The 3 Best Cleveland Wedges

Golf is a game that acts as the perfect in-between sport. You neither have to train like a beast to play nor do you have to practice a lot. Well, to play exceptionally well and win, you’ll have to pay attention to it, sure. But generally speaking, golf is a simple sport if you just want to get some sun. Golf culture has been increasingsince more people have started playing it.

It has become a super-fun activity as people host mini-golf tournaments at their backyard BBQs and birthday parties. The sport allows you to stay moderately active and socialize simultaneously as well. This sport is one of those played both casually and professionally. People who pursue it as a passion participate in National Golf Tournaments and eventually International Golf Tournaments.

Proper matches are held with one team or individual winning the trophy. Golf is a game that requires the right equipment to succeed. The suitable kit includes a golf club (with the best wedge), a golf ball, and a set of sturdy golf gloves. Some people also wear a helmet just in case, but that’s entirely up to the player.

Best Cleveland Wedges

Let’s examine a few reasons why one should play golf, its benefits, and eventually, the best golf wedges to improve performance.

Best Cleveland Wedges

When we talk about golf clubs and wedges, Cleveland is the best brand to go to for your golf-playing needs. They make golf clubs that suit individual players’ needs and ensure they win. Cleveland is known to provide the best quality golf clubs with the wedges needed to score a winning shot. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, having these golf wedges by your sidewill help you have a good golf game. Let’s explore a few of its best wedges club by club.

1. Cleveland CBX 2 / Full Face Wedges

Cleveland’s CBX 2 was a breath of fresh air from its predecessor that wasn’t helping many golfers on the course. The CBX 2, however, is much sharper when it comes to the wedges. It ensures golfers ace their wedge shot and end up winning the golf game altogether. The CBX 2 also perfectly fits players’ bags, making it convenient to carry. This version of the CBX wedge acts as the perfect golf wedge as its purpose is to provide the player with more spin and control while keeping forgiveness in mind. Numerous technologies have been used, such as the Balancing Technology, to give more feel to do this successfully. Another technology includes the Rotex Face Technology, which offers a sharper spin and control.

2. Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges

Cleveland’s RTX ZipCore is no exception. This golf wedge comes replacing steel that was originally present in its predecessors. It now has a low-density material behind the wedge’s neck and sole, making it super light to carry while also having a sleeker, more modern look to it. The ZipCore ditches its previous one-piece construction and instead uses material that’s four times lighter than the original wedge. The ZipCore offers a more robust look while giving the feel of a rather classic golf wedge. The grooves on this wedge are also sharper, helping the player be in more control of the golf club. The ZipCore allows players to become familiar with the wedge and use it to score their shot, effectively giving them all the feel.

3. Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedges

The Smart Sole 4 is what most golfers are going for nowadays. If you struggle with consistent contact, this golf wedge is for you. Mostly because it has ditched its traditional construction, giving more spin technique to its holder. The deep cavity ends up adding more to the forgiveness of this robust golf wedge. If you haven’t the Smart Sole 4 yet, do it as soon as possible since it’s one of the best golf wedges to own on the course. The impressiveness of this golf wedge also comes from its genius design. The feel balancing technology is also present in this golf wedge, which is excellent for the center of gravity. When slight weight is lifted from the hosel, the center of gravity comes closer to the center of the face, which results in better gameplay for the golfer.

Reasons to Play Golf

Golf is the perfect sport to play if you don’t want to be insanely fit but stay somewhat active. It doesn’t require plenty of running around like you usually would while playing football or basketball. It’s a relatively calm sport that acts as a meditation tool while one gets their daily dose of Vitamin D. Let’s explore a few reasons why one should try playing golf if they haven’t already.

Keeps Your Daily Activity in Check

Health experts say one should indulge in at least one physical activity daily to balance their hormone levels. Staying active also helps with keeping your body in good shape. But it’s challenging to remain physically fit at all times, especially if you’re someone who’s constantly on the go due to work or otherwise. This is where golf comes in. Playing golf is your best option for staying fit as it allows you to play indoors as well. Hence, if you’re looking for a sport that helps you with your fitness goals, golf’s your best friend.

Best Activity for Socializing

When you have some friends over, play some golf with them. It’s an activity that allows you to play along with exchanging some gossip. One reason why playing golf can mainly be fun is because it lets you multitask. Your mind doesn’t entirely have to focus on the playing part, and you can do other things such as mingling with others. Hence, arranging a mini-golf course wouldn’t be too bad an option whenever you think of having a little get-together. It’ll surely rile the party up (in the best way possible).

