The 5 Best Golf Training Aids

Golf is a nuanced sport, which takes years of practice and dedication to perfect.

You will find plenty of old-timers who are still searching for their perfect round of golf. There is nothing wrong with not being perfect at golf, which is the case with any sport. What matters is that you enjoy the game and always keep challenging yourself.

Improving your swing, stroke or handicap is a lifelong effort and you should keep working at it no matter your skill level. Golf training aids are excellent help because they can improve you golf skills on or off the course and are relatively inexpensive given their capability to improve your game.

Best Golf Training Aids

Best Golf Training Aids

Most can be used indoors and outdoors, which means your home, office or backyard can all be used to polish your golf skills. With so many options in the market, we decided to do the research and come up with the best golf training aids for you. Here are our winners.

1. Practice Golf Balls

The first item on our list of the best golf training aids is a 12-pack of High Impact Airflow Practice Golf Balls which are excellent for golf training. As the name suggests, these are high impact golf balls that provide truer flight and last quite long due to their high-density plastic construction.

They are durable and lightweight, which makes them great for full contact swing practice, whether indoors or outdoors. They are similar in size to a real golf ball and the airflow hollow design helps them simulate a real golf ball quite accurately.

They come in a sealable mesh bag, which makes them very easy to carry anywhere. These practice golf balls are an inexpensive golf training aid, which cost less than a dollar per ball. If you are a beginner who wants to practice some golf in their backyard, these are an ideal product for you.

2. Power Connector Swing Trainers Analyzers

This power connector is probably one of the best golf training aids for golf beginners, and some veterans alike. It has a multifunctional design that works on your arms, shoulders and body simultaneously when you swing to produce increased power by correcting your swing.

You will truly be surprised from the first swing that you take with this power connector swing trainer. It encourages arms and shoulders to work together, promoting correct form in your swings.

Overtime, it trains your arms, shoulders and body to work collectively for a far more powerful swing than ever before. It even helps train you for a proper shoulder turn on your backswing.

This truly is an ingenious and inexpensive golf training aid that is excellent for beginners and even some veterans, who need to work on their swings. You can practice your swing on or off the golf course with this product, all you need is a golf club and some swinging space.

3. 8”X14” Dual Grain Putting Mats

As far as putting mats go, this 8feet long and 14inch wide putting mat is an excellent product for you to practice your putting skills at home or at the office.

It is designed for practice with accuracy and the best feature is its high-quality dual grain putting surface, which allows you to practice putting on both, slow and fast turfs.

This dual function is incorporated on the same mat face, with a slow green speed from one side and a fast green speed from the opposite side. You can even remove the putting cup from one end to the other to change your target on the different green speeds.

It even features a no-slip backing to keep the mat in place while you play. We highly recommend this product to those who want to perfect their putting on slow and fast greens using the same mat. Its high-quality dual surface feature is what makes this one of the best golf training aids available today.

4. Putting Mirror Putting Aids

Speaking of putting, the next item on our list of the best golf training aids is also a putting aid. It is in fact the best putting aid you can find to improve your putting stroke. The Putting Mirror Putting Aid is a reflective board which you can align with your golf ball to train your putting strokes.

It promotes proper form to improve your putting accuracy. This is possible because you can use the reflective surface of the putting mirror to align your eye line with the mirror’s target line and simultaneously see any flaws in your stroke with real-time feedback.

This makes it very easy to correct any flaws you may have in your putting stroke. You can even align your shoulder line with the side lines as you make contact, and this can greatly help correct your putting stroke. Overtime, you can establish a repeatable posture and hone your putting stroke.

This particular product is a 12inch putting mirror and comes with a protective cloth case for easy storage and transport. As with most typical putting mirrors, it can be used for left and right-handed putters alike.

Given that a majority of golfers bag more than 30 putts a round, and with beginners going as high as 38 or 40 putts, this is an area of golf that everyone can improve in. Which makes the Putting Mirror Putting Aids not only one of the best golf training aids but also one of the most useful ones.

5. 30”X30” Chipping Nets

If you are looking to dominate your short game, chipping nets are one of the best golf training aids you will find. This 30 x 30inch chipping net features five target areas that offer precision training for your short game.

It is very easy to assemble and take down and you can easily carry or transport it using the carry bag that comes included with the purchase. Its 5 net targets, 30inch size and compact storage make it perfect to practice chipping in your backyard.

Although, there is nothing stopping you from taking it to the golf course for practice. Whether you are a golf beginner or a veteran, this chipping net will help you focus on your swing technique and ball striking, without the distraction of seeing where the ball goes.

This is an excellent product for any golfer looking to improve their chipping skills in a convenient and inexpensive way.

Our Final Thoughts

Improving your golf skills is not just for beginners because long-time golfers have flaws too and there is always room for improvement, even if you are a pro golfer. This makes golf training aids a good buy for any golfer.

The mentioned golf training aids are all excellent products, and you cannot go wrong with any of them, it all depends on what you are looking to improve.

If we had to choose, we would recommend the Power Connector Swing Trainers Analyzers and the Putting Mirror Putting Aids for everyone. The reason being that these are golf training aids that are known to make the most difference in your swing, stroke, score and overall golfing skills.

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