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During a typical game, golfers tend to stay out in the field for extended periods, making it necessary for them to wear comfortable clothes.

While the early golfers had to make do with their simple attire, technological innovation has resulted in drastic improvements in the clothes available for golfers to buy.

Some of the best golf shirts are designed, keeping in mind the specific weather conditions the players face and, therefore, accommodate the players accordingly. Whether you are playing in the cooler fall and winter seasons or the warmer spring and summer, your golfing wardrobe should be sorted.

The Best Golf Shirts for a Comfortable Game

To provide the most relevant recommendations, we have split the list to mention the best golf shirts for colder and warmer climates.

The 4 Best Golf Shirts for Colder Weather

For the colder weather, the shirts need to ensure the player can preserve their body heat as best as possible while playing amid cool winds in the open air. Following shirts provide the best support in such weather:

1. Adidas Green Oxide Outwear Pullover

This full-sleeved shirt is made from 53% Cotton and 47% recycled polyester. It provides UPF 50+ for sun protection. This is important because the players have to stay out in the sun for the game and be exposed to UV rays if they don’t wear the right clothing.

This shirt is made with double-knit fabric that has a soft feel, which makes it extra comfortable. It’s also machine-washable, which makes it easy to maintain.

2. Under Armour UA Playoff

This warm, soft, and comfortable shirt by Under Armour is the perfect addition to your golfing wardrobe. It’s moisture-wicking and dries up fast, allowing the player to continue the game without distraction. It also offers UV protection and is breathable.

It allows for free movement, which is important for swings and can be machine-washed for convenience.

3. Nike Men’s Long Sleeve Polo

This shirt has a traditionally stylish design and is made with 55% cotton and 45% polyester, giving it ample stretch and making the game easier for the golfer to play. Nike’s Dri-FIT technology is moisture-wicking and keeps the skin dry and comfortable. Its design mitigates heat transfer to ensure the player enjoys a normal body temperature during the game.

It is soft and warm, with ample airflow to keep bad odors from forming. The shirt can be tumble dried, so it is easy to maintain. It is durable, which makes it a worthwhile buy.

4. Callaway Swing Tech Pullover

Extremely versatile and lightweight with Swing Tech technology, this shirt is a must-buy, especially if you want a shirt that allows more stretch and free movement. It offers thermal protection and can redirect the moisture away from the body and dry up in a short duration of time.

The 4 Best Golf Shirts for Warmer Weather

Summers can be difficult to play in with the sun blazing and the heat trying to melt the players into puddles. Therefore, it is very important to choose shirts to keep you protected against difficult weather conditions. Following are some of the best golf shirts to buy from:

1. Callaway Polo Short Sleeve Shirt

One of the most uncomfortable parts of playing under the full heat is the sweat and the bad odor. Therefore, this shirt by Callaway is a perfect buy because not only does it stay stink-free, its Opti-Dricooling technology is moisture–wicking. It redirects the moisture outside where it quickly dries up.

It is airy and breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear on a hot summer day.

2. Under Armour UA Playoff Polo Shirt

Airy and breathable, this loose shirt by Under Armour allows the golfer to comfortably play the game without worrying about sweat coming in the way. It has been made using anti-odor technology to keep the player feeling fresh and clean.

3. Adidas Men’s Ultimate365 Polo Shirt

Smart and made with a combination of polyester and elastane, this 3 colored elegant shirt offers UV protection and is easy to play in. It is durable, and its 4-way stretch fabric allows the player to swing comfortably without hindrance.

It is a regular fit and can be machine washed.

4. Nike Dry Victory Blade Polo Shirt

This elegant design from Nike has been designed with Dri-FIT, whose moisture-wicking abilities keep the moisture away from the player’s body, keeping him dry.

It is light and breathable and stands out from the rest for its classy look.

Above are some of the best golf shirts to choose from during cold or hot weather.

How to Select the Best Golf Shirt

If you want to have a basic idea of what to look for when buying a golf shirt, here’s a brief guide to help you out.


A few fabrics are used more commonly in the making of golf shirts.

  1. Cotton– Eco-friendly, breathable, and moisture-wicking but expensive
  2. Polyester – Practical, soft, breathable,and moisture-wicking
  3. Elastane and Spandex – Used in combination with either cotton or polyester#

Make sure you pick a comfortable fabric that’s within your range.


Both loose and fitted shirt options are available, so choose a fit you feel more comfortable moving around in.

UV Protection

Playing golf may result in extensive exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Therefore, it is important to find shirts that offer protection against them.


Whether you are playing in cooler or hotter weather, your shirt should be breathable to avoid feeling suffocated.


Golfing during summers gets sweaty, and the resulting odor is both uncomfortable and distracting. It is best to choose shirts that can prevent odors.

Our Final Thoughts

Wearing the right apparel can be nearly as important as carrying the right gear for golf. Whether for winters or summers, the best golf shirts are breathable, moisture-wicking, and offer UV protection.

All four brands have some amazing options for summers and winters, which you should check out when you’re buying golf apparel.

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