The 6 Best Callaway Fairway Woods

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you must be familiar with the fact that fairway woods retain significant advantages in competition with hybrids or long irons, or even irons, as long as they are played correctly. But when it comes to getting one for yourself, it is challenging since different brands offer hundreds of models, making it difficult to choose from. In addition, there are several aspects you need to consider before selecting the right fairway wood for your play. Among the most popular brands for golf equipment, Callaway stands out for its high-quality products. This article shares with you some of the best Callaway fairway woods to help you select the right one.

But before that, here is a guide on how to choose the right fairway wood, explaining everything you need to know about them to make it easier for you.

Best Callaway Fairway Woods

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best Callaway fairway woods.

Best Callaway Fairway Woods

1. Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood

Callaway Epic MAX fairway woods take fairway woods to a whole new level, delivering even more speed, length and precision. Thanks to a design based on Artificial Intelligence and ultra-resistant materials. Below are some of its features:

  • Laterality: Right-handed and Left-handed
  • Sizes: Wood # 3, 3+, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11.
  • Flexibility: Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff

The ball speed of the Epic MAX fairway woods comes from the new Jailbreak Velocity Blades design made with Artificial Intelligence. In addition to stiffening the body, this design allows the forged clubface more flexibility for exceptional ball speed across the face.

Every model and face of Epic Speed ​​fairway woods is uniquely designed using Artificial Intelligence technology. It’s a proven ball speed design that puts even more emphasis on center and off-center ball speeds.

High-strength Maraging C300 steel provides exceptional strength and flexibility, while the Face Cup delivers speed and regularity of rotation all over the face. Plus, the oversized head combines with a shallow face to make Epic MAX fairways extremely easy to use. The angle of attack and the spin is adjustable using weights of 2 and 14 g. Use the heavyweight in the back for more tolerance, or use it in the front to reduce the angle of attack and spin.

2. Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway Wood

Callaway’s best technologies are combined in this Mavrik Max fairway wood to provide you with guaranteed distance, tolerance and performance! It offers many customization options to allow different launch angles, spin rates and neutral or draw effects to a wide variety of players.

The Mavrik Max fairway has interchangeable weights in the sole for easy ball strikes and heel to promote a draw, designed to inspire confidence with its larger head! This wood has a higher MOI than Epic fairway woods.

Flash Face SS20 + C300 Forged Maraging Steel for Optimized Performance. The new Artificial Intelligence-optimized SS20 Flash Face is forged from exotic materials, individually shaped for each iron and loft, to maximize ball speed and performance. It has Jailbreak + Face Cup + T2C carbon crown for ball speed and tolerance. The unique leading-edge geometry allows hitting the ball easily.

3.Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood

Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood is a steel model offering the longest and most straight strokes. It is not a simple little “more”; it is an upheaval for your game! Callaway’s longest and straightest woods ever designed with a gain of 9 to 11 meters compared to the Big Bertha Diablo.

Its other features include an increased ball speed for more distance and a new, more aggressive VFT concept on the face that provides better performance fairway woods. A higher MOI in a fairway wood positions more weight on the perimeter of the club.

Diablo Edge fairway woods have the lowest and most concentrated center of gravity among other Callaway fairway wood. It offers the strongest moment of inertia for better weight distribution around the perimeter of the club. The best players will thus have a club adapted to their game and their requirements. It has a more torsion-resistant head for more tolerance.

4. Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway Wood

Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway Wood Men’s Golf Club allows an easy take-off with a classic Steelhead head and modern Hawkeye outsole. The brand enhances its iconic Steelhead shape and streamlines the modern Hawkeye outsole for a versatile, reliable head that’s super easy to hit.

The new generation of the Hyper Speed ​​face cup has exceptional efficiency to produce fast ball speeds and more distance from the whole face, especially in the off-center hits.

Callaway Speed ​​Step technology improves aerodynamics for a faster, longer swing, developed in direct collaboration with aerospace experts.

The lightweight J-36 carbon crown saves a considerable amount of weight and positions it in the perimeter to increase tolerance, facilitate more take-off, reduce spin and increase power. The shorter hosel puts even more weight on the head and improves its appearance.

5.Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway

If you’re looking for the easiest to throw fairway wood, Big Bertha B-21 is the right choice. This design by Callaway allows you to cover more distance regardless of the way you hit it. All golfers want to hit farther, especially with their driver and all golfers want their faceoff to be straight and on the fairway. The new Big Bertha B21 is a long and easy to play driver with its latest advanced technologies. It is a new formula that guarantees more distance and more first balls on the fairways! A unique combination of high throw, low spin (thanks to its ultra-low center of gravity up front), and forgiving head makes it truly extraordinary.

The B21 driver benefits from the Flash Face (the famous Callaway face resulting from artificial intelligence), ultra-resistant titanium and Jailbreak technology which allows you to keep the distance even when you miss the sweet spot. So if you are one of the golfers looking for a way to get more distance from their swing, this is the driver for you!

6. Callaway Big Bertha REVA Fairway Wood

The Callaway Big Bertha Reva Fairway Wood, specially designed for women, will give you distance no matter how you hit it. This is Callaway’s easiest-to-play fairway wood that allows you to deliver your full power, even if you’re not hitting the ball exactly right!

