The 2 Best Bag Boy Golf Carts

What are the best Bag Boy golf carts that you can get your hands on?

If you are thinking of getting one of these bad boys, then congrats! These are some of the best in the business. Hence, it is unsurprising that they have overwhelmingly positive reviews wherever you look.

Best Bag Boy Golf Carts

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best Bag Boy golf carts on the market.

Best Bag Boy Golf Carts

Bag Boy Tri Swivel II

The name Bag Boy Tri Swivel aptly emphasizes the class-leading maneuvering system.

The top lock system of the cart is designed to maintain the bag securely in an upright position.

Thanks to its one of a kind maneuverability, you can push the cart easily on all sorts of golf courses.

There is a big storage space that can store your possessions, goodies and supplies.

The Bag Boy Tri swivel is proof that a 3 wheel cart can provide an optimal mix of stability and maneuverability. It is able to achieve all of this due to several design factors including its use of a pivoting wheel at the front.

The brand makes a bold claim saying that due to the use of the swiveling front wheel, it feels as if there is power steering built into the cart. And owing to the fluid movement and smooth turning of this thing, one would agree that it indeed feels as effortless as power steering.

The Tri Swivel is a joy to move around the golf course due to these factors.

You can fold and unfold the cart with equal ease. The ergonomic design makes it easy and fairly effortless to use. You also get plenty of storage space on board the cart that you can avail for stashing supplies, gear and other necessities.

When you fold up this thing, it becomes approximately the size of a folded Clicgear.

User experience is simply stellar since you do not have to lift up the front wheel when turning this cart. This is made possible by the quality front swivel wheel. Hence, taking this cart for a ride through the golf course is an experience to savor and relish.

So although this cart does not come cheap, the investment is worth it since it works like a dream. Once you try it, you will not want to revert to other golf carts that have a fixed wheel in front. Your only regret will be not knowing about this cart earlier.

And its not just the front wheel that shines. The wheels at the back also work smoothly and reliably.

Velcro straps are provided so that your bag can be secured firmly at both the bottom and top.

All this being said, you will soon realize that it’s among the costliest carts around. There are several good reasons why this is the case. Quite simply, if you are looking for the ultimate user experience then you may want to invest in this golf cart.

Weighing about 19 pounds, this is not exactly the lightest golf cart. It is just a notch lower than the heftiest cart of them all, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V2.

When you fold up the Bag Boy, you will find that it is neither too wide nor is it too long. It has a rather boxy shape when it is folded up.

The substantially reduced effort and the fluid movement are key facets for preferring this golf cart. You don’t have to pull a wheelie to change directions for this thing. For minor changes in direction, the effort required is so little that you will barely notice it.

For newcomers, using this thing for the first time might feel a tad bit tricky for it is all too easy to oversteer it. You will gradually learn to apply less force when steering this bad boy. But when that happens, you will simply not want to go back to other carts as they require more strength for steering and will thus begin to feel cumbersome.

Bag Boy Nitron

This user-friendly marvel currently has the best opening mechanism that ardent golfers can’t get enough of.

And the “nitron” in the name is not just a marketing gimmick. It refers to the nitrogen gas powered piston that facilitates the super quick and smooth opening action of the system.

Also notable is the cavernous storage space that has a pouch below it. You can load these with your personal stuff and goodies.

The top lock mechanism is designed to securely hold the golf bag in one place.

The golf cart is engineered to open and close in seconds. Hence, deploying it is a cinch as is folding it. When you fold it down, the cart assumes compact dimensions due to which you can easily find space for it in your car trunk.

It has multiple storage spaces for your golf ball, mobile device and scorecard. Below the scorecard, you will find plenty of storage for keeping your essentials.

The parking brake is mounted in the handle so that it always remains within easy reach.

The frame comprises premium aluminum due to which it is strong, light and corrosion resistant. Owing to this choice of high grade material, you can expect the frame to last well into the future.

You can also choose to include some thoughtful addons like the solar charger (which will charge your smartphone battery) and the Bluetooth speaker.

It occupies just a tiny footprint when it is folded up. Hence, transporting it to and from the golf course is a breeze. The feature-rich console can help to keep your key stuff well organized and within easy reach.

An umbrella holder is built into the cart so that you can deploy the umbrella when the weather goes bad. Hence, with this accessory, you can keep your cart dry and in good shape even during inclement weather.

Our Final Thoughts

The best Bag Boy golf parts mentioned above provide excellent value for money. Hence, they are among the top-rated carts in the industry.

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