The 2 Best Golf Cart Seat Belts

Golf carts now serve several other use cases apart from transporting golfers around a golf course. These versatile small vehicles are used in other facilities, such as large offices, parks, and even beaches to help users conveniently move around. However, just like any other vehicle, they come with certain safety risks, especially with newer, taller, and faster models entering the market.

As a result, golf cart seat belts are becoming incredibly popular to mitigate some of the safety risks, especially on rough terrain and at higher speeds.

In the post, we’ll share the importance of golf cart seat belts, how to install them, and our top picks in the market.

The Importance of Golf Cart Seat Belts

Modern golf carts are more versatile than their older counterparts. Drivers operate them at higher speeds and in rougher conditions while transporting people from one place to another. As a result, golf cart seat belts now make a valuable addition to any cart. In fact, some gold carts feature pre-installed seat belts as a key safety feature.

The problem with golf carts is that they can roll over even at low speed, especially on turns and steep terrain. Anyone wearing a seat belt during an accident can prevent injuries from the cart’s structure. More importantly, a golf cart seat belt can prevent you from falling out of the cart, which is often more painful and even fatal in rare cases.

Unfortunately, most golf carts don’t come with factory-installed seat belts because golfers, drivers, and passengers frequently get in and out of them. People who haven’t been inside a golf cart don’t realize how substantial they can be in terms of size and weight. On average, they can weigh between 1,500-2,000 pounds and reach up to 25 miles per hour, which is more than enough to cause a serious injury in case of an accident (be it a collision or a fall).

Furthermore, golf carts have no side protection and fail the passenger safety tests due to an open front. This is why gold cart seat belts have become an essential safety feature for protecting golfers and passengers.

How to Install a Golf Cart Seat Belt

Since most golf carts don’t feature factory-assembled seat belts, you’ll need to install them yourself. Fortunately, golf cart seat belt installation is a fairly simple process that doesn’t require professional intervention as long as you know what you’re doing. Here are the steps to installing a golf cart seat belt:

1. Study the Golfcart’s Design and Gather the Proper Tools

Installing a seat belt into a golf cart is no different from any mechanical work. The tools, belts, and attachments you’ll need will depend on your cart’s design. You’ll also need a drill to make a hole in the metal frame. Make sure the cart is switched off and parked in a contained area. Lastly, use a pair of gloves and safety goggles to prevent eye damage and prevent blisters.

2. Attach the Seat Belt Bracket

The next step is to attach your seat belt bracket to the frame using washers or bolts by carefully lifting the seat up. The washers, bolts, and bracket should be included with your golf cart seat belt kit. You might require another person to help you with this step so don’t hesitate in calling your golf buddies or your kids to help out. Lastly, make sure that the bracket you purchase is compatible with your cart.

3. Attach the Seat Belt

Once you have attached the bracket, the next step I to attach your seat belt. For this, you’re going to need washers, nuts, and flange bolts, all of which will be provided with the seat belt kit. Once you attach the belts, make sure you follow the instructions on the manual and tighten all the nuts and washers.

4. Fit the Lock Buckles

By now, the only thing left to do to complete the seat belt installation is to attach the lock buckles. You’ll have to fit them on your cart’s mounting plates. You’ll need additional bolts, washers, and nuts for this, and once you’re done, all you need to do is test the seat belt out and be on your way.

Best Golf Cart Seat Belts

The following are our top picks of the best golf cart seat belts in the market:

1. MODZ Universal Golf Cart Seat Belt

If you’re in the market for a durable and reliable golf cart seat belt, we highly recommend the MODZ Universal Retractable Seat Belt Combo. The seat belt kit includes 4 retractable seat belts with all the mounting hardware (bolts, washers, nuts). It also comes with an installation manual you can read to ensure you install it correctly. This belt is suitable for all golf carts except Precedent models that have a sweater basket in place.

2. 10LOL Universal Golf Cart Seat Belt

The 10LOL Front/Rear Retractable Seat Belt Kit is one of the most versatile seat belt kits in the market you can use on EZCO, Yamaha, Club Car, and other popular carts. It is the best option for golfers or drivers with kids to minimize bump impact and prevent falls. With the package, you’ll find four belts with buckles and installation screws. The only downside is that brackets are sold separately.

Our Final Thoughts

Golf cart seat belts might not have been a thing in the past as golf carts served a simple purpose – transport golfers around the course. However, times have changed and golf carts are not only bigger but faster. As a result, you must address all the safety concerns you can, starting with seat belt installation to ensure all passengers are safe, especially on hilly terrain.

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