The 4 Best Lob Wedges

If you need a lot of height in a very short distance, the lob wedge is your best bet – this difficult but important club can make all the difference when you need to shoot over hazards and other barriers.

Best Lob Wedges in Golf

Lob wedges are not beginner-friendly but are used by intermediate and advanced players. If you’re planning on buying a new one, you’ve come to the right place – in this article, we’ve included a brief buyer’s guide along with our picks for the best lob wedges available.

1. Callaway PM Grind 19 Chrome Lob Wedge

This wedge is designed to improve performance and does so by using premium components, center of gravity manipulation, and offset. Boasting a KBS Hi-Res steel shaft and a Lamkin UTX grip, the club does not compromise on quality.

Best Lob Wedges

The C-grind sole of the wedge results in crisp contact and clean shots, while the increased offset and high center of gravity allow golfers to control launch. Additionally, Callaway’s Groove-in-Groove technology uses micro-grooves at an angle to maximize spin, further improving launch and control.

In addition to being functional, this wedge is also aesthetically pleasing and comes in Platinum Chrome and Tour Grey finishes.


  • Durable shaft and comfortable grip
  • Increased control and launch
  • Textured face and more spin
  • Options for hand orientation, color, and shaft


  • High investment

2. Titleist Vokey SM8 Lob Wedge

Bragging distance control, high spin, and versatility in shots, the SM8 wedge uses center of gravity, MOI, sole grind, and spin to improve golfers’ performance.

To increase accuracy and forgiveness, the SM8 uses tungsten weighting and different hosel lengths to manipulate center of gravity. With CG moved to the face, moment of inertia is increased, which results in great feel. Golfers benefit from not only launch, but also from the club face being square upon impact.

Titleist’s Spin Milled technology uses sharp grooves and micro-grooves to maximize spin. Additionally, heat treatment on the impact area increases durability, making sure that the grooves are there to stay without compromising feel.


  • Increased spin and launch
  • Durable grooves
  • Options for loft, finishes, and shaft
  • Increased forgiveness and control


  • Premium price point

3. TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe Big Foot Lob Wedge

The Hi-Toe Big Foot wedge features a C-grind sole that is asymmetrical, flat, and wide. The anti-dig leading edge, in addition to this, makes this wedge easy to use from both, the sand and rough. It is also designed with heel relief and a trailing edge to ensure versatility.

Designed with sole pockets, redistribution of mass is easy, and it aims to improve both, spin and control. This wedge uses a hi-toe design to shift center of gravity upwards, allowing for increased spin and lower launch.

Additionally, its textured face with scoring lines increases friction, resulting in forgiveness, increased spin, and consistent ball contact. The KBS Hi-Res shafts and 8620 carbon steel club heads also make this an extremely durable golf club.


  • Easy to use and forgiving
  • Increased spin and control
  • Durable construction
  • Options for loft and shaft material


  • No left-hand option

4. Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Lob Wedge

The CBX 2 wedge claims to increase spin and provide forgiveness and uses its innovative design to ensure this. This is one of the best lob wedges on the market because of its cavity back design, which provides forgiveness and consistency to golfers.

Design features like a tapered flange, wider toe, and a lighter hosel further add to the forgiveness, and ensure that golfers hit the sweet spot. By ensuring that the center of gravity is where the impact will be, the wedge allows for straight shots that cover a larger distance.

Spin is not compromised when it comes to this design – Centered Rotex Milling and laser milling create sharp grooves that increase roughness and friction, resulting in increased spin. Selecting grind is also made easier – grinds are specific to loft, so all the golfer has to do is pick their loft of choice. This Dynamic Sole option is simpler, easier, and saves time.


  • Forgiveness and consistency
  • Increased friction and spin
  • Increased distance control
  • Dynamic sole for easier shopping
  • Options for hand orientation, shaft material, and loft



What to Consider When Buying a New Lob Wedge

Before investing in a lob wedge, make sure to consider the following factors.


Lob wedges are known for their high loft and are usually between 58-60 degrees. However, many manufacturers now make them up to 64 degrees so that golfers can benefit from higher shots and increased spin. Loft should be carefully considered since going too high compromises distance.


Bounce prevents the wedge from digging into the dirt and turf and is important in order to swing smoothly. It can also affect play, and generally, golfers with shallow swings prefer less bounce, while those who divot benefit from more bounce.

Grooves & Spin

Grooves are especially important to consider since they provide friction, which increases spin. Grooves are usually found in two styles – vintage finish and laser-etching. Vintage finish grooves rust in a way that adapts to the golfer’s swing while laser-etched grooves increase friction to maximize spin.


Finishes are not purely cosmetic – although personal preference comes into play, different finishes have different qualities. Dark finishes, for example, are anti-glare and offer a sleek look, but wear off quickly. Chrome and nickel finishes last for longer periods of time since they are very durable. Raw finishes, on the other hand, rust faster, and can actually help the golfer – the added friction of the rust will increase spin!

Our Final Thoughts

Lob wedges are relatively new, but they have made a vast difference in golf, especially when it comes to shaving off scores. As every player knows, this particular wedge is very versatile – from shooting over hazards to hitting chips, the lob wedge can do it all. Thus, it is imperative that golfers take care to choose the right fit for them.

This list of the best lob wedges aims to do just that – provide you with quality options and a checklist so that you can perform your best. For more suggestions, check out our articles on the best pitching wedges, the best sand wedges and the best gap wedges!

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