Best Golf Bucket Hats

As golf enthusiasts and regular players, we can all come to agree that the game of golf is fun to play and be a part of. However, as players, we need to understand that skin cancer is a real disease and we do put ourselves at risk due to our love for the game.

Golf players who regularly practice their skills on the golf course, day in and out, would know all about the sun’s impact on their skin. The excruciating impact of the pain can be such that most golf players find it hard to sleep due to the sensations of pain from sun burnt ears.

However, even with the anguish of sun burnt skin on the horizon, golf players step out on the golf course for the love of the game. The passion is what motivates them and the hunger for prowess takes them forward. As responsible adults, it is, however, our responsibility to safeguard our skin from the increased risk of skin cancer in adults, something which can be aggravated due to constant exposure to the sun.

Best Golf Bucket Hats

A good golf bucket hat can provide you with the kind of protection you need to negate the impact of the sun and to protect your skin from the perils of skin cancer. In this article we take you through some of the best golf bucket hats you should have with you on the golf course. These hats mitigate the impact of the sun and enhance your fashion and style as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Golf Bucket Hats

Before we move forward and highlight the best bucket golf hats to buy for golfers, let us first mention the things you should consider in the process. Keep these factors in mind and evaluate individual hats based on them.


The very first thing you should consider when buying a hat for yourself is the total size of the coverage that you get from it. The larger the size of the bucket, the better coverage it will provide to you from the sun and other forces of weather. The experience of wearing a bucket hat can be made better through the appropriate size. Anything big or small might lead to discomfort.


Do not forget to consider the materials your bucket hat is made out of. Some hats are made out of polyester, while others are made out of cotton. All golf players focused on the game would want a hat that does not weigh much and is easy on their ears. Lightweight material does not impact your game and helps provide comfortable protection.


The last thing you should consider during your purchase is the price of the bucket hat you buy. Bucket hats come in different qualities, materials and durability. Find a hat within your budget. Do not exceed what you have in mind, as golf is a game of multiple pieces of equipment.

The 5 Best Golf Bucket Hats

1. Nike Golf UV Sun Golf Bucket Hat

The Nike Golf UV Sun Golf Bucket Hat is one of the best products for golfers to buy today. Nike has been a prominent name in sports gear since a long time, which is why it is no surprise that the Nike golf UV sun bucket hat is one of the best bucket hats on our list.

The hat comes with Nike’s well known elastic draw cord and flex-fabric, which make it adjustable for everyone’s head. The bucket hat utilizes a Dri-Fit fabric, which works like magic to keep your head dry and keep sweat stains away from the surface.

2. Callaway Sun Headwear Bucket Hat

This Callaway Sun Headwear Bucket Hat is made by one of the most prominent names in golf and sports equipment, Callaway. The hat features a lightweight fabric, with a bucket styled shape.

The adjustable fit and elastic back stopper closure make this hat ideal for all golf players. Additionally, the hat comes with UPF 50+ sun protection, which goes well with the breathable mesh to keep you cool on the golf course.

3. Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Golf Bucket Hat

This Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Golf Bucket Hat is a must for golf players. Besides just providing ultimate protection on the golf course, this memorable bucket hat can also assist you in other daily pursuits.

The waterproof fabric on this hat comes with a breathable mesh exterior, which can be convenient in tropical temperatures. The cord tension allows players to adjust the hat on their head for a more seamless playing experience.

4. Coolibar UPF 50+ Unisex Match Play Golf Bucket Hat

This Coolibar UPF 50+ Unisex Match Play Golf Bucket Hat is Coolibar’s contribution to the hat market. This bucket hat comes with an amazing 4 inch brim around the front, which provides optimal protection from the sun.

The foam material used in this golf bucket makes it extremely lightweight and convenient for golf players. The Lite Suntect is Coolibar’s own material and is known to be breathable with quick drying properties.

5. Dorfman Pacific Men British Tan Bucket Hat

This Dorfman Pacific Men British Tan Bucket Hat is perfectly suited for all kinds of outdoor activities, including golf. This hat is one of the best when it comes to materials and is constructed with water repellent cotton.

The classic 2-inch brim located near the front of this hat provides excellent protection from the sun. The hat is durable and will last you a number of years on the golf course.

Our Final Thoughts

The Nike Golf UV Sun Golf Bucket Hat is our recommended pick. The bucket hat offers a lightweight exterior along with breathability of the highest order to minimize sweat stains on the surface. You can search for reviews online as well to buy the best bucket golf hat.

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