The 5 Best Taylormade Fairway Woods

Fairway woods have always been given less importance than the drivers and the hybrids; they’re like the middle child, forgotten between the eldest and the youngest. However, they hold an essential place in every golfer’s set. Woods are generally high-number clubs designed for long-distance shots, such as a par-5 or par-4 hole shot.

However, when it comes to selecting a fairway wood, it isn’t an easy task due to several brands offering different clubs, among which Taylormade stands out for its extended range of fairway woods. In this regard, this article shares an exhaustive list of the best Taylormade Fairway Woods to assist you in choosing the right one that suits your play!

In addition, the rise in popularity of the hybrid has made the fairway wood selection even more difficult since the distinguishing line between them is blurred. Moreover, most golfers get confused with the loft designations and the unnecessarily confusing terminologies associated with fairway woods.

Best Taylormade Fairway Woods

Best Taylormade Fairway Woods

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best Taylormade fairway woods.

1. TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Fairway

In this model, Taylormade took their legendary V-steel from the original SIM fairleads but adjusted the new fairways for better weight distribution and a more precise center of gravity for more tolerance and better handling properties.

With its large 190cc head, strategic positioning of the masses and center of gravity, the SIM2 Max fairway wood is a tolerant club that will favor high trajectories and distance. It has a V steel design that redistributes weight to increase club tolerance without sacrificing performance. The heel and toe are redesigned to reduce the sole’s surface area and improve its performance when in contact with the ground.

Face Twist Steel C300 is very strong steel composing the club’s face and making it extremely powerful. As said above, it has a high trajectory and an average spin. In addition, its Twist Face technology compensates for small errors and allows players to be more regular.

2. TaylorMade SiM 2 Titanium Fairway

In SIM2 Titanium Fairway, Taylormade has distributed the 80g of the V Steel sole to increase the tolerance of the club while improving its performance when in contact with the ground. Its low center of gravity favors high trajectories, long distances and generates little spin.

It has Zatech TI Twist technology. The face is made of very solid titanium, which gives an explosive distance to the balls, as for the Twist technology will correct off-center shots for straighter trajectories.

Its multi-material construction combines a carbon crown, a titanium body, and a steel sole that gives the club a lower center of gravity while increasing its tolerance. The loft is adjustable to help you get the perfect trajectory. In addition, it has an average trajectory and a low spin.

3. TaylorMade M2 ​​Fairway Wood for Men

Designed to ensure exceptional distance and sensations thanks to a multi-material design, the TaylorMade M2 ​​is a sure bet. Let yourself be captivated by the soft sound of this fairway wood in contact with the ball. Its solid and flexible face allows a certain tolerance. Its multi-material design allows maximum ball speed to cover a long distance. As for the trajectory, the Speed ​​pocket technology allows optimal trajectory.

Taylormade has focused on every little detail in its M2 series to give golfers maximum distance and tolerance on a fairway wood. It has Geocoustic technology that offers a unique sound on impact. In addition, its shallow face helps improve your shooting skill. The standard axle for M2 fairway woods is the TM REAX, which comes in 55 and 2.29 oz models, but several premium axles are available at no charge.

It’s a 3 wood loft, which means a longer shaft. Although an M2 fairway wood doesn’t have an adjustable shaft, its extremely easy-to-hit quality has made it a popular choice even among average players.

4. TaylorMade RocketBallz Fairway

“Advanced technology and extreme distance!’ are the right words to characterize this fairway wood. The RBZ fairway wood has a smaller head at address and allows optimized ball flight for a neutral spin with a heavier and stiffer shaft, giving more stability.

Rocketballz fairway wood is designed to dramatically increase ball speed and distance. The matte white head finish is easier to line up – undeniably a deadly combination. Thanks to its “speed pocket” inserted behind the club’s face, the strike at impact generates a spring effect that restores energy at launch.

Its RocketBallz technology dramatically increases speed and ball for up to an additional 17 yards. The white crown designed with a thinner layer allows a lower center of gravity to promote the angle of the ball’s launch. Its lighter shaft and grip fosters speed and faster spin for increased distance.

Although the RBZ is long, it’s easy to play with. Its geometric disco crown is a little quirky, but it does help align the clubface towards the target. The shape at address is a bit more classic than their previous models, and the face is shallower, which is one of the keys to making it easier to play with. The matte white head finish is easier to line up and eliminates reflections at address, with the promise of gaining 15m and being able to hit shots with this 3 wood club that exceeds the drivers of your playing partners, to hit all par-5s in two hits.

But besides offering more effortless hitting, it claims to provide 9m more for all of us. Much of that extra power comes from the new Rocket steel face. It is about 25 m on a wood 3.

5. TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Draw Fairway

This fairway wood is forged from lightweight and heavy-duty aluminum and milled for a precise shape. The forged ring construction opens up a new dimension in distance and tolerance. They are designed to increase stability and tolerance, giving you the confidence you need for every shot from the tee. It combines massive rear weight, an entire carbon sole and crown, and a new milled rear face.

