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Golf may look simple enough to play, but the reality is that it can get pretty complicated, especially if you’re a beginner getting into the game. What makes matters worse is that buying golf equipment can be so daunting due to all the different variables. There are so many golf clubs and different styles, making shopping for the best golf club so difficult.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf Clubs

Make no mistake; even the professionals have a hard time picking the best golf club for themselves. They choose the right club after some trial and error. It’s harder for beginners as they don’t have a good idea about their game and therefore don’t know which golf clubs will help improve their game and performance on the golf course. We have come out with a short buyer’s guide for the best golf clubs to help out.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Clubs

Buying golf clubs can be difficult even for professionals, let alone beginners. That’s why we have prepared this buyer’s guide — to make it easier to shop for the best golf clubs. When it comes time to choose the best golf clubs, there are 4 main categories that you should be aware of:

  1. Woods
  2. Irons
  3. Wedges
  4. Putters

Each type of club has different components found in all golf clubs. Here are the main components that you should look for in golf clubs when deciding which one to choose.

How to buy the best golf club


All golf clubs have grips that prevent the hand from slipping when they swing, and it covers the starting 10 inches of the shaft. These grips come in different sizes, colors, textures, and designs.


The shaft is made of steel or graphite and is cylindrical in nature. It connects the grip to the clubhead and varies in length as it depends on the flex, loft, and type of club. The shaft of a club can be more flexible or stiffer depending on the golfer’s swing speed.


The hosel determines the lie angle of the club and connects the clubhead to the shaft. Most hybrids, drivers, and woods come with an adjustable hosel that helps players adjust the club’s lie angle and loft.


The clubhead controls the distance the ball travels and its height. It is the part of the club that hits the ball and is also the primary feature of any club. It is generally the first thing to consider when you are looking to buy golf clubs. They are designed differently depending on the manufacturer.

Lie Angles

The angle forming between the ground and the shaft when you place the club to strike the ball is known as the lie angle. The golfer can adjust it to accommodate their characteristics of the golf swing.

The 4 Best Golf Clubs

So far, we have covered all about the various parts of a golf club that you should look at when buying a golf club. Now, let’s review the best golf clubs currently in the market.

1. TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood

One of the best golf clubs in the market right now is the TaylorMade M6 Fairway. It features a cutting-edge twist face curve designed to deliver straighter shots and reduce sidespin on the course. Apart from that, it also helps increase accuracy and distance from the turf or the tee. The head’s new design with a larger carbon crown and slightly deeper face provide excellent playability and optimal distance on your shots. You also get improved turn interaction with the new TPU slot insert.

2. Cobra King SpeedZone Fairway Wood

The Cobra King SpeedZone fairway wood is another option for the best golf clubs. It has a traditional design that features a shallower face and back weighting. That helps in providing high towering trajectories and easier launches. Besides, the club also comes with Dual Baffler Rails, which offer exceptional speed and stability through the turf, as the club can glide effortlessly from any lie.

3. TaylorMade GAPR Hi Hybrid

One of the best golf clubs to have in your bag is the GAPR Hi Hybrid Wedge from TaylorMade. It has the biggest head size out of all the GAPR clubs, offering you maximum distance, forgiveness, and easier launch. The head shape of this hybrid club is traditional and is made with a unique dropped down contour. That helps in providing straight-line drives and increased versatility on the golf course. SpeedFoam technology has been used to create the head, and that gives the club faster and thinner faces, along with the excellent feel and contact sound.

4. Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid

Golfers who have been looking for an exceptional golf club with game-changing combinations don’t have to look further than the Callaway Big Bertha hybrid. It features Jailbreak adjustability and ball speeds for easier launches. This new hybrid club offers a cutting-edge OptiFitHosel System, which is lighter and shorter, offering players the chance to fully optimize their center of gravity and achieve easier launches and higher, long-carrying flights. The Jailbreak technology used in Big Bertha promotes long-distance and faster ball speed, and the ultra-thin Hyper Speed Face Cup and Carpenter 455 Steel Face provide longer distances on both off-center and center hits.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that the buyer’s guide and the reviews of the best golf clubs out there right now will help you make a suitable decision. We understand how difficult it can be for any golfer to choose the right clubs to take with them on the golf course. Remember that your game will depend a lot on your choice of golf clubs. So, go through the reviews we have mentioned and get yourself the best golf clubs. Good luck.

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