The 4 Best Mizuno Putters

The past few years have been successful for Mizuno Golf. The brand built upon its success and thus launched the M-Craft putter line in 2021. The previous M-Craft putters launched in 2020 proved to be popular and were therefore expanded.

Golfers were generally impressed by the included weight kit, finish options, and the milled carbon steel that these putters had.

Best Mizuno Putters

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best Mizuno putters.

Best Mizuno Putters

1. Mizuno M-Craft III

Mizuno included three new models to its line of M-Craft putters. If you are interested in the previous models, you will be pleased to know that in 2021, they will be available.

Last year, when M-Craft putters were first released in the market, golfers liked their aesthetic appeal. Their performance was equally good, for Mizuno is very scrupulous about performance.

Golfers normally anticipate that Mizuno will release good clubs, and that is indeed the case. Mizuno clubs are recognized for their quality and performance. 2019 was a specially good year for Mizuno.

Since Mizuno is well known for its quality and performance, you will expect its putters to do really well. And indeed, they don’t disappoint. The M-Craft 2 was one of the best putters in 2020.

The M-Craft 3 is also a high-performance mallet. The M-Craft 1 was slightly behind, though. All in all, few putter lineups canmatch Mizuno.

The Mizuno brand has done a really good job with the M-Craft putter range. It is quite likely that they will build upon this success to come up with something even better. Hence, in 2021, Mizuno has a new putter lineup that looks very promising.

Lets see how the Best Mizuno putters perform.

2. Mizuno M-Craft IV

The Mizuno M-Craft 4 looks a bit different from other putters in the lineup thanks to its blade-like shape. This putter has the conventional heel-toe design that contemporary blades have. However, its body is wider.

The M-Craft 4 has an overall rectangular profile. The blade is quite robust and well-constructed. This putter will suit who want to switch to a mallet. The short slant neck will help players with playing arcing strokes.

Out of all putters, it is the M-Craft 4 where there was the greatest change in performance upon changing weights. The stock model feels slightly awkward and a bit heavy. However, this feeling will vanish when you utilize the lighter weights. You may note that your putting has improved. Hence, including the weight kit was a good move. Weight adjustment can considerably change the handling of the putter. So if you are thinking of saving money by not buying the weights, then you should think again.

3. Mizuno M-Craft V

The M-Craft 5 is notable for its toe hang and mallet shape. Thanks to the short slant neck, this putter can give you a fair amount of arc on your strokes.

In general, the M-Craft 5 is a rounded compact mallet. Towards the rear, the putter has 2 smooth arcs which give it a pleasant look. It looks somewhat like the Toulon Atlanta. However, the body is not as stout. There may be similarities in the shape, however there are some key differences.

If you examine the face, you will find that the shape is a tear-drop instead of being symmetrical. This feature likely shifts the center of gravity by a small margin. Hence, it will have an effect on putting performance. All 3 putters have this feature.

Although the head shapes are not perfectly unique, they do have enough tweaks to make them somewhat different.

4. Mizuno M-Craft VI

The Mizuno M-Craft 6 has a fang design. This putter is the one in the M-Craft range that looks like a mallet. It is easy to see that the weight has been shifted to the perimeter. There is also no toe hang. If you like to play with a mallet, then you will really like the Mizuno M-Craft 6.

Of course, this is not the first fang-shaped putter in the market. However, this one is distinct for its elegant style.

These putters have been made by forging. Milling has then been carried out to give these carbon steel puttersthe final shape.

Mizuno has made a big statement with the M-Craft range in 2021. These putters are made of carbon steel and are forged and milled. They also come with a weight kit plus optional finishes. Whats more, there are 6 head selections to choose from. The new designs closely resemble mallets. But despite that, the new range diversifies Mizuno’s lineup. Most golfers will find that one out of these six different is suitable for their style of play.

If you are looking to buy a quality made putter, then these models should be high on your priority list.

When these putters came out last year, many were wondering how they would fare in terms of performance. Certainly the looks are nice, but is the performance up to par? We now know that these are one of the best putters that you can buy.

The Mizuno Golf Brand

Mizuno isone of the leading manufacturers of forged irons. The “forged feel” is what distinguishes this brand. When there are plenty of players who can vouch for the quality of Mizuno forged irons, then you know you can’t go wrong with this brand. In fact, you may be interested to try them out and see for yourself how they perform.

Mizuno has made a return to the putter segment by releasing the M-Craft lineup. Given how great these forged irons feel in your hands, you would expect them to do well on the golf course. And that is exactly the case.

