Best Golf Balls for Juniors

Are you searching for the best golf balls for juniors? You’ve come to the right place! With a large selection of golf balls for young golfers available in the market, finding the perfect golf ball is harder than it looks. Wouldn’t it be easier just to know what the best golf balls for your age group are?

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

You thought about it and we have made it possible! Juniors who are avid golfers require a durable golf ball that enhances their shots and improves their game. Considering these factors, we have created a list of the best golf balls for young children.

1. Pinnacle Soft

Pinnacle Soft features an improved 332 dimple design for increased consistency and better golf ball flight. The golf ball has a durable and low compression core that offers a soft feel and increased distance. It an affordable and excellent choice for juniors. You can select from three colors, white, pink, and white with pink numbers.


  • Offers consistent golf ball flight
  • Popular choice among juniors
  • Good value for money


2. Nike PD9 Long Golf Balls

Nike PD Long has 314 dimples, which improves the flight of the golf ball and gives it added roll. It has a high velocity core with a soft core to increase responsiveness and distance off the tee. It is an affordable golf ball for juniors.


  • Affordable
  • Offers plenty of roll on landing and golf balls don’t roll forever


  • Could be softer for a distance golf ball

3. Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity is an excellent golf ball for juniors and high handicappers. Junior golfers looking for a golf ball that generates distance and offers mid-range softness will find this golf ball perfect for them. This golf ball offers both low spin and increased distance off the longer golf clubs because it has an LSX core.

Junior Playing Golf

It also offers a good soft feel around the golf course. Featuring 328 dimples on the golf ball, it offers a shallow angle of descent and a powerful trajectory.


  • Excellent launch angle and golf ball flight with a shallow angle of descent
  • Plenty of roll and distance on landing
  • Soft feel and great feedback with the putter


  • Slightly expensive than other golf balls

4. Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft is the softest golf ball from this manufacturer. Even though this is a very soft golf ball, it doesn’t mean that it will not go the distance on the golf course. Most golfers need a soft golf ball without losing any distance, which this golf ball effectively provides. The golf ball offers low spin off the clubface, which allows it to fly straighter and further on the golf course.

This can help a junior golfer get the low scores. The golf ball is made from premium quality, long-lasting, and durable material, allowing you to use it for several rounds of golf. You can select from four different colors, white, multicolored, pink, and yellow.


  • Softest two-piece golf balls
  • Offers low spin, offering a straight and extended golf ball flight
  • Excellent feel, especially with short irons and wedges


  • Golf ball isn’t as long as other golf balls

5. Srixon AD333

Srixon AD333 is an excellent golf ball for both juniors and high handicappers. The manufacturer has based the design of the golf ball’s Energetic Gradient Growth Coreon four factors — spin, trajectory, acceleration, and responsiveness.

The golf ball features 324 dimples and a high-tech Spin Skin and together, they offer the golf ball a great feel, excellent flight, and improved distance on the golf course. The Spin Skin coating adds more friction on impact, which helps with feel and control around the golf course.


  • State-of-the-art technology offers improved golf ball flight and increased distance
  • The Spin Skin cover increases friction by 18% on impact, which gives you a good feel and more control around the golf course
  • Excellent golf ball to use in windy weather conditions


  • The Spin Skin cover wears out quicker than other golf balls

6. Callaway Warbird

Callaway Warbird features HEX aerodynamics, which decreases drag, promotes launch to increase carry, and increases distance. No matter what the swing speed is, the golf ball’s large core, which is larger than most cores, is highly compressible to allow increased distance and speed. The ionomer cover works with the core to offer golfers a good feel off every golf club.

The golf ball is available in white and yellow. It’s an affordable golf ball to buy for juniors. The manufacturer doesn’t mention the number of dimples the golf ball has, which is odd, given that most golf ball manufacturers tell you that. It’s also a fact most golfers want to know before purchasing a golf ball.


  • Offers long carry and distance
  • Cut proof and scuff-resistant
  • Affordable


7. Taylormade Burner

Taylormade Burner is two-piece golf balls with 342 dimples. The design of the golf ball is based on three factors, durability, distance, and feel. The 60-compression golf ball offers a good soft feel and offers a lot of distance off the tee.

You can play with the golf ball in windy weather conditions without trouble. If you’re playing with this golf ball in windy conditions, the golf ball will penetrate even more into the distance than other golf balls designed for distance. It is an affordable golf ball.


  • Versatile design offers distance, durability, and feel
  • Performs well in windy weather conditions
  • Affordable


  • No negative reviews on this golf ball

Finding the Best Golf Balls for Juniors

· Compression

Junior golfers can buy a golf ball based on their requirements and budget. One requirement to keep in mind is that they need to buy low compression golf balls. Most of the golf balls on this list have low compression.

Low compression golf balls deliver distance and reduce spin off the clubface. Lower spin minimizes frustrating slices and hooks as well. Low compression golf balls also feel softer and help juniors with touch shots around and on the golf course.

If you have a lower swing, the golf ball’s compression should be less than 60. If you have a faster swing, the golf ball’s compression should be up to 110. Some of the companies that create golf balls with a low compression for juniors and that are also mentioned on this list are Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, and Srixon.

· Construction

In terms of the construction of the golf ball, the ideal design for juniors is three-piece golf balls. They have a solid core with an improved layer of rubber between the cover and core. They are softer than two-piece golf balls and offer a higher spin rate than them as well. However, two-piece golf balls, such as the ones, listed here aren’t half bad to use for golf.

Among juniors, two-piece golf balls are more popular because they provide a lot more distance and are affordable. You should also look at the number of dimples on the golf ball. Usually, a golf ball has anywhere from 336 to 392 dimples. Dimples ensure the golf ball gets enough flight and good distance.

· Dimples

Dimples come in various shapes, such as teardrops, hexagons, ovals, and circles, which is the most common one. Juniors should look for a golf ball with shallower and fewer dimples on the golf ball because that gives them more distance.

Our Final Thoughts

After knowing what the best golf balls for juniors are and the factors you need to look at before purchasing, you can narrow down your choices and then buy a golf ball.

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