Best Golf Pull Carts

Golf carts, or ‘trolleys’ as they are known in the UK, are used to move your heavy golf bag around on wheels instead of carrying them on your back through the rounds. They have an angled design to hold your golf bag in place and wheels at the bottom for maneuverability around the course.

Their features include cup holders, scorecard holders, and tee and golf ball storages. Some are lighter than others and some are more compact than others, but almost all carts are foldable.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Golf pull carts have two wheels and pushcarts have three or four, although you can pull or push any golf cart no matter the number of wheels, it is widely considered better to push. This is so golfers put less stress on their shoulder muscles while moving carts. Traditionally, pulling ‘pull’ carts were the norm until science caught up.

The 4 Best Golf Pull Carts

Officially, two-wheeled variants are still called pull carts even though manufacturers might market them as pushcarts or push and pull carts because the cost of education is a limiting factor. Customers might not understand the difference and introducing new vocabulary may result in confusion.

Golf pull carts for you

Let’s look at some of the best golf pull carts available today and help you select one for yourself.

1. SereneLife 2 Wheel Golf Push Cart

This pull cart from SereneLife is a highly rated product that is built to last, its frame is constructed with heavy duty aluminum. It is equipped with upper and lower brackets with an elastic strap that latches around your golf bag easily.

It features a PVC handle grip for easy maneuvering that is also height adjustable to accommodate your preferred height. It has a scorecard holder on top and an option to add an umbrella holder as well. The 2 wheeled cart has ball bearing in each wheel to provide stability and easy mobility.

It has an easy-to-use quick foot brake system to prevent the cart from rolling away when parked. It also offers a maximum load capacity of 33 lbs. and an easy to fold design for compact and easy storage and transportation.

The flat fold design can fold down to a size of 19.1 x 14.6 x 22.8 inches and can easily fit in the trunk of your car. When unfolded, it is 44.7 x 28 x 47.8 inches and ready to carry your golf bag all through the course.

2. JEF WORLD OF GOLF- Deluxe Steel Push Cart

JEF WORLD OF GOLF’s Deluxe Steel Golf Cart is one of the best selling pull carts in the market due to its friendly price and lightweight and sturdy steel build. It offers easy mobility around the golf course without breaking the bank.

It features a waterproof scorecard holder with storage space for your balls and tees, this feature is great if you are playing in wet conditions. The 2 wide wheels at the bottom provide stability and have a ‘clip on’ mechanism for easy removal.

It has a contoured bottom for larger bags with an adjustable bag strap. The open and close mechanism requires one simple motion to fold it in half for easy storage and transport. If you want a practical, lightweight and durable pull cart at a low price then this is the pull cart for you.

3. Bag Boy M-340 Golf Pull Cart

The M-340 Golf Pull Cart from Bag Boy is a premium pull cart with a durable and lightweight aluminum frame. It weigh only 10 lbs. and has 9.5 inch extra wide removable wheels for added stability and mobility.

It features a quick-release hook and loop Velcro fastener bag strap that secures your golf bag in place. It has a scorecard holder with a built in tee, pencil and ball holder for your convenience.

The simple folding mechanism enables a quick lift and fold maneuver to fold the cart down to 35 x 16 x 14 inches for storage and transport. The adjustable handle fits golfers of all heights and the reinforced side rods give the cart added durability.

If you want to effortlessly navigate the course with a lightweight pull cart that is durable and offers high quality, then the M-340 is for you. It is a premium product though and so it charges a premium price as well.

4. Tangkula Golf Push Cart Foldable 2 Wheels Push Pull Cart Trolley

This Tangkula golf cart is a sturdy and lightweight pull cart that weighs an ultra low 6 lbs. Widely adopted as a strong and sturdy golf pull trolley by golfers for its steel frame, it offers a durable experience.

The dimensions are 44 x 27 x 38.5 inches when unfolded and it can perfectly accommodate any golf bag easily. It has foot operated brakes to prevent sliding and the 2 separate feet design provide extra stability to make sure it stands balanced and steady.

With an ambidextrous, ergonomically shaped handle and smooth ball bearing wheels, it is easy to pull or push around in any desired direction. The angle of the handle and its height are both adjustable to your needs.

It features a waterproof scorecard holder with added storage for two golf balls, four tees and a pencil. It is easy to store and carry, thanks to the removable wheels and foldable design. When folded, it compacts to a size of 34.5 x 11 x 17 inches.

Although practical and durable, this stylish and lightweight pull cart is bit on the expensive side and will cost you a pretty penny. If you desire an ultra lightweight cart with ample features and do not mind paying the extra costs, then this is a great pull cart for you.

Our Final Thoughts

All the pull carts listed here are of excellent quality and offer various features. It comes down to your personal preference and what you require from your golf pull cart. A few key things to look for when buying  a golf pull cart are:

  • Build quality
  • Weight
  • Mobility
  • Size (folded and unfolded)
  • Features
  • Price

We hope our selection of the best golf pull carts has helped you decide the right pull cart for yourself.

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