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Many golfers today have started opting to use golf grips for maximum comfort and superior no-slip performance on the golf course. The right golf grip for your club can make a world of difference to your overall game as it improves your swing and control. Therefore, if you are looking for a golf grip, you must understand the different criteria for choosing one.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf Grips

You don’t have to worry about that because we will be sharing a buyer’s guide along with our reviews for the best golf grips currently in the market. Reading this guide will make it easier for you to pick a golf grip that is well suited to your game and helps improve your performance on the course. So, let’s get right into the thick of the action and help you choose the best golf grips in 2021.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Grips

When it comes to the best golf grips in the market, they are made using high-tech technology, ensuring the grips deliver superior no-slip performance in all playing conditions. These grips are designed to provide maximum comfort to the player and ensure they have a strong and sturdy swing. So, when buying a golf grip, here are some of the things to keep in mind.


The tackiness of the golf grip relates to how well it feels in your hands and the stability it provides when you’re completing your swing. Golf grips are designed to help with alignment and improve your ability to achieve a consistent swing. When you’re judging the tackiness, it’s not about finding a grip that’s sticky but one that performs well.


The durability of the golf grip is subject to how much wear and tear it gets. When golf grips start showing degradation, the performance of the golfer will drop noticeably. No golfer wants to be on the golf course with a grip that is slippery. When judging the durability of a grip, you want one that responds well even after tens of rounds and hundreds of swings.

Buyers guide and reviews of the best golf grips

Material Quality

One of the most important aspects of judging a golf grip’s durability, reliability, and performance is the quality of the material. Golfers tend to look for grips that help them swing freely without any slippage. So, when it comes to the material, look for grips that provide excellent control and show resistance to wear and tear.


It can be tricky to judge the softness of a grip because the softer the grip, the more signs of wear and tear it will show. That’s one of the main reasons golfers tend to look for durable grips rather than performance-improving ones. Professional golfers prefer softer grips since they tend to replace them often.

The 4 Best Golf Grips

Now that you know what to look for in a golf grip, let’s go ahead and take a look at the four best golf grips we could find.

1. Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Grips

If you’re looking for a golf grip that feels extremely firm in your hand, then the Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord golf grip is what you want. What makes the Z-Grip such a great choice is that it features a “Z” shaped textured pattern. It also has a heavy cord that offers supreme performance when it comes to feedback and moisture control. All these features make it one of the best golf grips in the market for golf professionals.

2. Golf Pride MCC Align Midsize Grips

Featuring advanced ALIGN technology, the Golf Pride MCC Align grip is one of the best grips in the market. When you install the grip on the shaft, it offers a raised ridge for heightened awareness of the clubface and consistent placement of the hand. The grip helps improve the swing ensuring a solid connection with the clubface and the ball.

The plus sign patterns and pebbled texture improve coverage to give you maximum control of the club, and the exclusive brushed cotton cord helps moisture wick away so that you have control of the club in all weather conditions.

3. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 Midsize Grips

Containing a large diameter and four extra wraps to help stimulate the grip’s feel, the Tour Velvet Plus4 grips by Golf Pride are another solid choice. The impressive features of the grip provide reduced taper, encouraging lighter pressure on the grip, and you get enhanced performance on the course. The surface texture of the grip is moderate so that you can firmly hold the club in your hand.

There is also less tension applied to the hands, and you can complete your swing in one motion. The grip offers moderate feedback, and you also get more fluidity and power throughout your swings.

4. Golf Pride CP2 Pro Midsize Grips

The Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips are one of the best golf grips on the market. It offers a soft, tacky feel in combination with high-performance technology. The grip helps deliver excellent control for superior performance and feels comfortable in the hands as well. Featuring a 2.5-inch core stabilizer that has been designed to reduce torque and the exclusive Control Core technology from Golf Pride, you get superior all-round performance.

The grip also has a reduced taper design that offers even more grip pressure in hand, while the soft, high-traction surface ensures you achieve each swing with great comfort and ease.

Our Final Thoughts

The right golf grip can help improve your game ten-fold as you will be able to not only control your swings with greater efficiency but go through the rounds without any discomfort. Professional golf players always emphasize their grips, as it allows them to deliver superior performance on the course.

If you are someone who is looking for the best golf grips in 2021, check out the options that we have reviewed. These grips meet all the criteria and allow you to achieve greater levels of performance on the golf course.

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