Best Golf Ball Picker Uppers

It is estimated that in America alone, some 300 million golf balls are lost each year.

If you calculate how many golf balls you lose or buy, you will be shocked at the annual costs. This is especially true for avid golfers who use premium golf balls for their games. A premium golf ball costs around four dollars per ball.

Let’s say you lose one golf ball every two weeks, which is very less for avid golfers, you have wasted over a hundred dollars on golf balls within the year! This is where golf ball picker uppers, or golf ball retrievers, come in.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf Ball Picker Uppers

Golf ball picker uppers are an excellent investment for those who frequently play with premium golf balls. They can save you a ton of money in golf balls. Even the most expensive ones can be bought for under seventy dollars, while average price ranges between twenty to fifty dollars.

Golf Ball Picker Uppers

Good golf ball picker uppers can easily cover their costs with the first 20 premium golf balls you retrieve using them. Unfortunately, golf ball retrievers come with a stigma attached to them and golfers around the world sense it all too well.

However, the truth is that this golf accessory is simply a cost effective solution to a money bleeding problem and if you care enough, silly stigmas should not bother you at all.

The 3 Best Golf Ball Picker Uppers

Therefore, we have done the research and come up with some great options for you here.

1. I Gotcha Ultimate XL 18ft Golf Ball Retriever

The I Gotcha Ultimate XL 18ft Golf Ball Retriever comes highly recommended from golfers around the world simply because it is one of the best golf ball picker uppers out there.

Made in the US, this is popular golf accessory is famous for its patented shafts, head designs and easy locking system that locks your golf balls in place. It has a strong plastic head that catches golf balls with its unique and patented stainless steel spring-trapping action.

Unlike most other retrievers, it does not have a cup design for holding the ball. Though it may seem that the I Gotcha head design is ineffective, it is anything but. The Spring release-ready head and tight lock clip makes it easier to use than typical retrievers and more effective at gripping balls.

Due of its lightweight stainless steel shaft, it only weighs 19 ounces and the shaft can extend to 18 feet and retract back to a measly 21 inches. This makes it one of the lightest, most durable and compact golf ball picker uppers to carry around the golf course.

Its extended reach, along with the short retracted length, also give you the added convenience of storing and carrying it in the side pocket of your golf bag. Whenever needed, simply pull it out, stretch it and reach the deepest and farthest hazards to retrieve your premium golf balls.

2. I Gotcha JAWZ 10′ Golf Ball Retriever

Another product from I Gotcha. What can we say, they simply make great golf ball picker uppers with quirky names! This one is called JAWS and we assume that is due to its teeth-like inner surface that tightly locks around your golf balls to secure them.

I Gotcha does a great job at making these telescopic shafts that stretch out enough to reach far but can also be retracted enough to store in smaller places. The JAWS is available in 18 feet and 10 feet variants, which are our focus here.

We picked this one because we wanted to add a smaller, more compact model among the other bigger ones mentioned in this list. This product stretches out to 10 feet and can be collapsed to just 15.5 inches for very convenient storage.

It features a tight grip, which makes it easy to fetch your premium golf balls from murky hazards without losing track. Its ease of use, compact design and lower price makes it an excellent choice for beginners, although golf veterans will get similar results.

3. Callaway 15th Club Pocket Retriever

The Callaway 15th Club Pocket Retriever is an excellent golf ball retriever that is very popular and highly rated as one of the best golf ball picker uppers. It comes from a well-established brand that golfers everywhere trust and prefer.

It is made with a premium quality aluminum alloy, which makes it a sturdy and durable choice, even when using at full length for hard to reach water hazards.

It can stretch out to 15 feet when fully extended and retracts back to 45 inches when collapsed for carrying. You will find it very easy to pick golf balls with this Callaway product due to its stainless steel head mechanism.

It has an ergonomic sure-grip that is very convenient to hold on to while you fish your ball out of the water or try to pick it from those deeper hazards.

This retriever even comes with a dual zip head cover that protects its head mechanism and makes it look like you are carrying just another club in your golf bag. This is a product from a premium brand, perfect for any penalty shots that may land anywhere.

Our Final Thoughts

In a sport where the equipment can be so expensive and sometimes necessary for a better game, golf ball picker uppers are unique – they save your premium golf balls and subsequently save you a ton of money.

They are a great way to save hundreds of dollars for any golfer who does not want to throw their money away at the cost of landing golf balls in hazards. We strongly believe these products are all excellent and you cannot go wrong with any of them.

Even if you are not an avid golfer and go golfing once or twice a year, you can still take advantage of golf ball picker uppers because they are quick to cover their costs. We cannot fault them and there is no reason you should not have one in your golf bag.

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