The 5 Best Toddler Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the most beloved sports and pastimes in the world. It is said that the earlier you start playing the game, the better your chances of going big and making your way to the professional level are. Players like Tiger Woods and many other greats of the game actually started playing as toddlers and eventually picked up the habit and skill set from there onwards.

If you are a big fan of golf and play the game yourself, chances are that you can’t wait to get a golf club or a club set for your kid to practice the skills of the game. Regardless of whether you’re trying to instill the right notion of sportsmanship in your kids or raising a future PGA star, golf is an excellent sport to start with.

Taking an hour or two out for golf practice every day can help your toddler follow a strict routine and can also help them learn valuable physical skills to excel in the future. Fortunately, there are golf clubs and sets for toddlers as young as 18 months, so the learning curve can start almost immediately.

Best Toddler Golf Clubs

In this article we look at some of the best toddler golf clubs for your little one to start practicing the game of golf at a young age. This allows them to develop self-confidence, patience, control and discipline early on.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Toddler Golf Clubs

Before we move forward and highlight the best toddler golf clubs to buy for the young golfers, let us first mention the things you should consider in the process. Keep these factors in mind and evaluate individual club sets based on them.

Recommended Age for the Club Set

Toddler golf club sets come with a recommended age mentioned on them. If you want your toddler to have a good learning experience, it is necessary that you choose a set that is ideal for them and is neither too big nor too small. A good club set should fall directly in their age bracket and shouldn’t be a hassle to play with. Remember that buying a set for the wrong age bracket may lead to your kid resisting the entire playing experience and not developing the passion for golf.

Toy or Practical Golf Club

If you’re looking for golf clubs for your toddler, chances are that you want a toy set, which they can play with at home. However, many kids are quick to learn and may just be able to play the full course. In such cases, you would want a practical golf club for the course.


Finally, the last thing you should consider is the price of the product you buy. If your kid shows interest in golf, there are chances that you might have to buy them a number of equipment over time. Don’t exhaust all your resources on their first set, which they might soon outgrow with age.

Best Golf Clubs for Toddlers

1. Meland Kids Golf Club Set

The Meland kids golf club set has everything your toddler needs for a fun day of learning golf. The colorful look of this toy set would surely catch their attention and harness their interest in the game of golf and the intricacies that usually come with it.

The set comes with a number of balls, so that your little one can keep swinging with the clubs, without worrying. More balls mean that they can learn how to play without playing catch after every heave-ho. The colorful golf bag will also catch your toddler’s attention as they learn how to play. Kids older than 3 might find the clubs too short!

2. Merchants Tour X

This club set by Merchants Tour X is the real deal and can help your toddler develop their passion for golf with a practical club set. It is sized for kids around the age of 5 and helps them develop their skill set in a realistic manner.

The metal clubs include an over sized driver, a perimeter weighted hybrid, a weighted putter and an extremely convenient carry bag with colorful looks.

3. Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf

This super exciting and colorful little tikes sports golf is fit for all ages and is a fun way to learn golf. The club comes with a clear tube that holds around 3 to 4 balls at one time.

Balls can be released from the club by pushing a little trigger around the side. Once the ball is released, it can be hit from the tee into a supporting hole. Balls can also be loaded manually through the side.

4. Plan Games Mini Golf- Full Set

This is a chemical free set without any plastic additives. All colors on this set are made out of veggie dye and help parents get a convenient set for their kids to enjoy.

The set comes with 2 wooden kid-sized golf clubs, 2 wooden balls and 3 different types of tracks. Just remember that the balls are wooden, so your kids should be mindful of how they swing inside the home.

5. ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set

This ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set is a wonderful adaptation of real golf clubs. The set comes with a little bag that looks a lot like the original deal.

The set includes 11 awesome pieces that can help your toddler learn the details of golf without actually stepping onto the course. The set is perfect for kids aged between 2 to 5 years.

Our Final Thoughts

The Meland Kids Golf Club Set is our recommended pick. This golf club set is a wonderful toy for toddlers to pick up the habit of golf and learn details of the game. You can search for reviews online as well to buy the best toddler golf clubs.

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