The 3 Best Cleveland Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are an important part of every player’s set, no matter your skill. Designed for distance – they have become increasingly popular. You can depend on them to make your game extremely easy-going and enjoyable. In recent years, the fairway wood has evolved into one of the most versatile clubs you can buy.

With enhanced materials and technologies, the best fairway woods can help you find the distance and consistency from the tee. This states that golfers have a wide range of options to boost their fairway woods performance in dispensing lengthy shots.

This article shares some of the best Cleveland Fairway Woodsand tips on choosing the best one!

Best Cleveland Fairway Woods

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best Cleveland fairway woods.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

The Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Turbo will have you falling in love with its technology and size. If you’re searching for a solid driver alternative off the tee with speed, this is an excellent choice.

Turbocharged cup face: It is featured in the 3-wood, providing you a greater COR that impacts a greater part for bigger balls speed and distance.


HI bore crown: The reformed HI bore crown decreases the center of gravity by 2.2 mm, which helps lower the positions for an ideal launch.


Deep weighting: There are flexible mass savings placed for important upgrades to MOI, that conveying more pace.


Ultralight hostel: The internal and external weight reduction allows an advanced launch and additional forgiveness.


Counterbalanced shaft: Designed exclusively aimed at the launcher HB Turbo Woods, the MIYAKI C. Kuma center of gravity is repositioned on the higher upper side toward the hold. It allows extra head mass for an amplified MOI.

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo

The Cleveland launcher XL Halo has an advanced Gliderail technology which is combined with a reduced center of gravity and bounce frame, helps improve turf interaction for better shots off the deck.

XL design: This is massive – a huge head signifies an amplified MOI. This, in addition to a great launch from small and profound weighting, will help you enjoy the game even more.


Gliderails: Now there’s no chance of missing strikes – simply start by putting your swing on the rails and aim. The three rails alongside the clubs sole will aid in keeping the face head on for an ideal ball striking.


Rebound Frame: Do you know what is far better than a flex zone? Having two. One flex zone is in the face while the other part is in the club. It helps to give more power to the golf ball. It will provide assistance in increasing the pace of the ball and cover a large distance on every shot you make.


Action Mass CB: The 8g weight positioned in the internal grip will assit in delivering better stability which will offer more power without the extra push. The counterbalance helps to make it more manageable on the backswing.

In addition, when you begin your downswing, that will assist in maintaining a square swing path with less slice and casting.


Hibore Crown Step: The Cleveland Gold Launcher HB Turbo’s stepped crown allows you a better center of gravity for all your tall tossing shots.

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid 16

Now’s your chance to step up with the Cleveland launcher Halo Hybrid 16. The advanced gliderails give it more speed which helps to improve turf interaction, thus putting you in a position that can help you score from any side of the golf course.

The all-new HiBore Crown allows less center of gravity, resulting in a higher launch. In addition, the new top-strength steel adjustable face offers a much advanced COR over a greater impact area for an increased ball pace and extra distance.

Gliderails: The Cleveland launcher Halo Hybrid 16 features a bunch of three rails – the primary edge and single geometries of the glide rails are enhanced for upgraded turf contact and pace retention.

Hibore Crown Step: The reformed HiBore crown allows a lesser center of gravity position. This promotes the perfect soft spin and activates a great ball take-off ball.

High Strength Variable Face: Built by means of high-strength steel, the adjustable face insert offers a much bigger COR throughout a large impact area that leads to an increased ball pace and increased distance.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Cleveland Fairway Woods?

Cleveland Fairway woods are a well-designed substitute to the traditional long irons. They are simpler to knock and to get airborne when compared to the old-style long irons. If you have recently developed a love for golf – these are the perfect ones for beginner or golfers who are struggling with a long approach shot and like the shape of the fairway woods. They will have you saying goodbye to your regular irons.

There are countless ways in which the best fairway woods can be used. It can often become difficult to decide which one to buy. The everyday uses of a fairway wood are mostly off the tee. The Cleveland Fairway Woods is all about distance and forgiveness.

What factors do you need to consider when filling the fairway wood slot in your bag? Let’s take a look.


The loft is the clubface angle that controls trajectory and affects distance. The more loft a club has, the higher will trajectory of the ball, and the shorter the ball will travel. The benefit of owning a Cleveland Fairway Woods is that they have a higher loft than other drivers.

A 3 wood has a loft as high as 18 inches, and a five wood has a loft as high as 22 degrees – the higher the gold club number will be, the higher the loft. Cleveland Fairway Woods are usually known as utility woods. Nowadays, Fairway Woods features adjustability in terms of adjustable hosels and weights.


