The 5 Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers

Has the time come to replace your golf grips with new ones? If you’ve decided to upgrade them, you might as well get the best golf grips for no gloves in the market. You can select from various golf grip styles — rubber, corded, wrap golf, lightweight, and putter grips.

Different Types of Golf Grips

In case you’re just getting into golf and are looking for a premium quality golf grip for no glove, knowing more about the different styles will help you decide. If you’re an experienced golfer, jump straight to our review of some of the best golf grips for no gloves.

Rubber Golf Grips

Most common material used and a popular choice among professionals and beginners with several styles available.

Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers

Corded Golf Grips

Made from rubber and brushed cotton fiber. Available in a full cord style with cotton fibers inserted on the entire grip and half cord style with cotton fibers inserted into grip’s back half. Its abrasive and rough texture may give you blisters. Its moisture-wicking quality is most preferred by golfers. However, they wear out faster than others.

Wrap Golf Grips

Made of thin leather strips wrapped around the shaft’s top. However, this style is no longer trending with most manufacturers not even creating it anymore. They are one-piece rubber golf grips, which are textured and styled to feel like leather. It has the same texture, regardless of where you place your hand.

Lightweight Golf Grips

Made of rubber, they’re lightweight golf grips, which can increase swing speed. They’re an ideal choice for senior golfers and golfers with slow swing speeds who need to create more distance.

Putter Golf Grips

Round groups that are thick from top to bottom. They’re available in various shapes and sizes, ranging from oversized, midsize, and slim golf grips.

Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers

Let’s talk about the best golf grips for no gloves that golfers can buy.

1. Golf Pride Multi-Compound Golf Grip

The Multi-Compound Golf Grip has a soft tackiness with a firm and responsive feel. The cords won’t tear your hands. Made from a multi-compound rubber material, the golf grip is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as cold, rain, and humidity.

The golf grip comes in a variety of different colors, including red and gray, gray, green and gray, orange and gray, and gray. You can choose from four different sizes, including standard, midsize, jumbo, and undersize.


  • Soft tackiness and a firm and responsive feel
  • Cords won’t damage your hands
  • Multi-compound rubber material for added durability
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Available in five different colors and four different sizes


  • Expensive

2. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is an improvement on the company’s classic wrap golf grip design. This golf wrap grip offers increased durability and tackiness. Its original design gave the feel and look of leather grips, whereas this golf grip has a slim leather strip covering the shaft. This slim rubber material resembles leather but performs more effectively.

Some golfers may find it sticky and tacky, causing them to become distracted from the game. The golf grip doesn’t have any alignment aids, which means it’s better suited for more experienced golfers to use than amateur golfers. You also may find it a little slippery during rainy weather. If you’re using this golf grip, keep a towel with you as well as rain gloves to prevent your golf club from flying into the air.


  • Can open or close clubface without it feeling different
  • Feels and looks like an original classic leather golf grip but made from durable tacky rubber
  • Available in several colors


  • Feels overly sticky and tacky
  • Can become slippery in the rain
  • Not for beginners due to no alignment aids

3. Winn Dritac Golf Grip

The Winn Dritac Golf Grip offers a soft feel and great vibration dampening. You can hit thin shots without feeling any pain in your hands using this golf grip. With other golf grips, you may have experienced pain in your hands due to the vibrations reverberating through the golf club’s shaft.

When holding your golf club using this golf grip, you’ll feel comfortable even while playing in cold and chilly weather conditions. Most golfers like the grip’s soft and tacky feel, which it gets from its unique material, polymer.

Even though the grip can perform well in all kinds of weather conditions, it may feel extra soft and mushy in extremely hot weather, which will cause you to tighten your grip more than usual on the golf club. They wear out quickly and you’ll need to replace each year. If you’re a beginner, the grips feature effective patterning to ensure you place your hands properly on the golf club. They also decrease the shock of painful mishits. You can choose from seven wonderful colors, such as black and blue, black and red, blue, dark gray, gray, grey, and navy.


  • Soft feel reduces painful vibrations
  • Made from state-of-the-art polymer material for all weather conditions
  • Comfortable and supple
  • Available in several colors


  • Feels overly mushy and soft in extremely hot weather conditions
  • Wears out quickly
  • Most experienced golfers may opt for a more firm and durable golf grip

4. Champkey AVS Golf Grip

The Champkey AVS Golf Grip features alignment patterning that will help you to naturally grip the golf club. However, you can still open or close the clubface if you want to hit a specialty shot. Since it doesn’t dampen the vibrations during mishits, you’ll not experience pain in your hands.

The golf grip feels tacky, firm, and responsive. If you intend to play golf in cold weather, this golf grip may not be for you because it isn’t as soft as others and after a poor hit, your hands may sting. You can choose from different colors and designs. Some of the colors and designs include black, black and gold, death red, green X, marryland, and clover.


  • Available in several different designs and colors
  • Affordable price for a 13-piece set
  • Offers firm feel
  • Performs well in rainy weather conditions


  • Not as durable as other golf grips

5. Karma Velvet Golf Grip

The Karma Velvet Golf Grip is more affordable than other golf grips because it is made from an inexpensive and thinner material. This leads to flimsiness, which makes it difficult to install golf grips on golf clubs. You’ll need a solvent to install them on your golf clubs. The thin material adds to the firmness of the golf grip.

This means that you’ll not feel rubber between you and the shaft of your golf club. The grip offers excellent tackiness and can withstand wet weather conditions to a certain degree. The glove grip doesn’t have extensive alignment tools or a modern appearance. Instead, the manufacturers have gone for a clean and classic look with an emphasis on feel.


  • Modeled after the popular Golf Pride Tour Golf Grip
  • Consistent feel
  • Affordable


  • Inconsistent in the rain
  • Difficult to install
  • Thin material offers no vibration dampening

Our Final Thoughts

These are the best golf grips for no-glove golfers that you can buy to improve your game. You can choose a glove grip from this list that best suits your playing style and your personal preference. You can consider your budget as well.

If you play golf several times each month, it is better to invest in a high quality and long-lasting golf grip. Most golfers play golf with a golf grip because it helps them hold the golf club easier, so if you’ve yet to invest in one, do it now to see the difference.

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