Best Golf Simulator Under $5000

If you love playing golf but find it difficult to get to the course every day, then a golf simulator is just what you need. Golf simulators allow golf lovers to practice their favorite sport without going to the golf course in person.

The reason why golf simulators are so popular is that they recreate the entire environment of a golf course. These simulators do a stellar job of using digital graphics and projection to let players enjoy a surreal golfing experience.

As a result, users of the golf simulator are able to play on the course using small space and minimal equipment. While you can find numerous golf simulators at pro shops, it’s also possible to set one up in your own home.

In this article, we discuss the top 3 Golf Simulators under $5000.  Each of these golf simulators has its pros and cons. Regardless, you will not find any other devices that provide a better golfing experience at their prices.

Best Golf Simulator under 00

P3ProSwing Golf Simulator

The P3 golf simulator helps golf players in creating a favorable environment where they can practice. While using the simulator, you can focus on your shots and your golf swing. Not only is the simulator an accurate depiction of the experience on the golf course, but it’s also a great teaching tool for someone who wants to improve their game.


  • Improves the user’s swing more quickly and helps them identify problems in the impact zone more efficiently
  • Costs less than other products on this list
  • Measures clubhead speed at the entrance and exit of all swings accurately
  • Has over 20 virtual courses to choose from


  • Doesn’t have the same features that pricier products do
  • Can lag sometimes

Top Features in the Package

P3ProSwing Golf Simulator has the following exciting features in its budget-friendly package:

P3ProSwing Sensor Device

The sensor device accurately measures the motion of your golf club.

Analyzer Software for PC

The software analyzes your golf swing, process the data the device has captured and display the information.

Software for Video Capturing

The software for video capturing analyzes golf swings and the ball flight.

Practice Range Software

The practice range of the simulator allows you to practice range in various situations without putting a scoring system in place.

Putting Game and Putting Practice Green

Similar to the example above, the Hybrid system in the software provides users with a Practice Green where they can hone their golf skills on the Green.

P3 ProSwing Versa Hitting Mat

P3 ProSwing allows you to utilize two different cutouts. These components keep your ankle knees and hips safe.

P3ProSwing Golf Ball Catch Net

The catch net in P3 ProSwing allows you to catch the ball and prevents mishits from damaging your things indoors.

Skytrak Launch Monitor Simulator

Skytrack Launch Monitor uses state-of-the-art technology to give its users a high-quality golfing experience. You can take the simulator anywhere you want to practice, including outdoors, indoors, and even at home. It is a high-performance simulator and is more technically advanced than most golf simulators under $5000.


  • Highly accurate data
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced golf simulation software
  • Improves the user’s swing more quickly and helps them identify problems in the impact zone more efficiently
  • Measures clubhead speed at the entrance and exit of all swings accurately


  • Tracks the golf ball but not the club path
  • Price

Top Features in the Package

The golfing simulator offers the best experience you can get under $5000. While the Skytrak Launch Monitor Simulator costs significantly more than the P3ProSwing Golf Simulator, its simulation software is one of the best on the market.

Skytrak Launch Monitor box

It doesn’t need sensors at the club level or on the ball since it is placed in front of the ball at the address to gather as much information on the impact as possible.

3D Practice Field with Shot Tracer

Skytrak revolutionizes the simulating experience of the game by letting you control every little change in your swing. For instance, a change of club trajectory in the backswing or a change in the grip will immediately affect the ball trajectory, the angle of attack, and the ball’s distance.

Bullet Performance Data

The software displays intrinsic details about your shot, such as pitch angle, bale velocity, backspin, lateral rotation, and target line deviation.

Swing Data

SkyTrack will show you every detail related to your swing. Finding useful insights like club head speed, distance from the target line, ball distance to fallout, and total distance after roll can help you improve your game quickly.

First-Person Camera View

The simulator does its best to let you enjoy a realistic golfing experience. Therefore, it visualizes the flight of the ball as it makes an impact with the club and follows the entire trajectory of your shot in the air.

Replay Shot

You can even record and replay your shorts to review the latest shot you made.

Available on Multiple Platforms

You can avail of the free SkyTrak app on all major platforms, including Android, iPad, PC, or Mac, by connecting to a WiFi access point.

ProTee Golf Simulator

The ProTee golf simulator is a product that offers premium golfing experience. The product has taken more than 10 years of development to complete. The dedication and effort in making this product are shown in its features that outclass even the pricier units.


  • Carpet with the high-speed sensor system
  • The high-speed vertical camera system
  • High-speed putting system
  • Complete software TruGolf E6Golf
  • Halogen lighting system
  • Impact and projection screen
  • Universal power supply
  • Top-of-the-line Golf Club Simulator software
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Realistic gameplay
  • 150,000 golf courses are available
  • The system tracks ball and club speed


  • Price

Top Features in the Package

The ProTee Golf Simulator offers one of the most comprehensive golfing experiences you will get from a simulator. It offers the most advanced features you can buy under $5000.

Endorsed by Seasonal Players

The ProTee Golf Simulator  is renowned for being favored by seasoned golfers. The simulator provides an extremely realistic experience of golf  using its highly advanced software. If you want to challenge your performance and improve your golf swing, this is the simulator for you.

High-Speed Optical Sensors

The optical sensors of this product offer visuals like never seen before. You can follow the clubhead and the ball and witness an unprecedented realistic flight path.

Advanced Golf Mat

The simulator’s golf mat is filled with several sensors that detect track every aspect of your golf swing from clubhead speed, clubface angle, and swing trajectory to swing tempo, strike zone position, and ball speed. Furthermore, it can also track the path of the ball and calculates the rotational speeds and the launch angle.


The software takes every detail of your shot into account, such as draw, slice, fade, hook, pull, push. Furthermore, it also uses the strength and direction of the wind available on the selected course to visualize your shot. This allows you to witness every necessary detail about your shots and helps you improve your game exponentially.

High-Speed Camera

The simulator has a high-speed camera system that tracks the flight of the ball at a precise launch angle and direction.

If you buy the premium package, you will be able to get a real feel of the gameplay. The system will detect finer details of the putt. Therefore, you can practice on the ultimate putting simulation from tee to tee.

Our Final Thoughts

These golf simulators provide you with the best environment to enjoy a surreal golfing experience without costing as much as other premium golfing simulators.

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