The 4 Best Ping Wedges

Professional golfers realize that a short and sharp game makes a massive difference to your golf round, but most golfers still don’t consider the impact an excellent wedge can make to their game. If you want to seriously improve your performance on the course from 100 yards and closer, especially when you are near the greens, you must play with the best golf wedges on the market.

There are numerous brands and manufacturers of golf wedges, but one name that stands out amongst all the choices is Ping. The brand has been delivering high-quality golf wedges for several years, and most professionals play with the best Ping wedges to gain an advantage.

Due to the popularity of Ping wedges, we decided to test out the best Ping golf wedges on the market today and selected some of our favorites. All the Ping wedges listed here have been thoroughly tried, tested, and reviewed, meaning that we put them through their paces over multiple rounds on the greens so that we can give you a comprehensive review of the best Ping Wedges you can buy.

Best Ping Wedges

The best Ping wedges all come with several features that will improve your golf game considerably. However, you must understand your game and the technicalities of a gold wedge, so you can buy one that is user-friendly, aesthetically appealing, and improves your skills.

Even though you should always test a golf wedge before purchasing one, you won’t be disappointed by the collection of golf wedges from Ping. As one of the top golf club manufacturers, they have incorporated cutting-edge technology in their golf clubs. So, here are our reviews for the best Ping wedges.

1. Ping Glide 3.0 Wedge

The Ping Glide 3.0 Stealth Wedgeis our top pick, and it shouldn’t come as any surprise because Ping has used cutting-edge technology for their latest golf clubs. Anyone looking for an all-around golf wedge will be impressed by its performance. The wedge has a refined clubhead, a low center of gravity, an elastomer insert for cushioning vibration, and a tapered hosel.

The best part about the Glide 3.0 wedge from Ping is that it’s an efficient and affordable wedge and may improve forgiveness by nearly 5% on your shots. You can also achieve loft angles of around 46 to 60 degrees. Players will also notice the enhanced sound and feel whenever they connect with the golf ball. The only concern you may have is that it can sometimes be tough to gain any ball spin on your shots.

2. Ping Glide Forged

The Ping Glide Forged Wedgeis another excellent golf wedge from the manufacturer, designed for shotmakers of short games. It has a compact shape allowing better versatility and control on your shots since you can open the face and take advantage of the low leading edge. You get an excellent feel and response from the club thanks to the forged 8620 carbon steel finish.

The clubface has a CNC machine finish and features wheel-cut grooves that help grip the ball when you connect. That creates heightened spin control and lower launch, resulting in better control over your shots. The gooseneck-tapered hosel rounded leading edge and enhanced heel-toe camber all work together to elevate versatility and turf interaction upon impact.

3. Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 Wedge

The Ping Glide 3.0 (Eye2) Wedgeis another excellent golf wedge that helps players save shots when they are on the green. It’s a wedge that has been tour-proven and features a rounded head profile, along with more offset and a tapered hosel for creating excellent control, incredible feel, and higher spin. Ball interaction is optimized thanks to the Precision Milled Grooves, as they are loft-specific and ensure enhanced trajectory control and spin on the ball.

Multiple bounce angles help you choose the ideal configuration that matches the playing conditions and divot depth. This golf wedge will improve your performance considerably, as it features a club head finish of HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 that gives a classic look, repels water, and enhances turf interaction considerably.

4. Ping Glide 2.0 Wedge

The Ping Glide 2.0 Wedgefeatures sharper grooves that enhance friction on the ball and help impart greater spin for precise trajectory control and distance from finesse and distance shots. The lead edges and enhanced sole grinds have been crafted carefully to offer exceptional versatility and surface interaction. The wedge glides through the sand and turf, allowing players to make creative shots on the golf course.

The full-sole design of the wedge offers players steep attack angles and turf security. The additional width and reduced camber ensure the sole doesn’t skip when connecting with the ball. Thanks to the TS grind, you also get better precision and easier shot-making. Executing shots with an open face is easier because of the heel relief, and you get better all-round performance on the golf course.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Ping Wedges

You must consider several things when purchasing golf wedges, as simply playing with the best Ping wedges doesn’t guarantee superior performance on the golf course. For example, you must think about which lofts you will need, what bounce angle suits your action, and how many golf wedges you want to carry in your golf bag.

