Best Golf Clubs for Average Players

If you’re an average golfer, you will be interested in golf clubs specifically designed to suit your style of play. There are several golf clubs available that have been engineered to boost the game of average players.

Here is a look at some of the best golf clubs for average players. These are complete sets of golf clubs. If you’re looking for the best driver, irons, and putter, you’ll find them toward the bottom of this article.

Cobra F-MAX Superlite

Average players with slow swing who want to play more consistently should pay attention to the Cobra F-MAX Superlite Irons. These are some of the lightest and fastest irons that the brand has ever made. Cobra F-MAX Superlite Irons are available in hybrid-combo and standard sets having either graphite or steel shafts.

Best Golf Clubs for Average Players

Those who cannot hit the same distance with longer irons can benefit from the higher performance of the Cobra Irons. These clubs perform so well, that you will definitely feel the advantage right away with your first swing. These irons won’t magically turn you into a supremely skilled golfer; you should have a sound basic technique and a decent swing with a good tempo. Despite the ease and performance characteristics of Cobra Irons, you can still expect some bad shots. But when you get your shots right, you will feel that the cobra irons definitely excel. With the right hit, the cobra irons can lob the ball in the air so that it carries far.

If your swing is smooth and consistent, you will get a nice draw with high elevation owing to the draw bias design feature of the clubs. Cobra has optimized the center of gravity for the whole set to keep the distance gaps of all clubs under control. Thanks to shorter hosels, the longer irons have lower CG. Hence they are easier to launch and can cover longer distances. Within the short irons, the hosel becomes progressively longer to raise the CG. This leads to a lower trajectory but greater control for short irons.

Stronger lofts are another crucial feature of the design. Correctly lofted irons can help golfers with a moderate swing to enhance their distance, spin, and launch. With greater lofts, average golfers can maximize the shot height and flight time so that the ball covers a greater distance.

Average golfers can carry these irons in their bags with the assurance that they will certainly feel the difference with Cobra. The previous cobra golf irons were really good, but these ones are even better.

Wilson Golf Profile SGI

If you are a novice golfer, you can look towards Wilson and trust this reputable to have something great in store for you since it attaches equal importance to both beginners and pro golfers. The Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set has the full list of basic clubs that you will need as a beginner.

If you are confused about which brand to start with, you can count on Wilson for golf sets that will work really well for you. The Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set sports stainless steel irons, 460cc driver, heel/toe weighted putter and an easy launch sand wedge.

These irons are designed for distance and forgiveness. The Wilson golf set’s key feature is the Super Game Improvement technology of the 460cc driver that facilitates playability and on-course experience.

These irons have a low center of gravity, cavity back and deep perimeter weighting for greater distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. Thanks to the pitching wedges, you can gain more spin. The 5 hybrid is a simpler alternative to more difficult irons.

The stand bag is lightweight and has lots of storage space. Headcovers are also included for hybrid, wood, and driver. The spacious bag has adjustable straps to make it comfortable to carry and handle. There is also a fine self-activating stand for added convenience. You can select and take out your golf clubs at leisure while the bag is supported by the stand.

The bigger 460cc driver is optimized for a better playing experience especially for average players since the super game improvement technology allows you to easily hit and launch the ball since it is so forgiving.

The sand wedge has also been thoughtfully included in the set to permit average golfers to extricate themselves from sand traps and other difficult scenarios. The sand wedge makes launching easy and has a wide sole with low weighting to enhance your strokes and improve greenside control.

The well-designed putter has the effective heel/toe weighting style as well as a soft grip for greater comfort and control. With these features, the club allows accurate putting and very good feedback.

The Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set has several advantages to its credit like a beginner-friendly driver, precise long-distance irons, a sand wedge for better greenside control, sturdy comfortable grips on all irons and robust carry bag. The club set is also economically priced.

If does have its shares of cons that you need to be aware of though. Better golfers might feel that the technology is a little outdated. The set may be less durable for professional golfers.

Overall, this is a fine golf set made with beginners and average golf players in mind to serve them well.

Tour Edge Bazooka 260

This golf set gives high value through its game-enhancing technology and lifetime warranty. The features of the Tour Edge Bazooka 260 are designed to improve the game and score of average players.

This golf set features a 460cc titanium driver designed for exceptional inertia to minimize clubhead twisting. This will facilitate shot control, consistency and distance for better forgiveness.

The extra-large 3-wood produces precise high elevation flights thanks to its low center of gravity.

The #4 hybrid also features a low center of gravity so that you can make accurate approach shots. Making a par and hitting the green is easier with this forgiving club. The stainless steel irons are oversized and have an undercut cavity for a bigger sweet spot and better forgiveness. You can also execute more accurate puts with the alignment aid and high moment of inertia.

The set has headcovers for putter, hybrid, 3-wood, and driver. The sturdy lightweight bag has a stand for quick support and straps for easy carrying. It is made from durable material so that it can last even under tough conditions. The pockets are well-positioned for easier access. Despite the abundance of space, the bag is compact enough to fit on a hand cart.

The Tour Edge Bazooka 260 has full fifteen pieces, a well-shaped driver that covers greater distance and easy-to-hit hybrids. The long irons deliver accurate performance and the clubs are made from durable steel shafts.

The iron shafts are made from high-grade stainless steel while the 3 wood and 1 wood are constructed from graphite.

Average golf players will appreciate the features and design of this golf set that permit improved gameplay and better scores. The Tour Edge Bazooka 260 is fairly inexpensive and yet good enough so that you can challenge your friends to a competitive game of golf. If you are new to golf, you cannot go wrong with this set.

Don’t Want a Complete Set?

If you’d rather see the best golf clubs for an average player separately, we’ve selected the best driver, irons, and putter for the average golfer. Here are our favorites.

Our Final Thoughts

As an average golfer, you’re always looking for ways to improve. While practice is the most important part of improving your golf game, new clubs can help too. If you’ve been using old clubs you had in the garage, you could probably use an upgrade. Newer clubs are made with superior components which allow for more feel and more distance.

The average is a variable term when it comes to golf skills. The average pro golfer is better than scratch. The average golfer overall is a high handicapper. It all depends on who you’re comparing yourself to when you say you’re an average golfer. For this reason, it’s hard to find the best golf clubs for average players. Even though it’s difficult, we’ve displayed some of the best golf clubs for the overall average golfer.

If you’re looking for clubs that are a step up from what has been mentioned, you should check out the Taylormade RBZ driver, Callaway Rogue irons, and Odyssey White Hot Pro putter. They may be a better fit for your skill level.

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