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They say practice makes perfect. But how can you practice your passion for golf, when you live in an area without a golf course and haven’t inherited lands from your forefathers to turn into your own private playing area? Golf players with limited resources often start practicing their craft at home. It is at home that they learn the art of putting and gain the precision that is required on the golf course.

However, playing at home with an actual golf ball is not devoid of risk. One wrong flick and you might end up breaking that vase that holds a lot of value or might shatter the fluorescent light in your home. Fortunately enough, there are practice golf balls made out of foam, and even plastic, which can help golf enthusiasts practice their craft at home.

This not only improves the standard of your game, but also leads to the emergence of a decent pastime activity at home. However, one thing you should keep in mind is to not compare these balls with real golf balls, as that will just lead you to disappointment. Look at them in their own individual glory and enjoy the practicing experience.

Best Foam Golf Balls

In this article we help you take your passion for golf forward by mentioning some of the best foam golf balls available in the market. These balls carry their own unique attributes and work to make the game easier to practice at home.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Foam Golf Balls

Before we move forward and highlight the best foam golf balls to buy for players at home, let us first mention the things you should consider in the process. Keep these factors in mind and evaluate individual balls based on them.


The very first thing you need to consider before buying the best foam golf balls is the durability of the ball you buy. Obviously, the practice ball you play with should be durable and shouldn’t lose its shape or size with the passage of time. Plastic balls do not make good options for golf practice, because they can get deformed easily and lose their shape. Deformation is also a problem with low quality foam golf balls, but you wouldn’t experience it with the options we have mentioned.

Ball Flight Mimicry

The next factor you should consider is the ability of these foam balls to mimic the actual feel of a golf ball. Players have pointed out that some high-end foam balls are almost at par with real golf balls when it comes to ball flight, swinging, slicing and hooking. However, more often than not, the actual feel of the swing is different than what it is with a real ball.


Finally, you should consider the price of different golf balls. There is a noticeable difference between foam training golf balls based on price. While you can get these balls at a rate of 30 cents per ball as well, a decent product will be around 1 dollar.

The 5 Best Foam Golf Balls for Practice

1. Callaway HX Soft Flite Practice Golf Balls

These Callaway HX Soft Flite Practice Golf Balls are made out of foam and work to make practice easier and more convenient. The unique patented HEX dimple pattern by Callaway is actually present in this set as well and mimics the original flight of golf balls.

The soft foam construction of these balls is durable and will help you practice without damaging property or clubs. The product includes a mesh bag as well for portability and storage.

2. Almost Point3 Golf Balls

These Almost Point3 Golf Balls are ideal for golfers practicing at home and give you a chance to take your game to the next level. These balls float when in water and mimic real golf balls in their flight and other attributes.

The interior foam and pressure determine the proper rotation, accuracy and track of this high quality foam goal. The Point3 comes with a basic construction design which makes it safe for your backyard and indoor practice.

3. The Floppy Indoor Practice Balls

These Floppy Indoor Practice Balls are perfect for all golfers practicing golf or people who’re fans of Phil Mickelson and the tips he has mentioned in his Secrets of the Short Game book. This practice ball comes with a soft foam exterior and allows you to practice without worrying about internal damage.

It is undeniable that these balls come with great twist-and-turn technology, which closely mimics the style of real golf balls. Do not, however, strike hard as that may cause damage indoors or in the backyard.

4. Intech Golf Foam Practice Balls

These Intech Golf Foam Practice Balls are a good addition to your practice routine. These balls come with an excellent, soft and comfortable exterior which allows you to practice without worrying about the repercussions.

The golf balls tend to have a thick cover on them, with a high performance core, which can cover longer distances and improve the accuracy of the results around the green. The 432 dimple pattern achieves excellent flight for the ball.

5. Golf Gifts & Gallery High Impact Foam Practice Golf Balls

These practice foam balls by golf gift and gallery come in a package of 12 with 12 reusable and durable balls inside. The balls offer true flight and extended life with the high density construction.

The soft foam used on these balls helps limit damage to interior spaces and can improve the output you get from the ball.

Our Final Thoughts

The Callaway HX Soft Flite Practice Golf Ball is our recommended pick from this list. These foam golf balls come with Callaway’s patented dimple technology and give excellent ball flight. You can search for reviews online as well to buy the best foam golf balls.

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