ball to cut through the air easily with great aerodynamics, and the high resiliency core used in its construction allows for amazing speeds off the tee. The ball is also a two-piece construction to make it as durable as possible and to improve ball flight and distance.

The cover is constructed from cut-proof reformulated Ionomer, which minimizes spin to make it accurate while also improving the ball’s durability. The golf ball isn’t designed for the short game but is more suited to achieving distance.

At a low price point, when compared to other golf brands, the balls offer great value for money. This golf ball will be great for you if you are a beginner and are looking to improve your game, as you won’t be too worried about losing a few balls during your golf rounds.

Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls

The new and improved Gamer Balls are professional quality golf balls designed again for great distances and accuracy. Top Flight’s first Gamer golf balls were a hit with Top Flite fans, and the new Gamer golf balls are no different.

First off, the Gamer golf balls feature dimple in dimple technology to make the balls cut through the air without any effort and maintain spin throughout their flight. The core features a Dupont mantle layer that provides a softer feel of the ball and helps in reducing and controlling spin.

Its cover is made of soft Ionomer, which improves the durability of the ball. The durability is also helped by the three-piece construction the Gamer golf balls feature.

While the Gamer still isn’t the best golf ball when it comes to improving your short game, it still offers better short and green control than the Top Flite XL Distance balls. It is, again, just a great all-around golf ball that comes in at an affordable price for anyone who wants to golf!

Top Flite Bomb

The Top Flite Bomb is known for its larger than usual core size. The core is its primary feature and is made a little larger to allow for a more efficient transfer of energy, allowing the ball to travel long distances. If what you like playing is long and high shots, this ball is optimized just right for you.

Like most Top Flite golf balls, the Top Flite Bomb features an Ionomer cover for durability and minimal spin in a three-piece construction. The Ionomer cover, combined with the slightly larger core, provides you with maximum distance and straightness to your ball’s flight.

These balls, just as other Top Flite golf balls, give great value for money as they are very affordable when compared to other golf brands. The Top Flite Bomb is certified as a champion of distance as it is the go-to ball for Long Drive World Champion Tim Burke.

Top Flite Empower

Next on our list of the Best Top Flite Golf Ballsis a ball that is designed and marketed toward women. The Top Flite Empower is one of the best golf balls for those ladies who like to get as much distance as possible on their golf shots. It is specially engineered to provide maximum distance while also offering a very soft feel.

The cover is designed and manufactured with a new process, allowing it to be thin. This thin cover, combined with the high-speed core, allow for optimum performance of the golf ball. The balls also feature a 322-dimple design that promotes increased launch speeds and ball flight.

Again, Top Flite offers these golf balls at an affordable price which provides great value for money. The balls are also available in different colors, including orange, purple, green, and red.

Our Final Thoughts

Top Flite is a golfing brand that is geared towards quality that is affordable to all. You must understand that purchasing a Top Flite golf ball will not get you the premium of the premium, but they will still provide great value as they are affordable and cheap compared to balls made by Titleist or Callaway.

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