Head Shape

The shape of a golf club matters a lot – it helps boost the confidence of golfers. It helps to aid in positioning the club in the backside of the golf ball. There are two other things the ahead shape helps determine – the center of gravity inside all the clubs help in dictating how forgiving that particular club will be. It also impact the golf ball spin rates to a great extent that is beyond the club’s loft.


Since manufacturers create different models for different players, some Cleveland Fairway Woods are more forgiving than others. If you are a beginner and in need of assistance, then a larger head will work for you, while if you are an above-average player and your strike is more consistent, then forgiveness might not be the main factor for you.



The majority of the models nowadays come with a degree of disability, whether that’s regarding the loft, movement, shaft, etc., so you have to give it a thought – if changing the characteristic of a club (adjustability) is of importance to you, then this is important is the perfect choice for you.


For a Cleveland Fairway to give you its best performance, they need to be able to work off the tee, on the ground in different lies, and occasionally around the green. If you have a model that works in one of these ways, then a Cleveland Fairway Woods might not be the best option.



The club shaft length will depend upon the golf number – the higher it is, the shorter the length will be.



If you’re a beginner or unsure which shaft to choose – the safest option is to go with graphite. Cleveland Fairway Woods are designed for distance, so they are often equipped with lightweight graphite shafts that increase swing speed. This helps to add yardage to your shot.


Material & Size

The most common material being used to make Fairway woods is steel. This is because it is strong and cheap. Cleveland Fairway Woods, mainly used for hitting the tee, is often made from titanium. This is because it is lightweight and allows to push the center of gravity back in the clubhead, which helps get the ball airborne.

What Is A Cleveland Fairway Wood, And What Are Its Characteristics?

Cleveland Fairway woods have features that are alike to drivers. However, there are significant changes:

  • Most available drivers have big clubheads, usually around 440cc or more, Cleveland Fairway Woods differ by 140 – 180cc.
  • The appearance of the Fairway Woods is lighter as compared to a driver. It helps keep the center of gravity lesser along with permitting you to get the ball aerial from the fairway or rough.
  • Some Cleveland Fairway Woods are built in such a way that they make it simpler to knock them from turfs or a heavier bumpy surface. This is rarely found in modern drivers.

Fairway woods are amazing substitutes to the traditional long irons. Not only are they simpler to knock, but they are easier to get airborne as compared to the old-style long irons. If you are a beginner or struggling with a long approach shot and like the shape of the fairway woods, you can say goodbye to your regular irons and replace them with a Cleveland Fairway Woods.

What Degree Should I Get?

The countless lots available in the market make it extremely confusing to decide what to have in and the number of Fairway Woods one should keep in their golf bag, etc. The best way to figure out what is a must-have for your bag and game is to even them out in such a way that delivers utmost distance and uniformity among each club.

What 3 Degree Do I Get?

A three wood is the holy grail for all golfers. It is the lengthiest fairway wood that one can carry in their golf bag. The swing speed plays an important role in picking out the correct loft for you. Considering your swing pace is over 100 mph, then your loft should be at max 15 degrees.

Golfers may demand to increase the distance their 3-wood covers. For golfers with a regular swing speed, the 3-wood might require you to get a different clubhead or shaft.

5-Wood Loft

Usually, a five wood will have a loft at a maximum of 21 degrees. It is 3-4 higher than the 3-wood. Average swing speed players should transport the golf ball at a max of 210 yards.

7-Wood Loft

These might not be so common, but they are still an effectual Fairway Wood – they are similar to the 5-wood but have a key difference that makes them stand out. They have a smaller head which makes these more multipurpose.

What Is An 18 Degree Fairway Wood?

An 18-degree Fairway Wood depending on its design and face characteristics, can be a strong 5-wood or a standard 4-wood.

Hybrid Or Fairway Wood – Are Both Needed?

Hybrid gold clubs have become increasingly popular because of their adaptability and shot-making competences. They are also accessible in lofts that are the same as Fairway Woods. However, hybrids can become even more tough to get midair.

If you wish to carry both or feel the need to decide which suits you best – test both of them and decide what fits your game better. The correct blend of both can help make the game simpler and more enjoyable for you.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope the information above about the best Cleveland Fairway Woods,along with the factors and characteristics, will make you a better judge of which best suits your swing speed and level of play. Do not forget to share this with your golfer friends and let us know how it worked for you!

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