The asymmetric inertia generator offers more clubhead speed through extensive geometric and aerodynamic analyzes. The lightweight carbon sole redistributes the masses for a deep center of gravity and better tolerance.

The SPEED ​​INJECTED ™ TWIST FACE ™ improves ball speed by calibrating each head to the legal speed limit, with corrective face curvature acting against the missed heel and toe hits.

It has the brand’s most flexible Speed ​​Pocket ™ design, engineered to optimize ball speed and provide tolerance on low tap shots to the face. Often, structures favoring draw induce a right-to-left trajectory that detracts from tolerance. By redesigning the construction of the head and moving the asymmetric inertia generator closer to the heel, they maintained tolerance while improving the tendency to draw.

How is a Fairway Wood Different from a Driver?

How do you differentiate one fairway wood from another? What technical aspects can impact your game, or on a senior, of a pro golfer with a high swing speed or a slower one? In the past decade, fairway woods have seen their sleeves and buds lengthen and increase in volume, which inevitably has led to increased yields. However, is fairway wood easier to play?

Fairway woods are often overlooked during pitching season as all the attention is focused on the new drivers that companies bring to the market. However, in recent years, we’ve seen companies spend a lot of time refining their fairway woods. Indeed, they are no longer underestimate and offer more consistency to golfers who want to find the center of the fairway.

Different brands offer new variations in fairway woods, which usually range from 3 to 7, and sometimes even 9. From a commercial point of view, the brands have made mainly the driver the number one product to sell because behind it often follows the complementary sale of wood, bag, and even irons, wedges, and supreme bonus the putter. Therefore, the driver alone bears a huge responsibility for the brands’ financial results at the end of the season. However, it is often a fairway wood that ranks number one or so close to the driver in sales.

Among the different companies coming up with different irons, Taylormade has made a distinction. Taylormade has made tremendous breakthroughs in the field of fairway woods designed for the general public, and their new line allows them to become known for more than its quality irons. Let’s discuss the best Taylormade fairway woods.

What Aspects to Consider in a Fairway Wood?

Like the drivers, fairway woods allow you to start the game and be used on the course to cover long distances. The choice of wood depends on your practice and your level of play. The characteristics of fairway woods are the same as for the drivers.

The woods’ choice is made the same way as for drivers. The only difference is that you are advised to feel very comfortable at the address for a putter. This is the club that allows you to send your ball on a tee-off. The choice of a fairway wood depends on your practice and your level of play. You must therefore choose the material that you like!


The head is composed of titanium in the new clubs. This material provides comfort and power tolerance. Indeed by using a titanium head, the shaft will be able to be lengthened. So the force has to be more critical, and therefore the club speed faster and longer.

If you have consistency and are starting to hit the ball well, prefer a steelhead which will allow the best of you to work the ball better and control it. Its flexibility must be adapted to the swing speed. It is the engine of the club. It plays an essential role in the control of the clubhead, the transmission of energy at impact.


You have to look for the different shaft flexibilities: Firm, Stiff, extra-stiff shafts are designed for fast and powerful swings due to their high rigidity. These provide precision and control.

A regular one has standard flexibility. Less rigid than the stiff, it is suitable for players with a slower swing and compensates for the lack of power with its flexibility. Lady and Senior woods have very flexible shafts for golfers who have a reasonably slow swing and multiply the power put into the movement; that is, it transmits power to your movement.


Fairway woods have a higher loft than drivers. A 3 wood has a loft between 15 and 18 degrees, and a 5 wood has a loft between 20 and 22 degrees. The higher the golf club number, the higher the loft. Higher lofted woods (7, 9, 11, and so on) are commonly referred to as utility woods.

The striking feature that differentiates fairway woods from the drivers or one fairway wood from another is the loft, which is always higher in the woods. It is the angle between the face of the club and the vertical place. A 3 wood has a 15° loft, a 4 wood has 17°, a 5 wood has 18°, a 7 wood has a 21°, and a 9 wood has 24° loft. A 3 wood has a longer shaft than a 5 wood; the shorter the number of the wood, the longer shaft it has. Shorter shaft wood is easier to control and, therefore, to play with, whereas the longer shaft woods with less angle are difficult to play on the fairway, but they generate a little more speed than the shorter one. That’s the reason higher-lofted woods are referred to as utility woods for their convenience in playing.

Now you must have an idea about the aspects to consider while buying a fairway wood. You can choose the one that best suits your style and needs and the level of your control over the club. Let’s discuss the best Taylormade Fairway woods!

Our Final Thoughts

We hope the information shared about the best Taylormade Fairway woods will help you choose the right wood suitable to your needs. Remember, if you’re a pro or a player who has more control over the club and can play longer shots with long shafts easily, go for the smaller numbers, such as 3,4,5 woods.

In contrast, if you need more practice to control the club or find it challenging to play with longer shafts, go for the bigger number, 6, 7 or 9 wood. Do not forget this information with your golf mates, and let us know how it worked for you!

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