The 7 Best Golf Ball Retrievers

All golf players are aware of the fact that losing a golf ball to the lake, ocean, the shrubs and the bushes is a typical risk of the game. Even so, this risk can become a little expensive since a good set of golf balls can cost anywhere near $45/dozen or more.

One way to reduce the number of balls a player ends up losing during the game is to invest in a golf ball retriever. While it won’t be able to get the ball from the ocean or the middle of a dense forest, it can help getting the ball from more common places like the lake or the shrubs.

The 7 Best Golf Ball Retrievers

To help you select the perfect retriever for your gear, we have compiled a list of the best golf ball retrievers in the market.

Best Golf Ball Retrievers

1. Callaway C10400 15th Club Golf Ball Retriever

The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever is the best in the market because of its sheer sturdiness. It is made from a high quality aluminum alloy which makes it unbendable at its full length despite the lighter weight. It also has an ergonomic sur-grip handle to ensure it stays steady.

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever is available in two different sizes; the 15 feet size which can retract to 45 inches and the 6 feet size which can retract to 24 inches. It also comes with a dual zip head cover which helps it look like another club in your gear.

2. ProActive Sports Sports Hinged Cup Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

With one of the longest reaching options available, 18 feet size which retracts to 47 inches, the ProActive Sports Golf Ball Retriever is an amazing offering in its category. It has a hinged cup design which makes it easier to trap and retrieve the ball and is perfect when the ball has to be retrieved from water or deep rough.

It is lightweight with a sturdy body which makes it less likely to bend. And has a rubber handle which helps improve the grip for improved handling.

3. I GOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

Extremely lightweight, with a retracted size of 17.5 inches, the I GOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever is not only dependable, but easy to carry or hide away due its smaller size. It can be extended to an impressive 14 feet and is the bestselling model.

Two important features are its patented stainless steel shaft and its patented spring release ready head which allow it to properly secure the ball and retrieve it.

4. Search and Rescue Retriever

A simple retriever that uses its rescue rings to lock the ball in place and retrieve it, the Search and Rescue Retriever is a favorite choice of many golfers. It comes in an attractive royal blue color and has an elegant design which helps blend easily with the other clubs in your gear.

Its defining feature is its incredible weather resistance and its powder coated aluminum. It comes in 2 optimal sizes; one that extends to 6.5 feet and another which extends to an excellent 15 feet. If you want to take an extra step to keep it hidden, it comes with a head cover which helps it blend in.

5. JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever

With a simple 180 degree cup for locking and execution mechanism, the JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever is a reliable choice for golfers. I comes in 4 different maximum size variants based on player preference; 9, 12, 15 and 18 feet.

It has a comfortable grip which allows for easier handling and an aluminum based shaft which prevents rusting. It is lightweight and durable and a relatively affordable option amongst the higher end retrievers in the market.

However, it does not come with a head cover so the golfer has to find a way to make it less visible among the rest of his gear on the field.

6. Pelican Golf Golf Ball Retriever w/Premium Golden Yellow Nylon Cup

Another retriever with an impressive extendable length of 18 feet, the Golf Ball Retriever by Pelican Golf can retract to a short size of 44 inches. This not only makes it extremely convenient to carry around but also gives the golfer an excellent range to work with.

Its defining feature is its adjustable length. It has a turn and lock design which allows the user to lock it at a shorter length if needed. It also comes in 2 more sizes; 12 feet and 15 feet; so golfers can choose according to their preference.

The only downsides of this retriever are that it is not as sturdy as the others and the cup tends to rotate which makes it difficult to secure the ball sometimes.

7. Fluorescent Head Retriever by ProActive Sports

With a maximum extension of 9 feet, the Fluorescent Head Retriever is a popular choice because of the extra visibility it offers. It is lightweight and comes with an excellent mechanism for securing and retrieving golf balls.

The only downside is that there is no head cover to hide it among the golf clubs but there are easy ways to find alternatives for head covers.

Our Final Thoughts

There are a number of amazing options available in the market for golf ball retrievers. The ones who are able to get ahead of the rest like the Callaway Retriever and the ProActive Sports Retriever are ones which are able to maintain sturdiness despite their lighter weights and longer extendable sizes.

Other major aspects to look out for are the head design to see how well it can secure the ball, how well it can blend in with the gear and the ease of handling. We hope you find your perfect retriever from this list.

If you are looking for more information, check out our blog about the recommendations for the best golf balls. We are certain you will find it helpful.

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