The 5 Best Cleveland Irons

If you want to take upon a sport that doesn’t require you to be physically active throughout the game, exploring golf wouldn’t be too bad of an option. For a long time now, golf has become a pretty beloved game. People have golf courses built in their homes to play whenever they want.

Mini-golf, another version of golf, where the golf course is smaller than usual, has also become quite popular. Golf can be a fun sport to play. It has become such a national sport that tournaments are held every year, where teams compete for the ultimate trophy.

One thing that’ll make you win a golf game is the golf club you play with. It makes it easier for you to win. Golf is undoubtedly a tricky game, but playing with a good quality golf club, preferably made of iron, will surely increase your chances. Cleveland is a brand that ensures you play as your best self when playing a game of golf. It makes iron clubs that help you get a step closer to winning. Let’s discuss a few benefits of playing golf and later discuss a few of Cleveland’s best irons.

Best Cleveland Irons

Best Cleveland Irons

By now, if you’ve made up your mind to start playing golf, you’re going to need the best and the right equipment to learn and win your golf game. The right equipment means a golf club that’s solid and sturdy and helps you in hitting your winning shot. Cleveland is known to make such iron golf clubs proven to be highly useful in golf games. So, here’s our list of Cleveland’s best iron golf clubs without further ado.

1. Cleveland UHX

The Cleveland UHX tops our list of the best irons due to its sleek design and overall function. The UHX is made explicitly for mid handicappers and aids them significantly in securing their shot. When we talk about golf handicaps, we mean how well a particular golf player plays. According to their gameplay, golf players are given a score that represents their handicap. The lower a player’s handicap is, the better the player they’ll be considered. Hence, the UHX is a great iron that suits mid handicappers (players with a score ranging from 11 to 20) and is also great for distance control and spin.

2. Cleveland Launcher CBX

This golf iron is probably the best-looking one Cleveland has made. It has two wedge technologies combined, notably the V-Shaped Sole and the Tour Zip grooves, which increase the iron’s forgiveness. The more forgiving an iron is, the better the player would play on the golf course. The Launcher CBX has been tested many times on the course, and golfers had nothing but nice things to say about it. The CBX is great for ball speed and covers much more distance. The feel balancing technology is also present in this golf iron, which is excellent for the center of gravity. When slight weight is lifted from the hosel, the center of gravity comes closer to the center of the face, which results in better gameplay for the golfer.

3. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

The second golf club is the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons. These are the best golf irons, specifically keeping forgiveness in mind. This is a mixture style set of irons, and the Hibore Crown has been assisting players with getting around the course in fewer strokes for a long time. Cleveland thought of this Hi-Bore crown idea years quite some time ago to aid golf players who experienced difficulty getting their ball out. The profound weighting and lightweight feel of the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo iron assist golf players with getting quicker ball speeds and much more distance. These golf irons have come with plenty of strength, including a visibly firm steel face, and are an open development golf club. The focal point of gravity is shallow and permits players to get the ball to fly high away from the rough.

4. Cleveland 588 TT

Cleveland’s new 588 Rotex (RTX) series has dispatched three arrangements of 588 irons and two kinds of wedges. While the wedges might snatch the features, the three arrangements of irons are similarly energizing. Cleveland’s 588 TT upgrades usefulness. It is made to produce a more penetrative ball flight contrasted with the other two models. The undercut hole intends to convey control, just as is the full functioning requested by the more talented golf player. These irons will suit predictable ball-strikers, yet the undercut depression will likewise offer a substantial degree of forgiveness for those unbalanced strikes. Likewise, they ought to provide an infiltrating ball flight and added control and functionality. We love this new 588 family because you can trade the irons – so basically, you can have the Altitude irons in the more drawn-out clubs, the MT in the mid-irons, and the TT in the more limited clubs.

5. Cleveland 588 Forged CB

The new 588 Forged CB irons are pointed immovably at the better player. They have been manufactured from 1025 carbon steel, a gentler metal to upgrade feel, and similar Tour Zip grooves and laser milled faces as the 588 Forged wedges. The laser-processed faces see four complex score lines scratched between each notch to expand surface unpleasantness for more twists. The Cleveland 588 Forged CB irons have a touch more offset than the MBs and a somewhat longer edge length for added confidence over the ball. The CBs additionally highlight a dynamic pit plan with even more a pocket-cavity in the more drawn-out irons, which advances into a shallow pit in the more limited scoring clubs. The set can be joined with the Cleveland 588 Forged MB irons to make a combo set. The two include another True Temper Tour Concept Steel shaft, which has been grown solely for Cleveland to offer a lower infiltrating flight liked by many better players.

