The 6 Best Cobra Fairway Woods

If you’re a golfer, you must know the importance of a fairway wood in your game. Fairway woods are the longest and the most powerful clubs used to send the ball far enough. Every golfer has two of them in their bags. However, when it comes to buying one, it is often challenging since the market is full of different manufacturers claiming to offer the best fairway woods.

Some brands have made their way to stand out from the rest due to their club designs’ innovations, making it convenient for the golfers. One such brand is Cobra. So, if you’re searching for a good fairway wood, Cobra is one of the best options. And, to make it easier for you, this article shares an exhaustive list of the best Cobra Fairway Woods.

But before that, let’s talk about the features you must consider when buying a fairway wood!

Best Cobra Fairway Woods

Best Cobra Fairway Woods

Let’s take a look at the best Cobra fairway woods.

1. Cobra King RADSPEED Fairway Woods

It is a standard fairway wood with a 14.5 Degrees loft and a stiff shaft. It has a radiation weighing technology relative to the center of gravity to optimize the speed and flight direction. The clubhead has a thin-layer carbon crown system which is 30% thinner, making the clubhead lighter in weight. It offers a new inflection with an angle correction on non-oriented shots. It is also available in different colors.

2. Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway

This Speedback Fairway model by Cobra is a women’s fairway wood with an 18.5 Degree and a longer shaft. It has the speed back baffler technology that optimizes turf interaction, reduces the center of gravity and improves launch speed. You can reduce drag and speed up the clubhead with its 360 Aero Technology-Polymer crown that enables you to strike relative to the airflow direction around the clubhead.

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3. Cobra Speedzone Tour Fairway

This is a stiff fairway wood with a 14 degrees loft, ideal for expert or advanced players. The CNC Milled Face makes it five times more precise than other woods. A golfer can have a higher launch and more ball speed with the hollow split rails. In addition, it has a lower and deeper center of gravity due to the light zone-carbon fiber.

4. Cobra King RADSPEED Draw Fairway Wood

It is a regular fairway wood with flexibility and a 22.5 Degrees loft. It has a radial weighting technology that allows a strategic weight placement relative to the center of gravity. The features are pretty much the same as the golf- King RADSPEED Fairway Wood. The only difference is in the loft.

5. Cobra F-Max Fairway Wood

This fairway wood has a 20 Degrees loft and a lightweight design meant for seniors. The weight of the overall club is lighter, enabling the golfer to achieve more swing speed and send the ball to more distance. The shaft only weighs 5g for optimal swing speed around your body.

The back heel is heavy to maintain control and consistency. In addition, the offset design prevents slices, allowing you to hit right in the middle of the fairway and near the greens.

6. Cobra F7 Lexi Fairway Wood

This is a women’s fairway wood with 21 Degrees loft and a baffler dual rail system. It has a two-in-one system to achieve two different Cg settings resulting in two very different ball flights. This way, you can tune your optimum distance and trajectory. It has an easily adjustable loft, MYFLY8 with SMARTPAD, to manage trajectory.

So, these are some of the best Cobra fairway woods you can choose from, depending on your swing speed and level of play. Now, let’s discuss some tips you can follow to achieve maximum distance with a fairway wood.

How are Fairway Woods Different from Other Clubs?

Fairway woods are named after the material they were made in the beginning, although today, the wood is not used in the composition of these clubs. The shafts originally constructed with wood are now characterized by a large, more or less spherical head. Modern woods are made from light metals such as titanium or composite materials.

Players mainly use them on the fairway to cover maximum distance. There are different openings between 13° and 27°, which will allow you to reach different distances.

Inside a player’s bag, fairway woods are the clubs with which the most distance is achieved since their design prevents the ball from taking a kick effect, and its rods are the longest. This gives you more clubhead speed and therefore sends the ball further.

Using a fairway wood requires a few minor adjustments compared to an iron. However, the swing must remain the same. It is not necessarily easier to use on the tee shots than a driver for amateur players because its clubhead is less important on the surface.

On the other hand, the distance covered with a fairway wood can be very substantial if the clubhead is well touched. For this, training is essential. The hopping ball at the driving range has to pass there to feel confident with the fairway wood.

These golf clubs have a larger head, enabling the golfers to play with more confidence. In theory, fairway woods allow easier hits because they are more forgiving. A golfer can achieve the following using a fairway wood:

  • Increase swing speed
  • Generate a wider margin of error since their sweet spot is larger because of the larger head, unlike long irons, with which the golfer is obliged not to miss.
  • The sole slides more easily

Once you have mastered playing with fairway woods, you can benefit from them in many situations. For example, a fairway wood can come in handy if a golfer misses their tee shot but still has quite a bit of distance to cover. On a long par 5, fairway wood should also be used to break the distance. Once it has become a trusted club, you will not be able to do without it!

