The 4 Best Bag Boy Golf Bags

The American company, Bag Boy, has been innovating and improving in the golfing industry since 1946. With over 75 years of experience, they provide golfers with some of the best golfing equipment available in the industry. While they are mostly known for their incredible, modern, and innovative push-carts, the best Bag Boy golf bagsare some of the most well-built and durable golf bags on the market.

Bag Boy, now after over 75 years in the industry, has made a name for themselves for unmatched quality and durability, along with being the innovator in the golf equipment game. Besides golf bags and push-carts, Bag Boy also produces some of the best travel covers, electric- and push-cart accessories, and even hand warmers to keep your golf game smooth even when it’s chilly out!

Best Bag Boy Golf Bags

If you want to purchase a golf bag, look no further than the best Bag Boy golf bags. Bag Boy makes something for every kind of golfer; whether you do your golfing while riding around in a cart or if you prefer walking, there will be something for you that you’ll love. So, without further ado, let’s look at the best Bag Boy golf bagsavailable on the market today!

Best Bag Boy Golf Bags

Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag

Our top pick is Bag Boy’s headliner in their bags category. The new and improved Chiller Cart Bag takes everything the previous Bag Boy Chiller offered and improves upon it. With its 14-way full-length individual dividers, there is enough space for the golf clubs you might need. The Chiller also has a dedicated rubber putter well, so your putter is ready and waiting at all times.

The new Chiller will also store and carry anything you could ever need on your golfing rounds with its nine good-sized storage pockets. Two of these nine pockets are apparel pockets for a change of clothes, a ball pocket, and also a fleece-lined valuables pocket.

But the headlining feature of this Chiller is, of course, the Chiller pocket. The Chiller pocket contains an insulated cooler bag that can keep a whole lot of food, water, or drinks cool. The insulated bag is removable and can hold up to six 12oz cans if you squeeze tight.

Other than all of this, the bag also features Bag Boy’s patented Top-Lok technology that can help you lock your bag onto a Bag Boy push-cart easily and securely. The bag also provides you with an umbrella holder and a rain hood, and the bag has ergonomic handles to make it comfortable to lift or carry. What’s more, all of this is packaged into a bag that only weighs in at a remarkable 5.4 pounds!

Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag

On our number 2 spot of the best Bag Boy golf bagsis the Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag. Again, the new and improved Revolver improves upon its previous innovations. The Revolver XP, just like the Chiller, features a 14-way divider with full-length dividers to keep your clubs secure on your golfing days. The difference comes with the rotating top, hence the name Revolver XP. The rotating top allows the user to simply spin and select whatever club they need for the shot. It allows for easy access to all clubs at all times, without cluttering or damaging the clubs. The new Revolver XP features an added external putter, so your putter is ready for use at all times.

The Revolver XP will store and carry as much as you could ever need on a golf game with its nine storage pockets. Again, the pockets include apparel pockets, an insulated drinks pocket, and a fleece-lined valuables pocket. The good thing about the pockets on the Revolver XP is that the pockets are built around the hard casing and sown separately, which keeps the pockets and the clubs both clutter-free.

The bag also features Bag Boy’s CLIP-LOK and TOP-LOK technology. CLIP-LOK is what secures your clubs in the bag, and TOP-LOK allows the Revolver XP to be attached to a cart easily. Bag Boy also provides an umbrella holder and matching rain hoods. All of this is packaged into a weight of 8.6 pounds, which is a little heavier than the Chiller but is expected due to the added revolving top.

Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

On our number 3 spot is the Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag. This is just like the first bag on our list, except it is a stand bag that can be carried easily during your golf rounds or secured to a cart if you prefer to ride in a buggy.

The bag features a 14-way full-length divided top to store and secure your golf clubs without worrying about them clattering against each other. The top is constructed with reinforced nylon which means it doesn’t matter how roughly you pull out your clubs; neither the bag nor the club will experience any kind of damage.

For your storage needs, the Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag features ten different pockets, out of which eight are zippered, and two are mesh pockets. The eight zippered pockets include two apparel pockets, a large ball pocket, a fleece-lined valuables pocket, and an insulated pocket for your drinks. The Chiller pocket can hold up to four 12oz cans easily. This Chiller pocket is the main ‘advertised’ feature of this hybrid stand bag, but it is an overall amazing bag even if you don’t want to carry around as much water or food on your golf rounds.

The bag is incredibly easy to carry, weighing in at just 6.4 pounds and featuring an ergonomic shoulder strap, an easy-grip handle at the top, and three lift-assist handles. The extra padded hip protection also helps a great deal in making this bag easy to carry. Again, the bag features Bag Boy’s TOP-LOK technology to attach your bag to any cart you might want.

When you want to set it down on the ground while you make your shots, the bag features lockable legs that help the bag stand safely and securely due to its slip-resistant feet. The bag also comes with an umbrella holder, a rain cover, and a towel and glove holder. The Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag is a flexible bag and durable enough to last you for years to come!

Bag Boy CB-15 Cart Bag

In 4th place on our Best Bag Boy Golf Bagslist is the Bag Boy CB-15 Cart Bag. The CB-15 is Bag Boy’s largest available cart bag with its 15-way top divider, with full-length divisions to keep the stored golf clubs from clanging and banging against each other. The top also features a dedicated external putter well with a clip to keep your putter secured and ready.

The storage on this cart bag is ample due to its nine pockets. Out of which, again, one is a fleece-lined pocket for your valuables, an insulated pocket for your drinks or food, two apparel pockets, and an oversized ball pocket. The ball pocket is large enough to fit almost 25 balls which is more than enough for a good golfing day out.

Again, as with all Bag Boy golf bags, the bag features TOP-LOK tech, an umbrella holder, and a rain hood. The bag is also easy to carry, weighing just 5.4 lbs. It also features soft-grip top handles and trunk handles for easy lifting. The CB-15 is an overall great golf bag that provides all the features one would require in a well-built and durable package!

Our Final Thoughts

With Bag Boy, you know you are getting a golf bag with many features and innovations. There isn’t a single bag in the Bag Boy lineup that would disappoint you in any way. Bag Boy is known for its bags’ durability, comfort, and longevity. Any bag you buy off this list will leave you a happy golfer and serve you for many years!

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