Best Golf Clubs Under $500

If you are on the lookout for an affordable golf club, you’ve come to the right place! We recognize that many golfers cannot afford to spend a fortune on a golf club set. Continue reading to find out:

  • The three best golf clubs under $500in the market
  • Things you need to consider before buying a golf club
  • Whether buying a golf club set is your only option

The 3 Best Golf Clubs for Under $500

Golf can be an intimidating sport and, as a high or mid handicapper, you may feel like the only way to improve your game is to get advanced and expensive gear. The truth is that golf clubs used by professional and experienced golfers are not the most effective when it comes down to game improvement. Even when they are great for precision, spinning, and covering long distances, they are of no benefit to a golfer who doesn’t already have a solid golf game.

1. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set- Our Top Pick!

Are you aiming to buy a golf club that could help you utilize your full potential? If yes, then Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set is what you need! This complete set of 12 clubs comes with a stylish yet durable stand bag. The combination of clubs in this set makes it our top pick for the best golf clubs under $500. There are two fairway wood irons in this set that are designed to provide maximum aerodynamic support to your shots on impact with the golf ball resulting in a higher ball flight. The driver club in this set is made up of titanium that prevents you from stroking many mis-hits because of its incredible forgiveness.

Best Golf Clubs Under $500

The Callaway Strata hybrid irons serve as a great alternative to very long irons – their unique design allows them to deliver a performance that is equal to or better than the long irons. An impressive club in this set is its putter which is crafted to have a milled face. This shape increases the precision of the shot significantly and improves its accuracy.

Overall, the clubs in this set are made to deliver a great flight and provide you with enhanced forgiveness and control. Because all the clubs are made of stainless steel, you can expect them to be undeniably durable and effective. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set is the best golf club set under $500 for high or mid handicappers looking for an easy buying and brilliant playing experience.

Pros Cons
· The set includes 12 high-quality golf club irons

· It is a complete premium package

· A sturdy and spacious cart bag comes along as a complementary accessory

· Clubs can be used throughout the golf course

· Signs of wear and tear appear quickly on the driver

· Is not a suitable choice for more advanced players

· More costly than the other Strata series golf sets

2. TaylorMade M6 Irons – Best Irons for Men

If you can find the TaylorMade M6 irons for under $500 you’re in luck. They are considered to be one of the best golf clubs under $500 mainly because of their exceptional and innovative design. They incorporate the RibCor technology that promises to drastically change your game by producing better results than you expect. The M6 irons offer superior consistency as compared to other golf clubs under $500, along with greater accuracy and distance.

The design of these clubs redistributes their weight and shifts it around the perimeter of the club. This change is what causes an increase in the degree of forgiveness and results in a very consistent performance. Note that M6 clubs influence the performance of intermediate players more than they do of others by helping them lower their scores through closer entry shots in the green.

If you are weak at making straight shots, these clubs will be a great help! TaylorMade M4 clubs feature a speed pocket that is placed right behind the clubface and can be seen on the sole of the iron. The purpose of this pocket is to boost the ball speed when you make a shot using the lower half of the clubface.

Pros Cons
· They guarantee longer shots

· Tend to have more consistency than most of the other golf clubs under $500

· The speed pocket helps to make straight and accurate strokes

· Made of high-quality and durable materials

· Packed with advanced and innovative RibCor technology

· Clubs are reviewed to be less suitable for low handicappers

· Lack of many additional features to distinguish them from other TaylorMade models

3. Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Set – Best for Women

Did you think that this list will not include a golf club option under $500 for women? Like other club sets, Wilson Women’s Ultra golf club set has a brilliant quality and impressive design. The set has 10 clubs that are perfect for amateur and average female golfers. Interestingly, this golf club set includes a combination of graphite and steel shafts.

The Wilson Ultra golf clubs are made using a super game improvement design that enables you to generate more distance per stroke. Specially crafted for ladies, these clubs feature large sweet spots and perimeter weighting for enhanced performance on the entire off-center hits. All in all, these golf clubs are worth every penny of their value!

Pros Cons
· The clubs in this kit are of standard size and lightweight

· Great for beginners

· The cart bag is very spacious, has multiple pockets and includes two convenient lifting handles

· Designed to help women with their launch and swing speeds

· The shafts are flexible

· Made using a game improvement design

· The color is not so appealing

· Some female reviewers said the club length was taller than they expected

What to Consider Before Buying Golf Clubs Under $500?

Being on a budget doesn’t restrict you from choosing clubs that are perfect for you. When determining which golf clubs under $500 to buy, you should consider:

  • Who manufactured the club? Even when this may not seem like a significant factor, knowing the brand of the golf club sets can help you predict the quality of the clubs easily.
  • What does the club look like? The appearance of a club is as important as its performance. an appealing club that is comfortable to carry around and hold will inevitably make your game better.
  • When was the model of a club released? Newly released models of golf clubs are extremely expensive and can go way beyond your budget. Consider buying clubs that gained a decent reputation and were released a few years back.
  • Where do you plan to buy the golf clubs from? The reliability and cost of a golf club depend largely on who sells it. Purchasing your golf clubs from a trustworthy online store on minor discount is way better than falling for unbelievably low discounted rates on unreliable forums.

Is it Necessary to Buy a Whole Set?

It is not at all necessary to buy a whole club set at once. One of the tricks to have a great set of golf clubs under $500 is to pick the best clubs from different golf kits. If you are almost out of cash, you should consider buying a club that you need the most. For instance, if you want to improve your low-speed strokes, you should invest in one good-quality putter instead of 5 different clubs.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that by now you are relieved to know that the perfect golf clubs don’t always have to be expensive. If you still can’t make your mind about what to buy, we recommend that you buy our top choice for the best golf clubs under $500 – the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set! Every club in this set promises exceptional performance and a tour-like feel.

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