The 6 Best Funny Golf Head Covers

As a golfing beginner, you might be struggling with everything from the club fees to weird rules and the unique attire. Those not initiated into golf, always wonder how people can play such a boring game. An oddity that many of you probably have encountered now is funny golf head covers that most players’ drivers are sporting. From funny to absurdly bizarre and head-turners, there are uncountable designs that you will see popping on the golf field or nodding their head from the back of a speeding cart. The sight is pretty funny.

Let’s get back to the subject at hand ― a golf head cover is like a protective sleeve that goes over your club’s head and protects it from any kind of damage when it is not being used. Every club has a different-sized headcover. At first, golfers only used a head cover to protect their woods. However, now that woods are made with alloys or metals, the head covers are not that necessary. Still, the ones with graphite shaft need protection and hence, the covers come into play. There are covers for irons, wedges, and the most important club of all ― the driver.

Some of the most common funny golf head covers include any designs relating to animals and blockbuster movies. If you love your clubs then we highly suggest that you make haste and get covers for all your clubs.

Best Funny Golf Head Covers

The following list includes our pick of the top six funny golf head covers that we found on the internet:

Cute Animal Head Covers

Your drivers deserve special attention and for that, you need something that will add a little pizazz to your golf bag. This is why we recommend that you offer your best player the utmost safety and what better way to do it than with a cute cover. So, what’s your favorite animal? Here’s a great idea for choosing a design ― go with one that represents your spirit animal. A few popular animal head covers include a gopher, monkey, tiger, and hedgehog.

The Emoji Head Cover

We are not talking about just any emoji! If you truly want to make other golfers laugh and join in the fun, we suggest that you go with something truly outrageous. And what better way to do it than getting a poop emoji head cover! Can you imagine the peals of laughter that everyone will hear on the field?

Hammer Head Cover

The release of Thor gave rise to a plethora of merchandise, one of which also included Mjölnir toys, pencil cases, figurines, and now… head covers. Let them know that the God of Golf has arrived on the field. We bet that just by having this head cover in front of you, you will be able to improve your game and make great shots.

Beer Pint Head Cover

Do you love golf as much as your pint of beer after the game? Then why not combine your love for these two things and get a beer pint head cover? Bring happy hour to the field and show other golfers how you play your game. By the way, which hole are you playing… 5th or 12th?

T-Rex Cover

If there’s one thing that the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies have made us fascinated with, it’s the T-Rex ― the dinosaur of chaos. Those dinosaurs sure know how to make an entrance. So, why not get a design that goes with the star of these movies?

The Marvel and DC Gang

Are you a fan of Marvel movies? Many people have a favorite and that usually is Iron Man, heck even Hulk. However, the newer generation prefers Spider-Man and Captain Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Here’s how you can create a “3 Superheroes Walk into a Golf Field” joke ― get three themed head covers including Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Thor. As the Thunder of God, the driver should be covered with Thor-themed head cover, and then proceed to Iron Man, and then Spider-Man. This will also help you to memorize which club is under which cover.

Moving on to DC, which has its separate fan base, here too you have plenty of choices such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, etc. If you are in the mood to create some light banter between your golfing friends, which will be more about DC vs. Marvel, including Deadpool is a must.

Now that you know what different types of funny golf head covers you can get your hands on, let’s talk about why you need them:

Benefits of Golf Head Covers

Each golf club is made of a different time of metal. The steel shaft and the lightweight carbon fiber make them quite delicate, which is why they are vulnerable to scratches. Since clubs often clank against each other and bang around in the bag while driving, you need to make sure that they have appropriate cover.

It doesn’t hurt that the funny covers add a bit of personality and if you are a newbie who still has difficulty in differentiating between the different clubs then you will be easily able to identify them from their head covers.

Our Final Thoughts

So, how are your drivers doing? If you have been off your game lately, it might be because your club’s surface is damaged. Yes, it’s been known to happen! We suggest that you get your clubs the right protection, and by that, we meant the funny golf head covers mentioned above.

These covers add a little more fun to the game, not that golfing is boring, but it sure isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. With such head covers on display, we are sure that you will have a good time on the field with your friends and other golf players. You will probably talk more about your club’s head cover than the game itself.

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