Best Golf Wedges on the Market

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Golf wedges are versatile golf clubs because you need to use them from the fringe, fairway, the rough, and the sand trap. Even though you don’t use a wedge club often and only when you have no choice but to use it to play a shot, the wedge club betters deliver.

Manufacturers have recognized the need for a consistent performing wedge golf. They have added several features to the golf wedge to increase accuracy and control around the golf course. The new features give you the opportunity to cut strokes from your score.

When you will take a glimpse at the market, you’ll definitely get confused due to the large selection of golf wedges available for sale. All telling you that they’re the best.

You want to buy a golf wedge that is worth your money and does what it states. How are you going to choose from such a vast list of golf wedges? Not to worry because we’ve got it. We’ve put together a list of the best golf wedges on the market. Let’s have a look!

1. Titleist Vokey SM7

Titleist Vokey SM7 gives you excellent control around the golf course. You can use it for short approach shots. Use the golf wedge to hit a variety of different shots, such as full swings and half swings. The company has redesigned this golf club, which is why it appears slightly different from other golf clubs.

The back of a golf club has various shapes, based on the wedge’s loft and you can get it between 46 and 62 degrees. The design affects the club’s center of gravity and ensures a proper ball strike, according to the type of loft used.

You can modify its center of gravity for various club lofts. You can personalize it to your swing and shot you want to make. This club is also an ideal choice for low handicap golfers because it gives them 23 different options.


  • Made from premium quality material
  • Offers 23 different options to low handicap golfers
  • Adjustable center of gravity


  • Expensive
  • May not be an ideal choice for beginners because it may be too complicated for them to understand

2. Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 is a well-designed golf wedge. Made from Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex Steel with a standard bounce, the wedge club gives you a wide range of loft options to choose, from 46 degrees to 62 degrees.

You can optimize the spin for a variety of different hits from the bunker and the fairway. Compared to other golf wedges on the market, this one has a laser milled face for micro-roughness. It also offers you a solid grip, allowing you to hit your ball and chip it onto the golf course.

The club’s face features deeper groves, which allows the wedge to make complete contact with the golf ball instead of mud, water, or sand. You’ll also get more control. More control allows you to accurately place your golf ball on the golf course.


  • Made from Dynamic Golf Wedge Flex Steel
  • Offers loft ranges from 46 degrees to 62 degrees
  • Gives increased control and precision
  • Features deeper groves


  • Expensive
  • Not enough options

3. Wilson Harmonized Wedge

Wilson Harmonized Wedge isn’t designed for several features. It’s a solid golf club best suited for average and beginner golfers. You’ll not have to break your bank account for it. Even though it has a basic design, it gives you the maximum level of spin even if you aren’t trying to spin the ball.

On your wedge shots, do a backspin on the golf ball. The wedge’s steel construction contributes to increased durability in both its face and shaft. The loft is available between 50 and 64 degrees. You’ll not get different sole grind options like you would with other golf wedges.

Its single sold grind offers you a maximum level of versatility in various instances, such as when you’re swinging from the rough, the fairway, or a sand trap. Its clubface features grooves, which offer a good spin.

Handicap golfers will greatly benefit from using this golf wedge. When the golf ball connects with the wedge’s center, it delivers flight.


  • All-steel construction with a polished finish
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Delivers excellent flight and ball spin
  • Use with several lies


  • Has no customization options
  • Not designed for low handicap golfers

4. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Forged Wedges

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Forged Wedges is available in several different loft angles, ranging from 53 degrees through 60 degrees. They have created three unique grinds — S, W, and C — to suit a large a variety of shots that you hit on the golf course.

The W grind is new and features a wide sole. It is excellent for the steep shot and the soft ground. The C grind features a low bounce, heel relief, and is suitable with low lofts. The S grind features a low bounce, tapered sole, has an open face, and is suitable with low lofts.

Made from soft steel with a dynamic center of gravity, the golf wedge rises as you swing it. The company has created a 16-groove club face for increased control on chipping and pitching. These premium quality golf wedges can help you take a few strokes and lose your handicap.


  • Soft steel design with a dynamic center of gravity
  • Available in several loft angles
  • 3 grinds for each shot
  • Groove optimization into the face to optimize spin and create an improved spin transition


  • Some users claim poor grip
  • Not for beginners because it demands precision and the knowledge on how to play it in different lines

5. Texan Classic Gunmetal Wedge

Texan Classic Gunmetal Wedge is an ideal golf wedge for beginners. You get three wedges at an affordable price. The golf wedge set comes with three different angles — 52, 56, and 60 degrees — thus making it excellent for playing several different distances on the shot types and golf course.

The wedges feature a forged clubhead, which gives you increased control. It also features a True Temper steel shaft for increased performance and durability. Its black colored finish is modern and sleek and helps with alignment. It offers you increased control between the golf ball and the turf. If you struggle at playing the short game, playing with these wedges may make all the difference.


  • Comes in a set of three
  • Features different degree angles
  • True Temper steel shaft increases durability and performance
  • Forged club head increases control
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t offer any options
  • Not for experienced golfers

6. Tour Edge Golf 1Out Plus Wedge

Tour Edge Golf 1Out Plus Wedge is a great choice for both beginners and seniors. The golf wedge features a counter-balance grip for improved control and strike position. This allows you to make more accurate shots.

If you’re unable to play sand bunker shots, you’ll like it that it offers you a wider than normal sole. This allows you to make sand shots without trouble and gives you improved flight out of the bunker. You can use the golf wedge for standard chip shots from around the golf course and bunkers.

Since it gives you increased bounce, you’ll be able to hit chip shots without bladed shots and skulls more consistently. However, you’ll need to practice using this golf wedge before you begin to play golf. You’ll have to work to control distances due to its heavy clubhead.


  • Perfect for beginners and seniors
  • Counter balance group improves stability and strike position
  • Features a wider than normal sole
  • Affordable


  • Requires practice before using the golf wedge
  • Heavy clubhead makes it difficult to control distances

Our Final Thoughts

Any of these wedges will suit you well. Now that you’ve seen the list of the best golf wedges on the market, choose the one that works best for you and your golf game.

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