Best Golf Balls to Reduce Slice

Are you unable to hit accurate shots in the long game? It’s about time you look for a new golf ball that’ll save you from embarrassment off the tee, in front of other golfers.

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The 5 Best Golf Balls to Reduce Hitting a Slice

We’ll provide you with a list of top 5 golf balls that reduce slice in the long game.

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball

E6 by Bridgestone is aimed to get distance and accuracy.

When you hit the ball using a long iron, the ball generates lower spin delivering more accuracy.

Due to the soft core of the ball upon impact immediate resistance is lowered. As a result stray motion is reduced.

Holding Golf Driver

Delta Dimples cover the surface of the ball, providing minimized air resistance and better control. Resulting in straighter shots for long distance strikes helping you improve at your game overall. It makes the ball gets straighter flight as it has higher resistance against air motion and pop-ups as well.

It’s ideal when on the green as it provides more spin. The ball tends to land softly and quickly comes to a halt.  It provides limited assistance and it’s your skills that come into play at this point.

You can stick with this set of balls even when your game improves.

As the company is highly advanced in terms of rubber technology, they use polymers to make the inner core and the soft upper core of the ball.

Every pack has a total of 12 balls. They’re available in two colors, white and yellow, and the latter helps in enhanced visibility.

You’ll be able to follow the ball’s direction and flight which will be of great advantage once your slicing becomes better.


  • Offers great value for money.
  • High quality golf balls which perform well.
  • This set of balls has affordable pricing.
  • Helps cover longer distance off the tee.
  • Helps to hit straight reducing slice.
  • Suits different swing speeds.


  • Considered too soft by some players.

Polara XDS 3-Piece Golf Balls

The manufacturer claims that by employing the Self Correcting Technology in these balls, it’s intended to reduce slice and corrects mishit by almost 50%.

The ball has an arrow that acts like a compass. It should be pointed in the direction that you want for your strike to go. Any variation from the direction that’s pointed by the arrow is limited by about 50%.

This ball is not for professionals, but they’ve targeted their product for those who play golf for fun. Regardless, the balls deliver high performance. When on the green, these balls provide golfers with a fair degree of control.

The balls also offer a reasonable amount of lift, as it comes with enhanced aerodynamic lift. Each shot will achieve a higher trajectory that adds to the distance covered.

They offer distance gains as indicated in their name where XD stands for extra distance.

The balls are slightly over an inch and a half in size and weighs 46 grams. The material has a cover of ionomer which matches the 336 dimples design on the surface of the ball. It has compression rate on 90.

These balls are suited for a casual play. Every box has 12 balls.

However, we won’t suggest this pack if you’re intending to improve your game.


  • Delivers improved overall performance for many players.
  • Provides distance gains off the tee.
  • Self Correcting technology minimizes the chance of slice.
  • Helps in improving direction.
  • Gives good value for money.


  • Isn’t approved by PGA.
  • Doesn’t actually cover the amount of distance it claims.

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson Smart Core golf balls are made with the intention for delivering direction and distance.

The Smart Core technology used to make this ball is aimed to be a representation of a golfer’s swing speed.

They deliver limited amount of spin that’s produced when the ball is struck over a long distance.

Once on the green, this phenomenon gets reversed, and the ball provides more spin and better control over each shot. That’s quite similar to what you might encounter on chip shots.

The ball consists of two cores. Ionomer is used to make the outer surface of the ball, that has 432 dimples. The ball’s compression rate is set on 85. Despite being exposed to severe conditions, this material is infamous for being highly durable.

The ball moves quickly on impact with the iron off the tee due to the inner core. The ball is soft on contact when on the green.

When putting the ball, it has a soft feel to it. As your game improves with time, you’d still be able to use this ball.

Each pack contains a generous amount of 24 balls with 8 sleeves with three balls in each.

The ball is capable to take a good swing and can be used for a number of rounds as it doesn’t show signs of wear and tear after use.


  • Extremely affordable price point.
  • Offers 24 balls in each pack.
  • Helps hit straighter reducing slicing.
  • Provides distance gains on each shot.
  • Suitable when on the green.
  • The inner Core is very responsive.


  • Too hard for some golfers.

Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 balls provide a combination of accuracy and distance. They claim that these balls are capable of delivering improved overall performance for every golfer having different styles and skills.

The balls are designed to provide minimum spin on the long distance shot. They’re made to offer a penetrating flight when they come off the tee and are in flight.

These balls have the Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process core. This helps to get more distance on the strikes off the tee. It’s delivered by pairing reduced spin with increased ball speed.

When the ball glides through the air, the ball helps to achieve consistency during flight. This is achieved with the help of the outer cover that’s tiled with 352 dimples, providing an aerodynamic effect.

When on the green, the soft urethane elastomer cover system provides with a better control of the ball. In addition, the layer helps the ball last for longer periods.

The ball gets its finishing touch from the ionomeric casing layer. It assists with shot control and speed.

This set of balls is suitable for both high and low swing speeds. The pack has 12 balls, packed in 4 boxes of 3 balls in each.

It gives a compression rate of 90. Although these are a bit expensive than the rest, this is one of the balls that you can grow with. Helping you to build on the consistency you’ve achieved with this ball.


  • More distance with reduced slicing.
  • Helps get consistency in flight on each shot.
  • Improves accuracy of the shot.
  • Limits spins off the tee.
  • Provides more control on the green.


  • A bit on the pricier side.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

These balls give come with an energetic gradient growth core with an extremely low compression rate of 60.

They’re designed to give a soft feel without affecting the performance. Meaning the ball required high launch from the core with limited spin.

The Pana-Tetra and Rabalon HR+ combined ionomer cover is thinner than the previous models.

It’s still soft complementing the 324 aerodynamic dimple design. The enhanced surface coverage and dimple design are the key elements.

The ball performs better when on the green, as is generates more spin.

The aerodynamic design minimizes drag covering more ground and fights air resistance.

Balls reduces slice as it limits spin off the tee due to the ionomer layer. The low compression adds speed to the ball.

Each box contains 12 balls, with soft white and tour yellow for higher visibility. The balls have a hard upper surface with a soft core. Resulting in a responsive core and durability due to the strong surface.


  • Offers ball in two colors with high visibility.
  • Feels soft.
  • High durability.
  • Helps get more driver distance than usual.
  • As the spin is lower it reduces slicing.
  • Provides more ball control on the green by giving higher spin.
  • Ball launches in high-speed off the tee.


  • Durability of the balls differ from each other.

Things to Consider


Products made using this polymer are harder that makes them ideal to reduce slice in your shot.


Harder balls are generally quite difficult to slice.


Higher compression rates are suited for golfers with high swing speeds. People with low swing speeds should opt for balls with lower compression rate.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve told you about the best golf balls to reduce slice, and discussed the pros and cons in detail, you’re free to choose one according to your game and preference.

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