The 4 Best Putters Under $100

If you’ve kept yourself from buying a good golf putter only because you think it’s too expensive, it’s time you think again. This guide compiles a list of the best putters that can be easily bought within $100.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Having the right kind of putter is essential for a game of golf. It comes in handy when you find yourself in the greener part of the course or when you have to make slow and short strokes to roll the ball in the hole. Be mindful, however, that not all putters will suit you or your game style.

But, don’t let this worry you! Read this comprehensive guide to know the best putters under $100 and the features that make them perfect for you.

What to Look For in a Budget Putter?

Before you check out our top picks and choose the best putter under $100for yourself, remember to consider the following factors:

Best Putters Under $100
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Head design
  • Balance point
  • Ailment aids
  • Loft

Best Bang for Your Buck: Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX SL Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter has gained a reputation for being the best putter under $100 for players who struggle to maintain the perfect balance. This club is made up of a steel shaft, unlike many modern-day putters that are built using composite rocks and graphite.

The PGX putter has a white finish that is prominent on the green when your putter is in the address position. This contrast of white against green will prevent you from getting distracted or confused and will ensure that you don’t miss the target. If you frequently go on tours or have problems with distance puts, this light-weighted Pinemeadow PGX Putter is the one you should get.


  • It is comfortable to use and carry around
  • The shaft has the right length for golfers
  • Tour weight ensures the accuracy of shots
  • Comes with a customized headcover
  • Has a unique design and is available in multiple colors
  • The steel shaft structure makes it extremely durable


  • Might be a little too heavy for beginners
  • Its bright color tends to stain easily
  • Needs proper maintenance because it can chip off easily

Best for Performance: Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 Elevado Putter

Cleveland Golf TFI putter delivers way more than any putter under $100. Designed with a raised alignment and 2135 advanced technology, it is extremely stable and effective in visually aligning the target when you aim at it. This enables you to outperform in two-stroke games because you end up making accurate strokes regardless of whether you focus your eyes directly or at the back of the ball.

Cleveland TFI putter has a 3-degree loft and a 70 degree lie which gives you immense control over the destination and speed of the golf ball. This best putter under $100has two white stripes designed on the heel so that you can align your shot with ease. This comparatively soft putter is a versatile fit for all players passionate about giving an optimum performance of the golf course.


  • It has a soft and comfortable grip
  • It is easy to align the putter
  • The copper surface gives it a professional look
  • Easy to use for anyone, regardless of experience


  • Some experienced golfers might find it to be too lightweight

Medicus Overspin CM2i Cast CS Aluminium Insert Mallet Golf Putter

If you’re having trouble keeping the ball on the green patch of the golf course, Medicus Overspin is the best putter under $100 that you should be rooting for. Its beveled face reduces your need to lift the ball from the green every time you putt. In terms of the design, the Medicus Overspin golf putter has white lines that are easy to notice along with grooves on its surface. Both these features help you to align your shots and line up your strikes quickly. This quality club is designed to fit your tour needs and its exceptional style helps you stand out and look professional.

The Medicus Overspin golf putter has a face insert that is made up of aluminum which is meant to give you the perfect feel of the ball and improve the accuracy of your game. Due to the firm and soft grip of this putter, you are also less likely to feel fatigued in the game. This versatile putter under $100comes with two shafts, one of which is 33-inch long and the other is 35-inch long. This allows you to choose or change the shaft according to the needs of the game and your style.


  • Easy to line up your shot
  • Its responsiveness allows you to improve the game
  • It has an amazing feel to it
  • Extremely comfortable grip for golfers of all types
  • Has a simple aesthetic that is not too sharp for the eyes


  • It is comparatively heavier than other putters
  • Takes a longer time than usual for golfers to get used to using it
  • May not be great for advanced golfers

Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter

If you are new to golf or want to improve your game without spending too much on clubs, the best putter under $100to opt for is the Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter. Wilson is recognized as a great brand when it comes to golf clubs, and its Harmonized series is aimed to present affordable options for golf lovers.

Unlike most putters, Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe golf putter can be oriented to the right or left making it suitable for everyone. It features a microinjection polymer face insert that helps to improve contact and functions as a shock absorber when your putter hits the ball. It has a medium soft grip that is designed with a vertical seam on its back so that you can have a better feel through the entire stroke.

Square heel/toe golf putter has horizontal grey and black lines designed on the head to facilitate easy alignment for making more accurate strokes. Being the best putter under $100 for beginners, it has a plumber-style hose specifically crafted to help your hands ahead of the face of the putter even before it comes in contact with the ball. Additionally, it has a loft of 3 degrees and a lie of 72 degrees that gives you complete control over the strike.


  • It is a professional and very eye-catching designs
  • The square heel makes it great to use with power
  • The soft grip reduces the need for excessive wrist action required for a putt
  • Easy alignment
  • The toe/heel weighting allows greater inertia
  • Allows you to swing with ease
  • Provides good balance


  • This putter is too light and may not be uncomfortable for strong players
  • Features are not suitable for professional or experienced players
  • Has sharp edges that may scratch other clubs when kept together
  • The inserts are not too effective in giving the bounce desired by golfers

Our Final Thoughts

Our list of best putters under $100 will hopefully help you strengthen and master your golf short game. After all, the short game constitutes more than half of your golf game altogether. However, remember that no matter which one of the above-mentioned putters you chose, it will only provide optimal results if you carefully consider the features that are most important to your game. Our favorite of the bunch is the Cleveland 2135 putter. It’s by far the best putter under $100 available in the market.

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