The right number of fairway woods to keep in your bag depends on our preferences. Not all players carry the same number. Some carry just one fairway wood while others carry two. However, it is usual to carry two types of wood in the bag, among which the most commons are 1, 3 and 5 woods.

Sometimes, it is good to put yourself in the hands of a good professional who will advise you on the golf clubs that best suit you, depending on your swing.

Which Fairway Wood is Right for You?

It is important to know how to choose a good fairway wood to achieve optimal results. The choice of a fairway wood is made according to two main criteria: the adjustable loft and the flexibility of the shaft. You have to choose the loft and shaft flexibility carefully.

Let’s discuss these factors in detail!

An Adjustable Loft

A fairway wood has its loft and shaft length, based on which a golfer can generate distance. For example, a 3 wood has a more closed loft than a 5 wood, increasing the width of the club. Below are the different fairway woods lofts:

  • 3 Wood: Loft 15°
  • 4 Wood: loft 17°
  • 5 Wood: loft 18°
  • 7 Wood: loft 21°
  • 9 Wood: loft 24°

In recent years the lofts have become adjustable, and golfers can have woods with various lofts. When choosing a fairway wood, make sure it has an adjustable loft. One must adjust the clubs to their distances, not the other way around. For that, fairway woods are designed with different shaft lengths, in addition to varying degrees of torsion and different inclination angles to adapt the woods to your needs.

Flexibility of the Shaft

Each fairway wood has a loft and a length that enables a golfer to achieve variation in distance. For example, a 3 wood has a longer shaft than a 5 wood but a more closed clubhead, and, therefore, an increased amplitude of the club. It makes it harder to play on the fairway.

The flexibility of the shaft is identified by certain letters. For example: “L” is used to denote “Lady” or “woman,” this being the most flexible of all, while the letters “XS” refer to “Extra Stiff” or “very rigid.” Here, the starting point is the golf professional’s self-knowledge. This is vital when choosing one or the other shaft. If your swing is slow, you should consider a flexible shaft precisely because it offers speed and power. If you’re an expert player with a faster swing speed, you can get a stiff shaft.

You must look for fairway woods that prevent you from having “gaps” in the distances you obtain with your golf clubs. What is not acceptable is that between the last iron in your bag and the brand-new and modern woods of the last acquisition, there is a difference of 50 meters and yet between the two kinds of wood you do not get more than 10 meters of difference.

Which Fairway Wood to Choose?

They are available in different sizes 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9. If you’re an expert player, you can opt for a 3 or a 4 wood, while the beginner or intermediate player will be better off moving towards a 5 wood, which will be more tolerant.

If you already have one but want a second one, it is better to skip a number between each wood for a sufficient distance difference. For example, if you have a 3 wood, you can get a 5 wood. If you have a 5 wood, go for the 7 wood.

The larger lofts are popular with women and seniors as they take off the ball at a high angle, even with a relatively low impact speed.

The more weight spread to the ends and back, the easier the club to play and, therefore, the more tolerant. The distribution of the masses on the periphery indeed allows better maintenance of the head at the impact on the badly centered strikes. The lowering of the center of gravity allows easier takeoff of the ball.

Now that you know the important features you must consider when buying a fairway wood let’s discuss some of the best Cobra fairway wood drivers to make your task easier!

Tips on How to Use a Fairway Wood

It’s all about the right posture to accurately hit with a fairway wood and send the ball way up to achieve maximum distance. The swing plane adopted while hitting with it is also a bit different from irons.

You can use it to have long to catch up with an average start or when you want to take advantage of a strong start to pick up points. Below are some of the tips you must follow:

  • Put the ball inside your left heel if you’re a right-hander. The opposite goes for left-handers. You need to attack the ball at the lowest point of your swing’s arc, creating a shallow angle of attack.
  • While sweeping the ball away, feeling as if you’re chasing it down the line, you will lose power and consistency if your elbows collapse consistency. An added loft would help, too, as it makes a perfect hit easier. You can easily elevate the ball with a loft. Likewise, shorter shafts make it easier to hit the ball with consistency.

Our Final Thoughts

Always prefer woods with flexible shafts and adjustable lofts. Do not forget to share this with your golfer friends, and let us know how this information worked for you! We hope the information about the features you must consider when buying wood and the best Cobra fairway woods models we shared will help you choose the right one.

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