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When it comes to finding the best iron golf club, golfers don’t spare any expenses. However, the biggest mistake made by most golfers is buying an expensive golfing iron that’s not suitable for their style. Moreover, there are many things to look for in an iron golf club. All of them depend on your body structure and playing style.

How to Choose the Best Golf Irons for You

There are three iron golf clubs – player’s irons, game-improvement irons, and super game-improvement irons. Each iron has a different shaft length and face structure. While the super game improvement iron adds more forgiveness, it lacks other capabilities of a player’s iron.  To figure out the best iron golf club that matches your style, you can follow our four steps to successful golfing.

Step 1 – Know Yourself

Understanding yourself and your style is crucial to finding the best iron golf club. Pay attention to yourself, and determine whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a pro player. You can do this by counting several perfect hits you land during a game. If most of your shorts are off-centre, you should use a super game improvement iron. However, if you are mid handicapped, you can use a game improvement iron.

Best Golf Irons

Step 2 – Choose the Right Flex

Flex in a shaft is used to control the ball and your swing. For golfers with a slow swing, a flexible shaft can straighten their shots easily. However, if you swing fast, a flexible shaft can temper your hits. The ideal approach is to know your swing speed and then decide on an iron golf club.

Step 3 – “Feel” the Best Iron Golf Club

The most crucial factor for choosing the best iron golf club is the overall feel. If an iron club doesn’t feel right in your hand, there is no point in buying it. The grip of such iron shafts is not compatible with your hand size.

Features of Golf Irons to Consider

Many golfers take great care in selecting the perfect iron golf set. This is because the outcome of their golf match depends on the drivers they use. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best golf iron, but the ones we have mentioned below are essential for a game-winning iron club.

1. Grip Thickness

Grip thickness plays a significant role in choosing the best iron golf club. A thin grip can lead to a longer hand movement leading to a swing. A thick grip can cause friction during shots. An ideal grip can be held with the middle finger and the ring finger of both hands.

2. The Shaft

The shaft of an iron club should be fit for the golfer’s height and body type. Tall players use a long shaft while a short shaft is for short height golfers. The most important part of a robust shaft is that it shouldn’t wobble during the swing. This can affect the shot and lead to a mishit.

3. Loft

Loft caters to the length of the shot and how far the ball can go freely without diving headfirst in the ground. A loft between 21 and 23 degrees can hit the ball at a large distance, while any angle above 45 degrees will result in a heightened shot. When the ball goes high in the air, it’s susceptible to wind, and its direction might change.

The 9 Best Irons in Golf

Now that you know how to choose the best iron golf club, here is a list of our five picks.

1. Best All-Around Golf Irons – TaylorMade P790

Short shafts provide excellent swing control, and TaylorMade knows how to make one. The P790 led the TaylorMade iron shaft-era; Golfers have been drooling over this amazing club ever since. We tested P790 for three weeks, and it was the best of the lot. Thanks to the extra tungsten weight, the P790 has excellent control over swing and increased forgiveness.

Key Features

  • More control over shots
  • Extra forgiveness
  • Regular shaft

2. Best Irons for Fast Swingers – Mizuno MP20 – HMB

Made from the best composite material, The Mizuno MP20 is a lightweight iron club recommended for fast swingers. Its shaft is stiff, and it won’t hinder your shots. Moreover, the MP20 has harmonic impact technology, which produces good feedback upon hit. The MP20 is a perfect choice for golfers who rely on the center of gravity of their club, thanks to its strategically placed dual tungsten weights.

Key Features

  • Dual tungsten weight
  • Stiff shaft
  • Copper underlay
  • Hollow body

3. Best Irons for Intermediate Golfers – Callaway Apex Pro 19

The Callaway Apex Pro 19 is one of the leading iron clubs in the golfing industry. Designed to outperform the competition, Callaway created a masterpiece with a unique overall feel that fits hands perfectly. Moreover, the club offers a stiff shaft with added forgiveness, so you can expect your shots to be near-perfect. In summary, the Apex Pro 19 is an all-rounder iron club that’s best for intermediate-level players.

