The 4 Best Mizuno Golf Balls

Mizuno is a popular Japanese manufacturer of sporting goods and sports apparel. From gym apparel and footwear to baseball, volleyball, and, most importantly, golf equipment, they make it all.

Mizuno has been manufacturing golf equipment for quite a few years now, and most golfers easily recognize the brand and its logo. They are especially well-known in the golf world for providing some of the best feeling forged irons.

However, until quite recently, they did not step into the American markets with a golf ball for over a decade. They launched by introducing the RB 566, RB 566 V, RB Tour, and RB Tour X in the American and most other markets across the world.

Best Mizuno Golf Balls

Naturally, fans and enthusiasts of Mizuno golf clubs expect a similar feel from Mizuno golf balls. We are pleased to say that Mizuno has delivered, especially if you are a high handicapper with medium to slow swing speeds, as these Mizuno golf balls are mostly low compression and quite forgiving.

Best Mizuno Golf Balls

Let’s discuss them in detail, to give you an overview of their performance against each other and the golf ball technology behind it that took Mizuno so long to deliver.

RB 566 Mizuno Golf Balls

The RB 566 Mizuno Golf Balls are soft compression golf balls, and they are the only ones with a 2-piece construction from the Mizuno golf balls lineup. They offer excellent distance and prolonged flight, thanks to the high-energy cores and Mizuno’s unique 566 micro-dimple patterns.

The new dimple design features micro dimples for reduced drag, which slows the rate of descent after the apex of the flight, maximizing distance. The large, high-energy cores help reduce driver spin and golfers get an efficient and stable flight with increased launch.

Overall, these Mizuno golf balls provide extra flight time and balanced performance on the course.

This is in line with Mizuno’s claims that they can now produce softer compression balls with longer flight times through aerodynamic technology. The soft core offers mid trajectory, low spin, and straighter flight without compromising on distance.

Additionally, the Ionomer cover makes for excellent durability and greenside feel. The RB 566 is best suited to golfers of all swing speeds in cold conditions and those with medium to slow swing speeds in warmer conditions.


  • Good for mid-slow swing speeds
  • Good feel
  • Low spin on driver
  • Inexpensive


  • Not ideal for high swing speeds
  • Medium short game spins

RB 566 V Mizuno Golf Balls

The RB 566 V is similar to the RB 566 only in name and compression. For starters, it has a 3-piece construction and a new high-energy Butadiene rubber core that delivers enhanced ball speed with an incredible feel.

Its 566 D-Dimple design also includes micro dimples inside the larger dimples that look rather strange at first.

Although functionally, these additional micro dimples prolong flight earlier in the ball’s journey. The V does feature a similar Ionomer cover as the RB 566, which is extremely durable and offers an enhanced greenside feel.

The feel of the driver is quite good with the perfect balance between soft and firm. You will have a similar experience with the irons, however, the V Mizuno golf balls truly shine when you are chipping or putting – delivering good spin and an even better feel of the wedge or putter face.

You will also get a decent distance off the tee with a slightly higher launch angle and overall, the RB 566 Mizuno golf balls are efficient and stable performers for any handicap level.


  • Good for all swing speeds
  • Good feel
  • Low spin on driver
  • Mid-high short game spin
  • Good performance in wet and windy conditions


  • Better high compression options available in the markets for low handicap players

RB Tour Mizuno Golf Balls

The RB Tour is a low-launch, mid-spin golf ball with a 4-piece construction and a 360-dimple, high-traction Urethane cover design.

The firmer mid-compression on these Mizuno golf balls is akin to most “Tour” golf balls, available in the market, although these are priced fairly well for the category they sit in.

The C-dimple design of the RB Tour, which is the result of 12 years of wind tunneling tests, reduces significant drag to deliver a lower ball flight and makes it an excellent performer in windy conditions.  It delivers good distance and lower spins with the driver, as promised by Mizuno.

Short game performance is well balanced with decent spins around the greens. The feel and flight are both stand-out features for the RB Tour Mizuno golf balls, and they are great for all handicap levels, especially in windy conditions.


  • Good for all swing speeds
  • Good feel and distance
  • Low spins on driver
  • Excellent performance in windy conditions


  • Short game performance could be better

RB Tour X Mizuno Golf Balls

The RB Tour X is probably the best of the Mizuno golf balls. It has the same 4-piece construction as the RB Tour, with a Butadiene rubber dual core, high-energy Ionomer mantle, and ultra-soft Urethane cover. The slight differences lie in feel and performance due to the firmer compression of the X.

While the Tour provides low driver spins for improved downward attack angles, the X has medium driver spins for flat to upward attack angles. This delivers in slightly better distance and feel from the X. Of all the Mizuno golf balls, the X offers the best distance.

Designed with the same C-dimple cover, the X offers responsive greenside and excellent wind-beating performance, which better players prefer.


  • Good for all swing speeds
  • Best feel and distance
  • Medium driver spins for upward attack angles
  • Good short game performance
  • Best in windy conditions


  • Slightly expensive compared to other Mizuno golf balls

Our Final Thoughts

Mizuno has spent years testing and developing these golf balls and they deliver the results that Mizuno claims. Compared to other brand golf balls, they are all nicely priced in their respective categories, even if the RB Tour X is slightly more expensive than its siblings.

We highly recommend that beginners and high handicappers try the inexpensive RB 566 V for a good feel and low driver spins that provide good performance in wet and windy conditions.

For the more nuanced and experienced players with low handicaps, the RB Tour X is as good as it gets in this price range, and you will appreciate these Mizuno golf balls for their excellent performance in windy conditions.

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