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The kind of golf pants you wear on the golf course can tell a lot about your personality, style, and overall game. That is why so many golfers spend time choosing the perfect outfit for the golf course. You want to be wearing the best golf pants suited to your game, as that will allow you to concentrate on your performance and navigate the golf course with ease.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf Pants

Picking the best golf pants isn’t easy, and even though it may seem like a simple enough task, you must consider several factors before choosing a pair of pants. You can’t wear a random pair of pants to the golf course and expect others not to notice. You need to have the best golf pants to make a statement not only with your fashion but with your overall game.

We have shared a short buyer’s guide along with our reviews for the best golf pants currently on the market to help out. That will help you choose the best golf pants for yourself and ensure that you make a statement every time you step out onto the golf course.

What to Look for in Golf Pants

Before choosing the best golf pants for yourself, you must know exactly what features you want in the pant. You must also consider the material, the fit, the comfort level, and the overall look of the pant. That will determine how comfortable you are on the golf course and whether you can make a statement with your golf attire. Here is what you need to know:

Best Golf Pants

The Material

The number one thing you must look for in your golf pants is what kind of material the pants are made of. Ideally, you want cotton or polyester pants as they are stretchable and offer you the mobility and comfort you need on the golf course. The pants must also be durable enough to ensure that you can wear them repeatedly. You also want to pay attention to the pants’ fabric as that determines how comfortable you will be when playing.

The Fit

Ideally, you want golf pants that are a bit loose. Don’t purchase golf pants that are too tight for you, as that will mean you are uncomfortable when walking around the golf course. That is why you should prefer golf pants with stretchable fabric, and they should be a couple of sizes loose so that you don’t rip a new hole in the pant every time you swing your club.

The Color

You want your golf pants to be classy and make you look like a pro. Golf professionals pay attention to their attire as they want to appear as professional as they can be. You want your golf pants in a color that doesn’t draw too much attention but looks cool to the eye. Therefore, avoid flashy colors and go for a pattern that isn’t too distracting on the golf course.

The 3 Best Golf Pants

Now that we know what features you should look for in golf pants, it is time that we got down to business and review the best golf pants on the market today. The golf pants we have selected meet all the criteria for the best golf pants and will provide you with everything you need on the golf course.

1. Glen Echo Stretch Tech Wind Pants

If you’re looking for the best golf pants on the market, you can’t go wrong with the Glen Echo Stretch Tech Wind pants. They are wind-blocking and water repellant, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for the golf course. The pants are also heat-retaining, so you won’t have any worries when playing in colder weather. These pants have been designed to keep you comfortable no matter what weather elements you are experiencing on the golf course.


  • Wind-blocking
  • Water repellant
  • Heat retaining
  • All-day comfort

2. Puma Jackpot Pants

Another great contender for the best golf pants on the market is the Puma Jackpot pants. These pants are comfortable, durable, and will keep you cool no matter what the playing conditions. The best part about the pants is that they have dryCELL moisture-wicking technology that helps evaporate the sweat through the fabric. That keeps you cool and dry throughout the day.

You also get superior comfort thanks to the stretch waistband and a perfect fit that ensures natural movement. The fabric is polyester which offers shrinkage resistance and machine washing durability. You will also not get any wrinkles on the pants, ensuring you look great on the golf course.


  • dryCELL technology
  • performance fit
  • stretch waistband technology
  • Silicone gripper tape

3. Adidas Ultimate 365 3 Stripes Pants

One of the most impressive golf pants we came across was the Adidas Ultimate 365 3 Stripes pants. They come with a water-resistant finish and moisture-wicking technology, which helps you keep dry throughout the day. The pants are designed with stretch fabric that offers excellent comfort and allows you freedom of movement through your golf swing. You also get UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays from the fabric, and it is machine washable.

There are also front and back pockets, allowing you to keep golf accessories and personal possessions. The silicone gripper tape ensures that the shirt remains tucked in when you are navigating the golf course. These pants come in a regular fit, which ensures that they remain snug but loose.


  • Water-resistant finish
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Front and back pockets
  • Silicone gripper tape

Our Final Thoughts

Even though shopping for the best golf pants shouldn’t be that difficult, the range of options and lack of awareness confuses people. We hope that our buyer’s guide and the reviews of the best golf pants on the market have helped you make a suitable choice. The kind of golf pants you wear on the golf course will not only impact your game but will determine how people view you as an opponent. So, make the smart choice and buy the best golf pants to elevate your game today.

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