Key Features

  • Extremely softgrip
  • Spin control VFT face
  • Tungsten-infused multi-material construction

4. Best Irons for Low Handicappers – Cobra King Forged Tec

It took us ages to get our hands on the Cobra King Forged, but it was worth the wait. The phenomenal iron club from its days has once again surprised us with its robust ball control and aerodynamic structure. Moreover, its PowerShell technology adds to its tremendous forgiveness, and you can expect to mishit only 3 out of 10 shots. While its high loft might daunt some golfers, it’s safe to say that the cobra Tec held its own without causing any nuisance.

Key Features

  • Hollow construction with classic muscle back technology
  • Foam-infused core
  • More forgiveness
  • Extra stiff shaft

5. Best Game Improvement Irons – Wilson D7 Forged

The Wilson D7 Forged are the perfect irons for game improvement. With extra forgiveness, regular flex, and steel body, you can expect your shots to land on the green. Moreover, Wilson has optimized its Powerhouse placement for the D7, which provides a more energy-efficient return, ball speed, and feedback. In summary, the D7 is an outstanding club for game improvement, and you expect to improve your play within a few months using this club.

Key Features

  • More forgiveness
  • Clear and crisp feedback
  • Improved Powerhole placement

6. Mizuno JPX921 Forged Iron

The Mizuno JPX921 comes with a sturdy body and a good shaft length that promotes excellent shots and dynamic control over ball speed. With a thin face and perfect grip, Mizuno has made a name for itself in the market as the most sustainable iron club. If you are looking into iron clubs with a low center of gravity, Mizuno is the best choice. Thanks to its slim face design, its center of gravity are low and right for a knocking hit.

Key Features

  • Thin face
  • Fastball speed
  • Excellent shot control
  • Mitigated friction
  • Deep center of gravity

7. Cobra King Speedzone Irons

The Cobra King Iron sets are designed to deliver robust spin and ball speed on even the worst shots one can play. It’s light-weighted thanks to its carbon fiber design, making long-distance shots feel like a breeze. Additionally, Cobra has introduced progressive grooves from “V” shaped to “U.” This change in design is said to create tremendous speed and spin for long haul shots. In summary, The Cobra Speedzone irons are an excellent choice for golfers looking for a lightweight, low center of gravity iron golf club that can turn the tides of any game in their favor.

Key Features

  • Strong flight
  • Excellent spin
  • Increased distance
  • Low center of gravity

8. TaylorMade SIM Max Irons

Any list of best golf irons seems incomplete without TaylorMade irons. Being one of the leading manufacturers of robust golf clubs, TaylorMade has set a benchmark in the golf club industry. The SIM max iron set comes with a generous sole width and a hitting area with a noticeable off-set. This iron club comes with reduced vibration and excellent aerodynamics that cut through air friction like a cake. It’s the best choice for inconsistent strikers because the wide hitting area adds extra confidence to the club and more forgiveness.

Key Features

  • More forgiveness
  • Wide hitting area
  • Low center of gravity
  • More confidence

9. Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons

The Callaway Mavrik pro is a thing of beauty with its satin chrome finish and player profile. The iron club comes with extra forgiveness and a compact shape aimed at low handicapped players. The iron features a flash face designed in a supercomputer, and the result is a beautiful architecture that assists with ball spin and speed. The Callaway Mavrik is known for its long trajectory, thanks to the tungsten weights that add an extra bit of loft to your shorts. With this iron, you can expect to hit the ball at the sweet spot and knock it towards the hole.

Many golfers prefer Callaway irons over others, thanks to their unique face and perfectly balanced center of gravity. You won’t face much friction with this club, and its classic shape will help align with the ball for a perfect hit.

Key Features

  • Excellent trajectory
  • Perfect loft
  • Good speed
  • Low center of gravity

Our Final Thoughts

We tested all five iron golf clubs for a maximum of three weeks each. After several attempts, we finally decided to create this list from the best performing iron clubs to the least. While the Wilson D7 might sound like a poor club compared to TaylorMade, you should know that the D7 is suited for game improvement, and TaylorMade is for beginners.

Choosing the best iron golf club was challenging, and we don’t advise buying without trying. So, notice your gameplay, decide your category, try the golf club, and then make a purchase. Look for the feel and grip of each iron club. The better it feels in hand, the more perfect hits you can land.

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