Best Cobra Putters

After a fairly long hiatus, Cobra Golf has finally launched some great new putters. Golfers can rejoice in 2021 as a great selection of the best Cobra Putters can help you improve your game.

There is no doubt that the 3D putters look fabulous and aesthetically appealing thanks to the slick design and the utilization of Descending Loft Technology – this allows golfers to pick the right putter for their stroke.

The designs of Cobra Vintage putters are simply splendid. The stainless steel construction looks immaculate and gives these putters a smooth sheen and scintillating appearance. These clubs have a classic and timeless appearance.

As you would expect, 3D putters cost more than vintage models. You can choose from any one of these two ranges to take your game to another level.

Best Cobra Putters

Features you should know about

Cobra Golf Vintage and 3D putters have different attributes.

The color combination and design are inspired by sports cars. Hence, the design is sleek and eye-catching. Cobra RadSpeed irons are made in 3D to minimize weight and facilitate free movement.

A nylon cartridge is embedded into the 3D printed putters. Its purpose is to allow you to shift the weight and boost MOI. In case you did not know, more MOI prevents twisting of the putter face.

This putter line is also inspired by Sik Golf which makes putters for well-known players like Bryson DeChambeau. Cobra has leveraged the Descending Loft Technology to improve its putter’s attributes.

Descending Loft Technology

Descending Loft Technology is useful for creating various lofts on the putter face. This is a very practical feature since golfers have unique strokes. Hence, with this technology, you can hit the ball with accuracy irrespective of the angle that you use for your putter.

The forged aluminum insert is included for better accuracy and comfort. The forged aluminum crown is also embedded so that the putter can rest comfortably in your hands.

3D Printed Range

The 3D printed range includes Grandsport, Supernova, and the Agera. These are available in the US.

Vintage Range

The vintage stingray, nova, and sport are constructed with stainless steel and thus have a premium feel. Thanks to their design, they have a great visual appeal that impresses before you have even held them.

Cobra Golf has promoted the custom fitting option in the Vintage line. All putters have a name number that indicates the club’s toe hang. This is an important factor that you should consider before buying putter clubs.

The putter’s toe hang should be suitable for your style of play. To make this happen, Cobra has utilized custom fitting. The custom weighting feature is available in the Vintage range. These are larger compared to the 3D-printed putters.

If you are uncertain about the weight you should be using for your Cobra vintage putter, you should visit the company website. Here, you can find further information on the weight that will suit you best.

The latest Vintage putters have a terrific design that is visually appealing. The stainless steel finish is immaculately shiny. Golf fans will be interested to know that the design is inspired by sports cars.

If you need a putter that feels better in your hands, then you should opt for the 3D printed line. Of course, you will have to spend more on these 3D clubs than the vintage version.

The Descending Loft Technology makes the clubs feel great and gives them impressive roll too. The type of stroke you play does not matter since no sidespin is created. Hence, you putt with ease and accuracy.

Agera Armlock Style

Another thing to note in these putters is that the Agera sports the armlock style. The feel that you get from the 3D printed shape is wonderful. It also helps you to put the ball well.

Old-school players will feel that Vintage club looks better. And they really do feel good to play with. However, there is no denying that the 3D-printed putters have a higher MOI that allows the clubface to remain straighter.

Both the vintage as well as 3D designs are great additions to the Cobra portfolio of golfing equipment. It’s nice to know that Cobra has launched a fantastic new product range with its Cobra putters.

Cobra Golf is a reputable brand fabricating quality golf clubs starting in 1975. However, fans will be unable to recall the last time they launched a new product range.

There is a reason why Cobra did not introduce new clubs for such a long time. Since no innovation could be implemented, Cobra did not introduce new putters. But as soon as it developed new technology, Cobra did introduce sophisticated new putters.

This is a record year for golf equipment sales since putters are being sold in greater numbers and at higher prices.

Innovative Design

The Cobra brand is renowned for its clever though sometimes perplexing designs. Innovation is key to the brand, and it does not fulfill demand without it.

Cobra has partnered with HP to fabricate the King 3D printed range. Various premium materials have been used in its construction. Cobra has managed to create a highly forgiving set of putters by leveraging the SIK face technology, tungsten weights, forged aluminum, and of course, the 3D printed Nylon insert.

The Vintage putter range of Cobra has a more nostalgic feel to it since their names are derived from classic sports cars. However, you should not let this factor deceive you. These putters have the very latest in tech. This includes the adjustable weight mechanism and the SIK face technology that help improve stability and control.

There are 3 innovative designs to choose from in the 3D printed range and an aggregate of 6 putters that you can select from. And in the Vintage classic range, there are four classic designs that you can select from 7 putters.

