Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Unlike the case with other golf equipment, the type of gloves you choose has nothing to do with whether you are a professional or a beginner. The single most important feature is the grip, which should be as comfortable as possible.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Your hands come in direct contact with your golf club, and thus, the comfort of your hands and their connection with the golf club affects your performance big time. Hence, getting the right golf gloves for your sweaty hands is extremely important.

The 5 Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Here is our compilation of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands:

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Titleist Perma Soft

As a renowned golf brand, Titleist doesn’t compromise on product quality. While its Perma Soft gloves don’t come with an outstanding feature, the amazing grip they assure on top of being a Titleist product leads them all the way to the top of the ‘best golf gloves for sweaty hands’ list.

For all those commonly faced with the sweaty hands issue, these premium gloves are the best solution.


  • Soft and comfortable feel on the hand
  • Available in various sizes
  • Well-placed stitching for high durability
  • Rain and perspiration resistant
  • Highly breathable


  • Glove palm wears out pretty quick

Finger TEN Men’s Golf Glove

This incredible pair of gloves is designed to provide the perfect grip whether your hands are sweaty or you play in rain. You will be amazed by how quickly they dry up because of the palm’s QuickDry knit material. Whereas the back of the glove contains 3D mesh that suck all the moisture.

Besides, the glove is both elastic and lightweight. Suitable for both left and right handed players, the Finger Ten maintains the ideal grip when it’s wet.


  • They’re breathable
  • Lightweight and elastic
  • QuickDry knit material allows it to dry up quickly
  • Maintains the grip when wet
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for cold weather

Callaway OptiColor Leather Glove

If you’re looking for gloves for sweaty hands but don’t wish to compromise on style, this pair is made for you. Callaway considered both functionality and fashion when in producing this product. Both in the finger region and the palms, Callaway has incorporated what it calls the ‘opti feel’, which are some perforation. These are basically holes that effectively lower the moisture when your hands are sweaty.

Made entirely of leather, the glove provides outstanding comfort and feel.  Available in a variety of sizes, these gloves come in black, grey, light blue, red, blue, green and navy.


  • Unprecedented breathable technology
  • High aesthetic value
  • Available in numerous colors and sizes
  • Durable as well as affordable


  • You may experience the dye rubbing off on your hand

FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Soft Gloves

If you’re looking for golf gloves that can be used all year round without being affected by the weather, try this pair. This is made possible through leather Cabretta, which is used in making the palm patches and the thumb. When your hands are sweaty, the highly breathable feature lowers the moisture, while the glove keeps you warm when the conditions are cold.

In producing these gloves, FootJoy focused on the key stress points to provide grip. Plus, the wrist area of the glove is kept elastic to allow for easy adjustment and provide a snug fit. The texture and the feel of the glove remain consistent over time. Also, a three directional tab closure is also included to enhance tension.


  • High breathability makes it ideal for sweaty hands
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions
  • Flexible gloves providing your hand freedom of movement
  • Elastic band and tab closure enable better adjustment
  • Durable and affordable
  • Available in various sizes


  • Sizes are smaller than most other brands with same size labels
  • Some golfers reported an unpleasant smell during use

Grip Boost 2.0

Made using the stretchable Cabretta leather, Grip Boost 2.0 provides the right grip despite its flexibility to provide freedom of hand movement inside. Whether your hands are sweaty or the pair gets all wet during the rain, you will certainly not lose your grip on the clubs.

The glove contains mesh that allows air to pass freely in an out, keeping your hands ventilated. For most part, your hands will be kept dry as the glove prevents any build-up of too much perspiration. In addition, these gloves are designed to fit well as they comprise of a webbing design that will contract of expand the glove for the right fitness.


  • Ideal grip in both dry and wet conditions
  • Offers outstanding ventilation
  • Extremely comfortable on hands
  • Notably good stitching
  • Reasonably priced


  • Low durability in the palm area
  • Seams fail to hold up when in pressure

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material is Best for Golf Gloves?

Golf gloves made from 100% Cabretta leather are certainly the most high-end ones on the market. This material is produced using soft, kid-like and very close-fibered leather. Such a composition provides the soft touch, and outstanding suppleness and strength.

In dry conditions, Cabretta leather serves to provide the best grip one can desire. However, in damp conditions, it can wither or stiffen quite easily.

Nonetheless, there’s another glove category known as synthetic gloves, which are produced by combining leather with synthetic materials such the polyester blend. While these gloves aren’t as soft as those made from Cabretta leather, they’re waterproof, retain their shape for longer periods and are much more durable.

Owing to their outstanding resistance to water, synthetic gloves are idea for use in wet conditions. Their lightweight, breathability and stretchy microfibers cool your hand in hot conditions. Hence, they are often regarded as all-weather gloves.

What After-Care is Needed for Golf Gloves?

To prevent the gloves from drying out and losing their shape, you should always place them back in their original packing after each day’s play. While many golfers tend to ignore this, but keeping your gloves dry plays a critical role in keeping them supple and prolonging their life.

In case it gets wet, place it over a towel and let it dry under room temperature.

If you suspect rainy weather or if your hands are prone to sweat, keep more than one pair of golf gloves with you all the time. While professional golfers would switch their gloves quite frequently, a couple of good quality pairs would suffice if you’re a beginner.

How Does a Golf Glove Affect My Swing?

The wear and tear of your golf gloves greatly impacts your golf swing. Any holes on the glove palm indicate that you’re gripping less on the fingers and more on the palm. Also, it’s an indication that the top of the backswing has too much friction and lack of control.

Whereas any holes in the thumb area of the glove are an indication of too much tension in the grip. Furthermore, if the glove’s Velcro fastening has too much overlap, the might glove might have overstretched or it’s too big for you.

Our Final Thoughts

So this was our list of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands. If sweat is an ongoing problem for your hands, consider buying any of the above glove options. You certainly won’t regret your purchase!

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