And in 2021, 3 new models have been launched. Perhaps the most notable is number 4. This putter sports a wide blade and a blue ion exterior. Its one of the three putters that you can pick from.

This putter can line up behind the ball quite well. The white sightline is long enough to assist you with proper alignment.

With this putter, you will find that it is easy to hole consecutive putts from short range. These putters allow fluid movement and give a certain smoothness to your stroke that you will enjoy.

The stock grip is good enough. It is not too big. It feels rather firm,but it fits perfectly in your hands.

Theseputters are forged with 1025 mild carbon steel,after which CNC millinghas been done. Theseputters take on a very aesthetically appealing and precise shapethanks to the CNC milling. Not only do you get great alignment and shape from the CNC milling process, you also get a super smooth and shiny finish.

You can also purchase the weight kit to fine tune how your putters feel. You can tweak the putter using the two 13 gram weights and the 2 three gram weights. However, there is a good chance that the stock configuration will work nicely for you.


From a purely visual perspective, these putters look fabulous. The shapes used are conventional. Although the design is nothing too elaborate, they have a subtle and stylish look. The short slant hosel is well aligned. The blue ion exterior helps the club to stand out from the grass. But it looks as if this color might fade with time.

The deep etched grip feels great in your hands. However, there might be some who prefer the something that is more tacky and softer.

These putters also make a nice sound on impact with the ball.

Thanks to the design, these putters neither feel too soft or too hard. Instead, you get a good mix of forgiveness and feedback. Putter number 3 in particular provides more stability for off-center hits.

How they perform in your hands will depend on the head shape that you choose, the length and the weights.

The standard 8 gram weights will feel quite adequate. But if you want to fine tune the feel of your strokes, you can try out other weights. This will help you to find the combination that will suit your style of play.

Mizuno are a well known brand that is known for its forged irons. The forged feel is what gives rise to brand’s high quality.

Mizuno released its M-Craft putters to the market some time in January 2020. The brand had reentered the market after a long pause. This was years after they had collaborated with putter extraordinaire Bob Bettinardi some time in the late 2000s.

The models introduced last year were really good. And those released this year are even better.

The mallet and the 2 blades in the lineup are something that you will find easily in the market. Needless to say, the CNC milled finish looks quite premium. Whats more, these putters are competitively priced. There are several good reasons why you will want to buy the original as well as later models.

The Mizuno M-Craft putter range of 2021 are refreshingly different. They all sport a more modern design. There are many reasons why they are an improvement over the original putters.

Forging and Milling Processes

All M-Craft putters are first forged and then subjected to a CNC milling process. CNC milling is a very precise and consistent process. It avoids the inconsistencies that you will find in hand made items.

1025 mild carbon steel is the material that the heads comprise of. This is the the same material that you will find in Mizuno’s renowned forged irons.

Thanks to the CNC milling process, these putters have a sleek and silky smooth finish. They are also very precisely shaped. CNC milling provides defined edges and sharp details that give these putters a truly premium feel.

These putters don’t have any spongy soft inserts. These putters are designed to give you the same feeling aswhen playing with Mizuno forged irons. The sound you get is crisperthan what you get from putters withsoft inserts. This is the sound that many golfers like as brands are starting to discover.

The weight of M-Craft putter heads is 355 grams. However, number 6 is slightly heavier at 371 grams. These numbers might sound like they are on the higher side. And they are, for a purpose. Mizuno kept its putters on the heavier side of things so that you couldenjoy playing rhythmic, fluid strokes. Each putter also has a weight kit as well as a wrench.


WhenMizuno announced its threeoriginal M-Craft putters, they were available in 3 different shades. The choice of colors was somewhat unusual because golfers who opt for more traditional looking designs often like equally sober colors.

However, golfers who admire the fang shape, wide-bodyblades, and stubby mallets will likely be more receptive to satin white, Blue Ion, and Black Ion colors that these putters are available in.

Mizuno forged irons are renowned for their distinct feel. But does that apply to its putters as well? The Japanese brand has made a comeback with its new range of flat sticks known as the M-Craft.

Mizuno has used some pretty interesting tech so that you can hole putts with greater ease. Thanks to the use of this technology, these putters also look stylish.

Mizuno’s latest putters are made up of high grade premium material – 1025 mild carbon steel. These putters have been subjected to CNC milling for better alignment and precise shape. Deep milling has been done on the face to enhance roll and feel.

You can’t help noting how fabulous these putters look. This is quite typical of the brand which is known for making premium products. Besides the high quality, these products also sport a fantastic appearance.

Our Final Thoughts

The best Mizuno putters are a fine choice for most golfers since they offer good value for money. They have pretty much all that you will want in your putters.

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