The 5 Best Golf Tees

Golf tees are small pegs you stick into the ground to mount your golf balls. They are elevated off the ground, which allows golfers to avoid striking the ground and hit the ball at a low angle. Besides, it keeps it out of the grass, which slows down the impact and significantly reduces the distance you get from your swing.

What Golf Tees Should You Use?

Quality golf tees are often underestimated. You have to see to it that it meets the regulations, i.e., does not exceed the 4-inch limit and doesn’t influence the ball’s direction of movement. It is designed to keep the ball off the ground. Although it may seem all too simple, you have to take a few considerations in mind. For instance, the standard golf tees have some degree of friction, decreasing both the distance and lift from your ball.

Get pronged tees that minimize the amount of contact area between the tee and ball. The 3-pronged tees have less friction, but you will have to compromise on balance.

Best Golf Tees

Additionally, opt for durable material. Wooden tees snap easily. When a tee breaks on impact, it affects the ball’s direction and distance.

Best Golf Tees

Now that you know what to look for in golf tees, let’s take a look at some of the best golf tees.

1. Martini Tee Mini Shaker Golf Tees

The Martini Tee Mini Shaker offers you a terrific double-duty golf accessory of 12 golf tees. These are designed to ensure straighter and longer drives. It has a larger, oversize cup through which tilting the ball towards the ball becomes more convenient than ever. In addition, the tee leans forward to provide low resistance.

2. Champ 2 3/4 Zarma Fly Tee Golf Tees

The Champ Zarma Tee is for those who are looking for optimal performance. It is designed to increase your accuracy and distance from tee to green. Build quality is decent with a sturdy plastic design offering ample durability, where a 6-prong head can help you to place the ball easily on the tee, while at the same time, stability is achieved.

With its contoured cup and increased durability – thanks to long-lasting biodegradable materials – this tee can offer terrific performance to all professionals, amateurs, and golfers. It reinforces impact ribs around the head’s base, which improves the tee’s strength and adds to its durability.

3. Martini 3 1/4 Yellow Golf Tees

The Martini golf tee is ideal for those who are looking for large drivers. They are built from a unique polymer resin blend, and thus last for a long time – noticeably more than traditional wooden tees. It comes with a large cup, making it incredibly easy to tee up your golf ball. Don’t worry about the rules – it complies with the USGA’s regulations.

Independent lab tests show that Martini Tees offer straighter and longer drives than wooden tees. Considered by many as virtually unbreakable, you will be pleasantly surprised with its result.

4. Brush T OVERSIZE Golf Tees

Made of plastic, Brush T Golf Tees offer less resistance, thanks to its bristles that let your ball sit on less surface area, which creates lower friction during your drives. Therefore, if you want longer distances, choose these tees. It is built from durable plastic, where each tee comes in a protective case, which means that you can use them for long sessions without any worry. In addition, these fall under the USGA’s rules and regulations.

The distinct qualities of the Brush-T mean that the interference or sidespin, which are mainly linked to wooden and plastic tees, are taken out of the equation. The bristles offer raised support for the ball while at the same time giving it excellent flexibility. Independent lab tests show it to have an improved dispersion rate, leading to better accuracy.

5. Zero Friction Power 2 3/4″ Golf Tees

Zero Friction has a distinct design that allows you to minimize the contact area between the ball and tee. The reduced surface area leads to a decreased amount of friction, which produces straighter and longer drives. Independent lab tests show a swing speed of 100 mph and golfers can achieve up to 5 yards of accuracy and 4 yards of distance. It is also a safer option for golf course mowers. These are made of biodegradable materials.

6. Pride ProLength Plus PTS Blue 3 1/4″ 135 Count Golf Tees

The Pride Professional Tee System (PTS) is a unique system comprising golf tees. They help with convenient length identification and suitability for different golf clubs. It has a color-coded system to identify the right tee for the right club.

The PTS is available in various styles. Our standard tees are good to assist you with staying consistent for all your drives.

7. Callaway Performance 2.75 Inch Golf Tees

The Callaway Performance Golf Tees spices up your golf game to a significant extent. Made in the neon mix, white, and other colors, you will love to have them in your bag for each golf session. They minimize side spin and friction to give you longer distances and greater accuracy with every swing. Made with plenty of durability surrounding the impact area, they comply with the R&A and USGA standards.

Our Final Thoughts

Have up made up your mind about which tee to purchase? Pick any one from the ones mentioned above. These are the best golf tees and will give you excellent results.

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