Best Drivers to Correct a Slice

It isn’t just beginners who have to fight the slice. Even the best golfers out there will have to face it. But whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it’s still not a very pleasant feeling to feel the impact of the ball on the driver’s face and then look up to see it wildly slice.

What is a slice? An average, decently-struck drive that doesn’t fly straight. When you strike the ball with an open clubface, you end up with a slice.

Slices aren’t usually a problem when you’re playing with an iron, but far more common with drivers. The design of a driver, the longest club in your bag, will make your swing wider, and many things can go wrong in a swing like this.

Drivers aren’t the only cause for a slice, but having a decent driver will definitely help keep you on the fairway.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Now, let’s go ahead and take a closer look at each of these clubs. The following are some of the best drivers to help cure you of your slice.

TaylorMade M2 D-Type Driver

Over the past couple of years, the TaylorMade M1 and M2 drivers have taken over the world of golf. It’s no surprise to see them being used by professionals at big tournaments.

The M2 driver helps you hit long distances, but if you are a golfer that slices the ball, this doesn’t matter too much. However, the M2 helps handicap golfers who want to straighten the flight of their ball. The built-in draw basis helps mid-to-high handicappers enjoy a straight ball flight.

The ‘D’ in the name stands for Draw. The club also has a multi-material design, geocoustic sole, and an active speed pocket.

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You can also customize your overall performance with this driver. The 4-degree loft sleeve made of aluminum gives you 12 adjustable settings to work towards improving your slice. There is also a 360 dual-performance grip for a consistent feel through your swing. However, this driver does not have an adjustable weight system for the sole.

However, one downside to this driver is that some golfers might be challenged by having to keep their spin rates down, which may cause your shot to be shorter than you’d like it to be.

Cobra F-Max Offset Driver

Cobra is known for helping with producing more power, but this driver is more focused on helping you minimize slice. To some extent, it helps you achieve that by being very lightweight. Being Cobra’s lightest driver, it helps get better distance and speed, especially if you are new to golf.

The focus for this driver is on draw bias. Cobra carried out its own analysis of slicing and determined that those who have slicing tendency and those who have an average swing speed need maximum draw bias, and this driver was developed and designed to help with that.

The swing is made easy by being lightweight – not just on the clubface but also on the shaft.

The driver also comes with improved laser grips that aid with consistency and comfort for tee shots.

The driver doesn’t have a lot of drawbacks, but the offset with this is more than with other draw bias drivers. If your slice problem isn’t too bad, this could become an issue for you. The driver is also not very adjustable.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset Driver

If a few years ago, you said Tour Edge wasn’t a great driver, that would have made sense. Today, not so much. Over the past few years, Tour Edge has managed to climb its way up to being one of the best brands out there in the golf industry.

The Hot Launch 2 Offset is a club that has a very large sweet spot, so you shouldn’t have a lot of mishits, and it delivers more power. A big sweet spot is perfect if you’re new to golf, and you get a great impact.

The trajectory from right to left is reliable, given the offset hosel and sole weighting, and the titanium club head gives you maximum power.

This driver is great for high-launching shots because the weight is in the back of the sole, and you get a really deep center of gravity. The internal sole also has more weight in the toe, so you get extra stability.

The major drawback with this driver is that you don’t have adjustability, though most drivers designed to help you with your slice have this theme. Another downside is that you don’t get quite as much distance as before, so you will have to make a tradeoff. It is also rather pricey compared to other drivers.

Ping G400 SFT

You know this driver is meant to do what you want it to do because the ‘SFT’ in its name stands for ‘straight flight.’

It combines a smaller club head with a custom-engineered, reduce-drag design, resulting in lighter swing weight.  This design choice helps you square the clubface up and limit slices.

The Tungsten heel weights are also another feature to help cure your slice. The higher-density heel weight gives the club a good forgiveness, and you can dial in launch conditions by adjusting the loft +/- 1 degree on the hosel.

The Alta CB Premium Shaft uses a counter-balance design to increase energy transfer. The shaft is also painted with a vibrant copper color that transitions to nearly all black at impact.

The downsides to this driver include the small profile of the clubface, which may intimidate some golfers, and there is no adjustability for the center of gravity.

PGX Offset Driver

The PGX is one of the most popular and affordable offset drivers out there. It has a large clubhead, which means there’s more surface area to hit the ball. That’s ideal for new golfers or for those who have a slice.

The offset technology helps square the ball at impact, resulting in straighter flight. A large sweet spot means you can experience the highest level of forgiveness.

The club has a sleek, elegant look. The matte black and white and green accents make it very appealing and sharp. There is also a headcover included with the purchase.

The driver is lightweight, and the shaft is graphite, so maneuvering it is no trouble, even for beginners.

The one downside about this driver is that it does not seem to hold up very well at impact, and you may end up with significant scratches after only a few days.

Our Final Thoughts

Ideally, you should get the best drivers to cure your slice as along with some training from an experienced teacher. Though any of the above drivers can also do the trick, they won’t be as effective as combined results.

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