You Can Brag About Being an Athlete

Well, playing golf doesn’t really make you an “athlete,” but it’s undoubtedly become a hot sport to play. Whoever you tell about your golf-playing would certainly be impressed, or fascinated, to say the least. It’s like telling someone you know how to play chess. Golf may seem like a cute sport, but it can be challenging. The higher the stakes, the tougher it gets to play (and win). Hence, no matter how weak or strong your game is, you can always tell people you’re a beginner and practice becoming a pro.

It Isn’t Age-Restricted

If someone’s been telling you only young people can play golf, hit them with some hard facts. You’ll see many older people on golf courses shooting balls in the golf pit. Here’s the thing about golf, it’s for everyone. You don’t have to be of a certain age to be a pro at it. Sure, older people may not be as great players as people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. But they can still hit a ball or two. Hey, they might even be better than many beginners. Older people are often seen playing golf because their doctors advise them to do so. Given their age, they can’t indulge in anything more intense. Hence, golf it is.

Good Way to Build Relationships

You might’ve often seen in movies how substantial business deals crack over a game of golf. It may seem cliché, but it happens in real life too. Many professional gatherings are held at golf courses, not just business meetings. Golf has kind of become a go-to sport when such events happen. That’s so because golf provides people an opportunity to bond and share a connection. A golfer can have someone by their side to guide them on making a perfect shot, which ignites a spark to a new and long-lasting friendship. It’s the ideal sport to play if breaking the ice is what you’re looking for. Many Human Resources Executives organize mini-golf matches to enhance employee engagement.

Increases Your Focus Levels

To play and win a golf game, you’ll have to calculate the distance mentally you’ll have to cover to hit your ball into the pit. According to that distance, you’ll have to swing your golf club with a certain level of intensity. Your shot depends on how strong your calculation is. The stronger you calculate, the easier you can make your shot. It may not seem at the time, but frequent golf-playing can positively affect your focus levels, which will increase your sharpness as well. That’s another reason why people spend so much of their time trying to perfect their golf games. The better they become at playing, the more they can sharpen their brain. Hence, playing golf can have plenty of positive influence on your brainpower.

Benefits of Playing Golf

Coming to how playing golf benefits you. It does so in many ways. Experts have stated that playing golf frequently has plenty of medical benefits on the human mind and body. It’s also considered a therapy that can aid in many situations. Furthermore, people with anger management or stress problems play golf to help curb their issues. Let’s analyze a few of the medical benefits one by one.

The Perfect Stress-Buster

People who struggle with anxiety and stress need a stress-buster in their lives to calm them down. Playing golf is the perfect stress-buster for such people. Firstly, it distracts them from their problems. When you have a golf club in your hand, the only thing you can think about is hitting the ball into the pit. It won’t erase all of your problems, but it will certainly put your mind off them. Secondly, playing golf will help calm your nerves since it’s a relaxing game overall.

Strengthens Bladder

Yes, we understand how this might sound weird, but it’s true. People with small bladders or who complain about going to the bathroom every twenty minutes can actually strengthen their bladder by playing golf frequently. The more they play, the more distracted they’ll be, which will increase their “holding” time. It might sound like an unconventional way to strengthen your bladder, but it indeed is an effective one. Hence, if you’re fed up with running to the bathroom after just one mug of beer, start playing golf to learn how to hold it without even knowing it.

Burns Calories

Playing golf would require plenty of walking. The golf course is massive for a reason. Technically, it isn’t built to help one burn calories; however, it ends up doing that. When you walk between a golf course ranging from thirty to two-hundred acres, you say goodbye to a lot of calories. Here’s another secret to burning calories: if you ditch the golf cart and walk around the entire golf course while carrying your golf clubs yourself, you’ll burn double the calories. Since you know the secret now, we hope you’ll be walking quite a lot on the course.

Keeps Heart Rate Elevated

Playing golf is a decent exercise to partake in. It’s a good enough physical activity that keeps your heart rate maintained. When you walk plenty and swing a lot, blood will automatically flow more smoothly through your veins, supplying sufficient amounts of oxygen throughout your entire blood flow. This will keep your heart rate elevated, which helps in preventing many heart diseases while eliminating excessive cholesterol. The heart rate stays intact, which aids in preventing many coronary-related problems as well. Hence, playing golf would do your heart good. The more frequent you become at playing golf, the more elevated your heart rate will become.

Good for Your Brain

As mentioned earlier, playing golf is great for increasing brainpower as it increases mental sharpness. However, there’s a medical benefit attached to playing golf as well. Closely related to the elevated heart rate benefit: when the blood travels smoothly from the heart to the entire body (and vice versa), it also travels to the brain. When the brain receives enough oxygen and blood, it becomes stronger and functions even better. The uninterrupted blood flow ensures the person doesn’t get any mental illness such as dementia. So, playing golf can boost your immunity from many mental diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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