If you are interested in these putters, you will certainly want to know more about their deployed technology, considering that Cobra is renowned for its ingenious and slick designs.

Good Construction

Multi-material construction is one of the notable features of this range of putters. The material design allows the ball to roll stably and consistently. Thanks to the 3D printed Nylon cartridge, tungsten weights, and forged aluminum crown, you get a greater MOI for extra forgiveness that golfers will appreciate. Hence, it will allow you to play more stable strokes.

The weight distribution technique is revolutionary, as expected from a brand like Cobra. The 3D nylon insert replaces the centralized weight. As a result, weight is distributed along the perimeter. Cobra has included tungsten weights so that the perimeter is stabilized. Hence, you can play shots with greater control and stability.


The SIK face insert is made of aluminum, and it leverages the Descending Loft Technology to give you unrivaled consistency for each shot. There is a 4-degree loft on the upper part of the hitting surface. The lowest level has a loft angle of only 1 degree. Hence, the loft angle reduces gradually as you move down the front face. This can help you with just about any style of play.

If you are prone to swinging lower, then the 4-degree loft at the top will assist you. If you swing the club slightly higher, then you will need less loft. This is where the lower loft angles come into play. Hence, the club surface can accommodate a variety of shots.

You can sync the Cobra Connect Grip with your smartphone to monitor your stats and improve your game. A sensor is embedded within the grip. This sensor is powered by the Arccos Caddie app so that you can gradually enhance your putting play.

Best Cobra King 3D Printed Putter Range



The King Grandsport-35 has a large blade and is constructed with various high-grade materials. Included in the structure is a 3D printed lattice cartridge as well as tungsten weights and a forged aluminum crown. The SIK face technology is designed to give you a high level of consistency and stability on each shot.

The King Grandsport-35 Armlock is 41 inches long, and it leverages the armlock grip, promoting accuracy for players who like to lean the shaft and grip on their leading forearm. The club sports multi-material construction. The SIK Face Technology is responsible for high MOI, which will boost roll precision and stability.


The King Supernova club has a rather remarkable-looking fang design. Included in the multi-material construction is a 3D printed nylon insert, tungsten weights, aluminum weights, and SIK technology that gives you the right combination of roll precision and stability to assist you with your stroke play.


The King Agera has the greatest MOI of 7540. The oversize mallet shape design is stylish and unique. The multi-material construction includes tungsten weights, aluminum weights, and a 3D printed insert made of nylon. Thanks to the SIK Face technology, you have the most forgiving 3D printed putter in the form of the King Agera.

The King Agera Armlock measures 41 inches in length. The armlock grip will assist those players who like to rest the shaft and grip on their leading forearm. Such players can expect improved accuracy from the unique design. The multi-material mallet design sports the SIK Face technology to give you a highly forgiving and stable putter.

Best Cobra King Vintage Putter Range

ASIN: B094D513FB

This series of putters may have a vintage design, but modern technology is built into them so that you get top performance out of these clubs. You can choose from a total of 7 vintage putters.

This putter line will give you a sense of nostalgia since the names of these putters are reminiscent of classic sports cars. The chassis is made of 304 stainless steel that has unmatched luster. The adjustable weight mechanism and SIK face technology help fine-tune your accuracy and shot stability.

For each putter, you can make good use of the adjustable weighting mechanism to get a high level of stability and comfort. However, you should know that weights are sold separately.

Much like the 3D printed series, these putters also sport the SIK aluminum face and the Cobra Connect Grip, which helps you follow your putting display.

At the upper part of the hitting area, the loft measures 4 degrees. The loft measures only one degree at the bottom of the hitting area. The angle gradually decreases as you move down the hitting surface. These angles can accommodate players who swing at variable heights.

Thanks to the Cobra Connect Grip powered by the Arccos Caddie app, you can monitor your putting play to improve your performance steadily.

Sport-45 and Sport-60

The blade design of the King Vintage Sport-45 has a classic feel to it. The plumber neck hosel will benefit players who use more power in their putting strokes. This feature can boost your level of control over both short and long putts.

The blade design of the King Vintage Sport-60 is likewise classic. The flow neck hosel will assist players with a significant arc on their strokes. This feature can help with short as well as long putts.

Cobra introduced the first-ever commercially sold high-tech 3D printed putters during November 2020. The golf brand showed how 3D printing technology can be used to cover the steelhead in a nylon lattice to take out mass from its center. This design is not possible with casting, CNC milling, or forging. However, this useful design feature greatly improves forgiveness and MOI.

Our Final Thoughts

Cobra has introduced a high-tech lineup of putters to help you with your game. The best Cobra putters are reliable pieces of equipment. So rush and get one for yourself.

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