It corrects imperfections in your swing to give you the maximum distance. The oversized Big Bertha shape and the progressive length of the antlers allow constant and gentle contact with the course from a shallower face.

Callaway’s Artificial Intelligence has evolved into clubs that promote fastball speeds over a large area of ​​the face. Like the models discussed above, Big Bertha Reva Fairway Wood has Flash SS21 + Jailbreak technology. Jailbreak bars increase stiffness and promote even more speed. By having more offset, the Callaway Big Bertha Reva fairway woods reduce slices and allow you to gain distance and straight ball flight.

How to Choose the Right Fairway Wood?

The golf woods are generally used to make long distances from the hole or on the fairway. They are the longest clubs, and they hit the longest shots. The antlers, originally constructed with wood, are characterized by a large, more or less spherical head while the sole is more or less curved. They differ by their opening angles, their materials and their shapes.

The Fairway Woods are available in different sizes 3, 5, 7 and 9. The larger lofts are popular with women and seniors thanks to their high ball takeoff angle, even with a relatively low impact speed.

We are talking about fairway woods in opposition to the Driver, which is mainly used initially. However, fairway woods are also great for tapping off the tee or replacing a long iron on the fairway. The most used materials are steel, titanium and composite. Steel is the most common; it is particularly strong. Titanium is much lighter, but it is mostly used for driver woods. Composite is a combination of various modern materials. Titanium allows more forgiveness and power, while steel is more precise.

In what Situation do you Use Fairway Wood?

Fairway wood can be used either on the tee or the fairway. It is often used at the start of narrow par 4s, which does not allow the use of a Driver because it is too risky. It can also be used for a long second shot when the ball is ideally placed on the fairway with a good lie (flat, clean surface).

The Distribution of Masses

When the weight is distributed at the ends and on the back, the wood is more forgiving and therefore, it is easier to play for beginners. When the masses are distributed in the periphery, the maintenance of the head is easier during the strike, making it possible to correct the effects of a poorly centered ball. The lower the center of gravity, the easier it is to take off the ball.

Which Fairway Wood to Choose?

Is this your first fairway wood, and you’re confused about which one to choose? If you’re an expert player, you can move towards a 3 or 4 wood, while the beginner or intermediate player will be better off moving towards a 5 wood, which is more tolerant.

If you already have a fairway wood in your bag and would like to have a second one, it is better to skip a number between each wood to have a distinct distance gap between the two. Otherwise, the distance difference will not be sufficiently marked. Some examples of good composition:

  • Wood 3, Wood 5
  • Wood 5, Wood 7
  • Wood 4, Wood 7
  • Wood 7, Wood 9

What is the Difference Between all Fairway Woods?

Each fairway wood has a loft and a length of its own, allowing for some variation in distance. For example, a 3 wood is more closed than a 5 wood but also has a longer shaft, which increases the club’s amplitude. This also makes it harder to play on the fairway as well. Here is the list of traditional fairway wood lofts:

  • Loft Wood 3: 15 °
  • Loft Wood 4: 17 °
  • Wood Loft 5: 18 °
  • Loft Wood 7: 21 °
  • Wood Loft 9: 24 °

In recent years the clubs have now become adjustable and you can therefore have antlers that cover several lofts.

How to Choose the Right Loft for Your Fairway Wood?

The head of your golf club is the part that will be in contact with the ball. Its opening angle is, therefore, a determining element in the achievement of your ball strike.

You should know that the higher the loft, the more the ball will benefit from a high trajectory, while with a lower loft, the ball will be tighter but travel more distance.

For example, beginner or intermediate-level players are advised to take a fairly open loft (at a wide-angle) for more height and thus limit the effects of rough play as much as possible.

The most experienced players will choose a very closed loft to obtain both tight and fastballs for an optimal distance.

How Flexible is the Shaft for a Fairway Wood?

The flexibility of the shaft is an essential factor in your game, being related to the swing speed. Performing a fitting session will allow you to measure both your arm speed and your swing to determine the quality of the shaft required for optimal performance.

The faster and wider your swing, the stiffer the shaft should be. Conversely, the shorter and slower your swing, the smoother the shaft should be.

The types of shaft flexibility are most often represented by a letter associated with meaning and break down as follows (from the most flexible to the most rigid):

  • L – Lady
  • A – Senior (or Average)
  • R – Regular
  • S – Stiff
  • X – X-Stiff (or Extra Stiff)

Choosing the right fairway wood for your play won’t be challenging if you consider all the above information. Different brands in the market offer a wide range of fairway woods, among which Callaway stands out. Callaway is a must-have brand in the golf club market that offers a wide variety of products to suit all players. You can find several models of Callaway Golf fairway woods for men and women. Whatever your level of play, whether you are right-handed or left-handed, your fairway wood is at Callaway. Steel or graphite handle, easy to play or more technical; you can find the best fairway wood for your game.

Our Final Thoughts

Now you know some of the best Callaway Fairway Woods and their features and everything you need to consider in a fairway wood, you can go ahead and get the right one for you for hitting long-distance shots from the tee and down the fairway. Do not forget to share this with your golf mates, and let us know if the information worked for you!

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