Best Golf Push Carts

Golf push carts, or ‘trolleys’ (UK), are made to move your heavy golf bag around on wheels instead of carrying them on your back through the rounds. They have an angled design to hold your golf bag in place and wheels at the bottom for maneuverability around the course.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Almost all golf push carts are foldable for better storage and carrying purposes. They also have added features like cup holders, extra pockets and scorecard holders, some carts will even have a stool or chair for you to sit on.

There are 3 main types of golf push carts:

  • Three-wheeled carts
  • Four-wheeled carts
  • Electric wheeled carts

The 3 Best Golf Push Carts We Could Find

Let’s look at some of the best golf push carts available today to help you choose one for yourself.

Best push carts for golf

1. Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

The Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart is a 3 wheeled push cart that comes with a front swivel wheel that rotates a full 360 degrees. You can turn on a dime, keeping your game on point. This wheel can also be locked so you can drive the cart straight with exceptional maneuverability.

The patented Bullet-System Technology lets you to fold your cart in just one second. It has an ergonomic handle for increased comfort.

This collapsible cart is made with aircraft-grade aluminum which allows for a lightweight, strong and sturdy product that is easy to maneuver. The aluminum chassis is also powder coated for a stylish look.

It features an adjustable umbrella holder to keep you and your clubs dry on a rainy day. Its compact and lightweight design give you ease of storage in your car or trunk. The patented foot-brake system lets you simply tap it with your foot for engagement and then tap again to disengage.

This is a great golf push cart if you want maneuverability, and the speed and ease of a one-step open and close system that is also lightweight and compact enough to carry around easily.

2. CaddyTek Explorer V8

The CaddyTek Explorer version 8 is a popular four wheel design golf push cart that has large 9.5 x 2.5 inch rear and 8.5 x 2.3 inch front EVA maintenance-free wheels. It has a strong aluminum frame that weighs less than 15 lbs.

The distance of the front wheel can be adjusted between 11.5 to 12.5 inches to fit any size of golf bag with added stability. It has adjustable handle height for multiple pushing positions and 25.5 inch wide body design for effortless pushing

It is equipped with an umbrella holder, a scorecard holder, a beverage holder and a mesh net. There is also a cellphone/GPS holder on the scorecard holder. The patented miscellaneous basket comes with  a built in cooler pocket for your beverages.

It has a convenient foot brake system to hold the cart securely in place. The patented simple 2 latched mechanism folds the cart to a compact size of 17.5 x 13.4 x 24 inches in 2 simple steps.

If you want a pocket friendly, lightweight, compact, easy-to-use push cart that has a lot of added features and extra storage compartments then this is the push cart for you.

3. Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX

Sun Mountain is one of the best manufacturers of golf push carts that produces the highest quality of products, their Golf-Speed Cart GX is no exception. Prior to Speed Cart’s introduction in 1999, 3-wheeled, ergonomically efficient folding push carts did not exist in the marketplace

This GX version of the 3 wheeled Speed Cart features a redesigned handle that allows for a larger mesh tray and a built-in bracket to hold the Speed Cart seat or a bottle holder. Its improved upper and lower bag brackets can easily be adjusted to hold your golf bag.

The console tray has been updated to include a cell phone holder, padded valuables tray, score card holder and the redesigned mesh tray.

Available in different colors, this lightweight and stylish push cart can fold in 2 easy steps to a 37 x 16 x 13 inches compact design that weighs less than 18lbs.

The Speed Cart GX is an excellent product because it is easy to maneuver and made using high quality lightweight materials by a popular and trusted brand.

Our Final Thoughts

These are all great golf push carts and any one of them will be an excellent choice for you. It all depends on your personal preference. If we had to choose one, we would go for the Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX.

You may be wondering why we didn’t include electric wheeled carts in our selection of the best golf push carts. We chose not to add electric wheeled carts because they are heavy, expensive, unreliable and dependent on constant recharging.

Besides, using a golf push cart should not be a gimmicky high tech experience, rather a tool for convenience that is reliable and easy to use and carry. You may also be wondering why we did not mention two wheeled options.

Well, mostly because two wheeled golf push carts are not really ‘push’ carts, rather ‘pull’ carts. Although you can pull or push any cart no matter the number of wheels, a better understanding of pushing versus pulling your cart will help you see why push carts are the better option.

Push Carts vs Pull Carts

To put it simply, pushing your golf cart is better than pulling it, because reaching back to pull your cart for long distances can add stress on your shoulders and back. No golfer wants added stress on any muscle if they want better swings and performance on the golf course, especially not on their shoulder and back muscles.

Traditionally, golf carts were mainly two wheeled pull carts that golfers would pull (or push) around the course. These carts had a similar angled design for your golf bag but instead of a third wheel at the base of the cart, there was just a fixed stand used to hold the cart down.

Golfers would pivot the cart and use the two wheels to move it around and then pivot it back on its stand to keep it in place.

With the invention of an added third wheel around the 90s, golfers had the option of pushing their carts easily with no added stress to their shoulders. This makes sense because if you push your golf cart, you are transferring energy from your natural walking position to move the cart forward.

Additionally, push carts are much better at rolling straight down the fairway than pull carts that are often zigzagging around and adding stress to your muscles. These are the reasons even manufacturers are moving away from two wheeled ‘pull’ cart options and toward three or four wheeled ‘push’ carts instead.

We hope you liked our selection of the best golf push carts.

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