Best Golf Ball Display Cases

Players of all sports are able to relate to the memories they’ve made through all of the days spent playing their sport. As we age, our ability to play different sports dies down. However, the memories we have accumulated with us over the years of playing the sport remain with us for forever until we breathe our last. Many players keep pieces of memorabilia with them as a sign of the achievements they may have collected over time and to remind themselves of their former glory.

Golf is one sport that is filled with special memories and moments. From your first swing to your first hole in one and the first entry into a professional tour, there are multiple memories and moments for players to hold onto. However, while memories will stick with us forever, there is no better way to preserve them for everyone to see than through a golf balls display case.

Golf balls display cases are solid structures that have individual openings to store monumental golf balls from your playing days. These could be memorabilia golf balls with autographs from your favorite players or just special achievement balls that you may have pocketed during your own time as a player.

Best Golf Ball Display Cases

In this article we list down 5 of the best golf ball display cases to have in your home. We also mention a buyer’s guide to help you through the process and make the selection even easier.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Golf Ball Display Case

There are a number of golf ball display cases available in the market today. Knowing the variety and options available to you, one should consider a few key factors during the purchase. We list these factors down in this section:

Number of Slots Available

The first thing you need to consider in the purchase is the number of slots available in the display case. Different display cases come in different sizes, which is why it is necessary that you get a display case that can accommodate the different memorabilia or autographed balls from your career in. The last thing you want is to buy a golf case with more slots than the number of memorabilia balls you have.

Quality of Glass Construction

The glass construction surrounding the golf ball slot is what makes these display cases so popular with people. Before buying the best golf ball display case, make sure that you check the quality of the glass construction. The glass should be sturdy enough to last you for life.


The final factor to consider before the purchase is the price of the display case. Obviously, you would want a display case that is within your budget and does not require you to break your bank. Do your research and you’re sure to find a display case within your budget.

1. DisplayGifts 110 Golf Ball Display Case

This DisplayGifts 110 Golf Ball Display Case is the perfect display case if you are looking to show off your collection of signed logo golf balls or memorabilia golf balls from your own playing days. This display case comes with a wall cabinet holder and is hung up with the wall rather than being positioned as a standalone case.

This golf ball display case is artistically crafted with the best solid wood materials. The UV glass ensures perfect anti-glare even when positioned in the open. The cabinet holders can be hammered into any game room, office or trophy room. The amazing design sits in well almost everywhere.

2. DisplayGifts Golf Gift 49-Ball Cabinet Display Case Rack

This DisplayGifts Golf Gift 49-Ball Cabinet Display Case Rack is slightly smaller than the case rack we looked at above and can hold 49 balls. This display case comes with a wall cabinet holder and is hung up with the wall rather than being positioned as a standalone case.

The case comes with a number of exciting features along with the decent capacity of the slots and the brilliant wood material it is made out of. The case even offers UV protection glass.

3. Perfect Cases PGA Golf Ball Glass Display Case

Unlike the cases mentioned above, the Perfect Cases PGA Golf Ball Glass Display Case is a premium case with a shiny exterior that can hold only one ball. This golf ball glass display case comes for all users who don’t have 49 or 100 balls to place inside a premium ball holder.

This is the ideal golf ball display case to display the one special ball you have as memorabilia from your playing days. This could be your first hole-in-one ball or a ball signed by your favorite golf star.

4. Ikee Design Acrylic Mountable Golf Balls Display Case

This Ikee Design Acrylic Mountable Golf Balls Display Case is a 5-tier case that comes with an excellent storage option for 20 golf balls. The display case comes with magnetic gates that can hold 20 balls in 5 tiers of 4 balls each.

The clear and durable acrylic case offers brilliant aesthetics and is easy to mount on the wall easily. The fixture looks good in most rooms.

5. BCW Golf Ball Square Golf Ball Holder and Display Case

This square shaped BCW golf ball holder and display case is the perfect equipment for people to keep their favorite golf ball safe with them.

The square shaped golf ball holder measures 2 inches and comes with UV protection to keep the golf ball safe from the glare of the sun. The design can comfortably hold a golf ball and stop it from moving when you carry the case.

Our Final Thoughts

The DisplayGifts 110 Golf Ball Display Case is our best golf ball display case for golf enthusiasts and former players. The case can easily accommodate 110 golf balls. If you want a smaller version, you can get one with 49 slots in the same design.

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