The 4 Best Titleist Golf Balls

It is near-impossible to get your desired results when playing golf with a mediocre golf ball. Therefore, it is best only to get the right ones, and, thankfully, Titleist is one of the most reliable brands for golf balls. However, there is a clear hierarchy even within the brand, and the best Titleist golf balls are a class apart.

This blog will give a brief guide to selecting the best golf balls and identifying the top performers from the famous brand.

Best Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist is one of the most renowned brands for golf products worldwide, so it is no surprise that it makes some of the best golf balls. However, some of its models have far surpassed the others in performance and are more popular.

Best Titleist Golf Balls

Following are the best Titleist golf balls as per my experience, and I’d vouch for them every time.

1.Titleist Pro V1x

The Titleist Pro V1x is one of the best golf balls the brand has ever produced. The ball weighs just 1 pound and is perfect for golfers who want to leverage the impact of their swing to get maximum speed and distance.

Its cover is softer, enhancing performance by increasing control and allowing players to plan their game more accurately. Its dual-core and extra layer are why this golf ball achieves incredible speed without losing stability during flight.

2.Titleist TruFeel

TruFeel deserves this spot best Titleist golf balls list because it possesses two of my favorite features, the TruFlex cover technology, and 376 TruFit aerodynamics. Both features are instrumental in ensuring the golf ball’s distance while giving the player better control over the flight.

Additionally, the TruTouch core is exceptionally well-designed with low compression. This feature makes it easier for the ball to absorb the impact of the swing, sending it flying as far as possible. Lastly, the ball is available in white, yellow, and red colors. All stand out on the field and are easy to spot, making it more efficient to play the game.

3.Titleist AVX

If you are an amateur golfer practicing to improve your skills, then the AVX is the best model for you. It is a medium compression golf ball, which makes it easier for it to respond to the full force of the swing. They also give an incredibly stable and consistent flight due to the 352 aerodynamic patterns.

They mitigate the friction on the ball, allowing it to travel further at a more incredible speed. All in all, this golf ball has higher forgiveness and helps players keep their focus on skill improvement.

4.Titleist Tour Speed

The Tour Speed is ideal for slow swingers, so beginners can rely on it to get the right results when starting. Aside from being incredibly affordable, these balls’ covers are made from Thermoplastic Urethane. This material makes the cover softer, increasing its durability and giving players more control over flight and direction.

The fast ionomer layer is why this golf ball can achieve great distances even with slower swings. Therefore, it is a great model to start with before strengthening your game.

How to Select the Right Golf Balls

Approximately 1 billiongolf balls are sold annually. That is an impressive number, but it makes one wonder about the criteria for selection.

Selecting suitable golf balls requires knowledge of the sport and a little familiarity with gameplay. Either that or you need to rely on expert advice from the store’s sales team to get the right option.

Following are a few factors you need to consider when buying golf balls:

1.Select the Correct Ball Type

Firstly, there are several different types of golf balls depending on your expertise and sometimes your age. For example, the Titleist Tour Soft 2020 is perfect for seniors because of its low compression and fast core.

Similarly, some golf balls are better suited for amateurs who need gear with higher forgiveness while they practice. Therefore, you need to know which ball type is better suited for you and consider available options.


There are multiple layers in each golf ball, and their quality determines the quality of performance.

The Core

The core is the innermost part of a golf ball and is made of rubber or a similar material. The uniqueness in the design of this part depends on the different rubber grades used to make it and their respective proportions.

This composition affects the golf ball’s overall speed, balance, and spin.

The Mantle

The mantle is the layer between the core and the cover, and its primary purpose is to prevent moisture from getting to the core. The mantle thickness and composition can also affect force transfer from impact to the core. The smoothness of this transfer affects the overall speed and distance the ball covers.

The Cover

The cover is the outermost layer and has several functions and design components that affect performance. Firstly, the materials used in its composition need to be sturdy without being heavy enough to lower speed.

Secondly, it needs to prevent moisture from getting absorbed. Lastly, the dimples on the surface affect friction, energy distribution, and spin. Each brand has a different design for its golf balls, and the ones with the most optimized designs exhibit the best performances.

3.Try it Out

Finally, you need to try out the golf ball to know how well it performs. As mentioned above, there are several golf ball types, and it is essential to know which style, type, and design work best for you. You need to test the best Titleist golf balls mentioned below to know which is most compatible with your gameplay.

Our Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the best Titleist golf balls are the Pro V1x and TruFeel for players with better expertise, while Tour speed is best for beginners. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and found it informative. You can also check out our other blogs about golf to increase your knowledge on the topic.

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