Best Irons for a 20 Handicap

Are you trying your best to improve your game and qualify as a mid-handicapper, but all your efforts seem to go in vain? It’s time that you consider replacing your old irons with a new set of irons. Many beginners believe that using the same irons as advanced and professional golfers will dramatically change their game – and they can’t be more wrong.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

If you are a 20-handicap, the best irons for you are those that are specially made to facilitate your game. Read this article to find out:

  • What it means to be a 20-handicap golfer
  • The best irons for a 20-handicap golfer
  • The characteristics to look for in the best irons for a 20-handicap

What Does It Mean to be a 20-Handicap?

As per the United States Golf Association (USGA) handicap index, a golfer with a 20-handicap is classified to be a high-handicapper. The purpose of this handicap index is to promote a fair game by balancing players of different skill levels. All golfers are ranked based on their capability to perform and then placed at different levels accordingly. Most high-handicappers are those with a handicap of 20 or more.

But don’t let the label get to you! 20-handicap is the lowest of all the high handicappers which means that you are capable enough to hit good shots from a decent distance and that a little more effort at your end will increase your rank instantly.

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The 4 Best Irons for a 20-Handicap Golfer

Given the numerous choices in the market, it can be tricky to choose the one the suits you perfectly. Here’s a list of the best irons for all the 20-handicappers.

Best for the Budget: Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Iron Set

The Cleveland Launcher CBX irons have a great appeal for handicappers who are looking for great quality at a low price. They are called launchers because of their ability to get the golf ball in the air faster and higher than many other irons for a 20-handicap. To achieve this, these irons have been designed to have a large cavity in the back that positions the weight lower on the sole of the iron.

Other than having an innovative design, Cleveland Launcher CBX irons use technology to increase forgiveness and create more backspin. The feel balancing technology helps to locate a sweet spot in the center of the clubface while the low center of gravity assists you to keep the ball higher in the air. Additionally, these irons have a dual-V sole shape that manages the turf interaction by preventing your iron from digging deep during fat strokes.


  • Has a low center of gravity that enables higher ball flight
  • The most affordable option amongst irons of the same quality
  • Available with both steel and graphite shafts
  • Perform remarkably well out of the rough
  • Has zip grooves that help in spinning
  • Can be found in two configurations and two flex options


Best for Accuracy: Wilson Ultra Complete Iron Set

Designed to enhance the distance and accuracy of strokes, Wilson clubs are among the best quality irons available in the market. Their 460-cc titanium drive promises to provide you with outstanding reach for shots and tremendous forgiveness. They also offer high durability because the shafts are made from iron-steel.

The Wilson irons have a large sweet spot that gives you incredible balance and helps to keep the ball narrow and straight. These irons for a 20 -handicap are an ideal choice because they consist of special grip markings that help high-handicappers who are not sure about gripping the club by guiding them where to place fingers at the right point. More on, the heel-toe weighted alignment of the putter and soft paddle grip allows you to improve the control and accuracy of your strokes.


  • Have a standard grip that allows for easy-gripping
  • Offer great balance
  • Highly durable
  • Provide shot accuracy and control


  • Drive heads break too often, requiring replacements
  • No sand wedge included in the set

Best for Shot Control: Pinemeadow Pre Men’s Iron Set

Among the top features of Pinemeadow Pre Men’s Irons is the unmatched forgiveness that they offer to high-handicappers. The set is enriched with high-quality clubs featuring stainless steel-shafts to allow for maximum power on shots, as well as adding to the durability of the irons. As you keep on using it, you’ll experience enhanced confidence and ability in shot alignment. It is the best set of irons for 20-handicaps who are struggling with flight and control of their shots. The irons are designed with wide cavity backs, oversized sweet spots, and perimeter-weighted heads.


  • The irons promise superior shot control
  • Allows high-handicappers to avoid mis-hits
  • The set comes with a well-constructed stand bag that has dual straps for carrying ease
  • High-quality product at an affordable price


  • May not offer the right balance to some golfers
  • Have a smaller sweet spot than other irons
  • The iron head tend to break off

Best for Distance: TaylorMade P790 Iron Set

If you’re getting better at golf and ready to spend a little on game enhancement irons, TaylorMade P790 is your best choice. This set of irons is specially designed to offer greater forgiveness on off-center hits and have high workability when you strike the golf ball. Like other recent models of TaylorMade, P790 also has a cut-through speed pocket to enhance the extent of forgiveness on thin shots.

These irons utilize technology to achieve higher performance levels. TaylorMade has manufactured a tungsten channel in the club irons for perimeter weight distribution and inserted an elastomer polymer called SpeedFoam to produce great distances and a soft speed. Another reason why these are one of the best irons for a 20-handicap is that the soft feel is consistent regardless of where the impact is on the clubface.


  • Made using high-quality materials and advanced technology
  • Covers long distances
  • Offers good forgiveness
  • Available in multiple flex options and shaft types


  • Have a thin topline that may be intimidating for some high-handicappers
  • More expensive than other irons for a 20-handicap
  • Doesn’t have enough offset to help correct the slices

Characteristics of the Best 20-Handicap Irons

As a 20-handicap, your main concern should be to look for game improvement irons that help you correct your off-center hits and provide you with a large sweet spot. The best improvement irons for a 20-handicap have the following characteristics:

  • Ideally, consist of graphite shafts
  • Have cavity-back designs
  • Made of high-quality durable material
  • Offer increased forgiveness
  • Are flexible and comfortable on the wrists

Our Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our guide will help you choose the best irons for a 20-handicap. Remember to be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes down to buying the perfect set of irons. Your golf game will only improve when you capitalize on your strengths and chose an iron that can help you improve in areas that you aren’t good at already.

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