You must also think about the finish you want on your golf wedge since most of them come in black, chrome, satin, and other unique finishes. The best part is that you can also create a custom golf wedge from Ping if you know what you want. Here’s how to choose the best Ping wedges:

The Different Types of Wedges:

There are numerous varieties of wedges you can choose from, but there are four specific types of golf wedges, which include the following:

  • Gap wedges
  • Lob wedges
  • Pitching wedges
  • Sand wedges

The most common golf wedges preferred by golfers on the greens are pitching wedges, which tend to have about 44 to 48 degrees’ loft angle. If you want a wedge with higher loft angles, you should opt for gap wedges, as those are the ones that can fill the ‘gap’ literally between sand wedges and pitching wedges. You can use gap wedges if you don’t need a full swing.

Sand wedges are simple to understand as they have a specific purpose, and their name says it all. They are commonly used for chip and bunker shots as they have about 54 to 58 degrees’ loft angles, ensuring that you can easily lob the golf ball out of a sandbox or a hazard. The last ones are the lob wedges, which tend to have the highest loft angles over 60 degrees.

Their purpose is simple: to achieve flop and chip shots while achieving great height and distance on the ball. You should understand the purpose of each wedge type before purchasing one to add to your golf club collection or bag and heading out to the golf course.

Address “Bounce” When Purchasing Wedges

One of the most important concepts to understand when buying golf wedges is the ‘bounce.’ In essence, wedge bounce is the golf club’s part that hits the ground when you strike the ball. That bounce will be measured in degrees. Golf wedges with ‘high bounce’ tend to have leading edges higher than the surface.

The normal range for bounce angles will be around 2 and 16 degrees, but this can be different if you purchase golf wedges from other manufacturers. If you’re stuck in a bunker that has firm sand, you should use a wedge with a bounce angle between 2 and 8 degrees. Wedges with higher bounce angles, mainly between 12 and 16 degrees, are best for soft surfaces.

If you’re inexperienced and don’t understand the bounce angles of golf wedges and which one you should choose, it is safe to go with a wedge with a 12-degree bounce angle, as it’s an intermediate angle.

The Loft Angle

When purchasing Ping gold wedges, you must also consider the loft angle since they directly impact your shot’s accuracy, length, and trajectory. Most golf professionals prefer carrying around four to six wedges in their golf bag, depending on the golf course and their playing style.

You should carry golf wedges with a gap of at least four degrees between them. It’s an important factor, especially for your first wedge and the low-loft iron, as it prevents inconsistencies in your game whenever you switch your golf clubs.

The Sole Grind

The leading golf club manufacturers tend to grind the soles of their golf wedges to a degree, but what exactly is a sole grind, and why does it matter? The sole grind is the dimension of your wedge’s sole, the area around the heel or toe. The grind plays a big role in how you connect with the golf ball and the trajectory of your shot.

For example, golf wedges with a grind heel ensure that the golf club’s face is close to the ground at the moment of impact. The sole grind will also change the golf wedge’s bounce, which is why you must consider this factor whenever you are buying the best Ping wedges. It’s professional advice that will make a transformative impact on your overall game.

The Club Head Finish

You can choose any color you want to determine your golf wedge’s overall appearance. The club head’s finish will depend on your preferences and taste or the style you portray on the golf course. Most golfers prefer gold wedges with nickel or chrome-plated coatings since they can withstand the elements for several years.

However, some professionals don’t have any plating on their wedges, as they prefer a ‘raw finish’ since they believe the clubhead will start to rust over the years. When that happens, the oxidation will offer additional friction whenever you hit the ball, improving the distance and spin of your shots.

Our advice to beginners looking for the best Ping wedges is to select an aesthetically pleasing finish, keeping longevity in mind since you don’t want to replace your golf wedge every year.

Grooved Club Faces

Most golf clubs in the market today come with indented grooves on their faces, which isn’t only meant to add aesthetic appeal to the clubs. Grooved clubfaces have a big role to play, as whenever you connect with the ball, your wedge will be able to ‘grip’ the ball slightly. It’s a big advantage as you can get more backspin on your shots.

The superior backspin you will get from grooved golf wedges will impact the loft angle and ensure you get increased accuracy whenever you strike the ball from the green. If you hit it sweetly and play the correct shot, you will notice the ball doesn’t roll past the impact point.

The Advantages of Trial and Error

There’s a high chance that you won’t manage to find the best Ping wedges in the market today by being lucky. Therefore, it’s advised to always purchase from a reputable retail outlet, where you will be allowed to test out the various golf wedge variants before deciding to buy one. You will need to rely on your ‘feel’ and intuition to find the best Ping wedges, which is why you must speak with golf pros who have knowledge about various clubs and can guide you on how to get an expert fitting.

Our Final Thoughts

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when you’re shopping for the best golf wedges in the market, and there is no denying that Ping wedges are some of the best. We recommend trying out all the best Ping wedges we have reviewed here and experimenting with them on the golf course to find the most appropriate gold wedge for your game.

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