Benefits of Playing Golf

If you’ve never played golf ever, you might find it a little tricky in the beginning. And it certainly is. However, the more you’ll play, the more you’ll get into the game and understand its techniques. Furthermore, golf is known to be quite a beneficial sport as it has a lot of advantages on the human body and mind. Let’s get into some of the positive aspects of playing golf and see its effects on overall health.

Enhances Mental Well-Being

Mental health is a topic thankfully nobody shies away from. It has become quite an openly discussed issue instead of being taboo like it was in earlier years. Taking care of your mental health is as important as your physical health, and one way to do that is by playing golf. We’re not saying golf is the only way. However, we can’t overlook golf’s ability to help release the players’ endorphins (especially when winning), making you feel lighter and happier. Hence, if you’re looking for ways to have healthier mental health, do give playing golf a shot.

Allows You to Socialize

You might have seen how people invite others over a game of golf. It may be a cliché example, but tycoons and millionaires finalize business meetings over golf games. Remember how we mentioned mini-golf? You can organize multiple mini-golf events in your backyard, and players can mingle with each other and make conversation while playing golf. Since it’s not one of those sports where players have to be physically active throughout, it gives you a chance to have chats with other players. Hence, it’s an excellent way to unwind and relax.

It’s a Great Stress-Buster

Stress and anxiety can be your worst enemies. Some people have it so bad that they wake up panicking in the middle of the night, with their heartbeats and pulse rates raised abnormally. Golf can act as one of the best stress-busters for such people. It allows them to focus their energies on the game, indirectly taking their minds off their disturbances. We understand it’s not a permanent solution, but stress-busters aren’t really meant to be permanent, right?

It’s Easy to Learn

Golf doesn’t have a list of complicated rules that’ll make your head spin. It’s a simple game that anyone can play. However, it may all the more be challenging to master. However, if you’re looking for a sport that wouldn’t require you to be physically fit, golf would be an excellent option to consider. You don’t need any extensive equipment other than a golf club and a golf ball, and this makes things easier. You can get some hand gloves if you must.

Increases Mental Sharpness

While playing golf, one has to be vigilant and calculative to hit the ball into the cup successfully. The player needs to measure the distance mentally, and according to that, decide at which intensity to swing the golf club. Knowing such calculations will help you win your golf game and increase your sharpness in the process. Therefore, golf players are considered very mentally sharp and strategic. So, the more golf you play, the more you’ll increase your mental alertness.

It’s a Good Exercise

Frequent golf games also take care of your physical health. If you don’t have the time to exercise, a quick golf game will do the trick. Playing golf is equal to a decent body workout. While playing, you’ll have to do a lot of walking, either brisk or slow. Either way, a certain amount of walking is essential to keep your body active, and golf allows you to do that. The best part is that it won’t feel like a workout. You’d be too busy focusing on getting the ball in the cup.

It’s a Low-Impact Sport

As emphasized above, golf doesn’t require you to run vigorously during the game. It’s a relatively casual game where all you have to do is hit the ball into the cup. It may be easier said than done; however, it’s still a game that people of all ages can play. People who have problems with their joints and are asked by their doctors to stay somewhat active can play golf.

Other sports, such as tennis or rugby, would be too intense for people with problematic joints. Hence, golf acts as the perfect in-between game that allows them to stay active and not affect their joints.

Improves Vitamin D Deficiency

Playing golf would increase your outdoor exposure, which will help you get more sun. While you play directly under the sun, you’ll get your daily vitamin D dose, which will make your bones function better. Lack of vitamin D can lead to many conditions that, trust us, you don’t want to have. Vitamin D deficiency can lead you to feel more lethargic, lazy, and unenergetic. Neither of these things has a good overall impact on your health and life. Hence, play some golf, get some sun, feel more active!

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, golf is a pretty relaxing game. The more you play, the more interest you’ll develop. It benefits the human body and mind and has slowly become a great way to relax and recharge. Many people play golf casually, while many play it passionately. Their passion for golf takes them to tournaments where they play to be crowned champions.

If you already are a golfer or are beginning to become one, the golf irons mentioned above are all great clubs to own. If you know a thing or two about golf, you’d know how important your golf club can be to win a golf match. Your golf club determines your swing, control, and distance, which dictates how well you’re doing on the pitch. Cleveland’s golf clubs are indeed the best ones to have, and we determine possessing one would be a great investment. These golf clubs will ensure you have a good golf game as they’re tailor-made to fit the golfer’s needs. Trust us, and you won’t regret it!

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