Best Asics Golf Shoes

There are multiple reasons why golfers prefer walking across the course than riding in a cart. They might be looking to burn excess calories, or they may want extra time to size up their shots while approaching the ball in the fairway. There are also the purists – ones who believe that walking entails following the true spirit of the game.

Regardless of why they walk, once they hit the 18th hole, golfers have walked at least five miles or even more, based on their accuracy and the course’s length. That is why it is crucial for golfers to get the right footwear. The best ones are those that fit comfortably on your feet and keep them dry, warm, and comfortable throughout the session.

Do You Have to Wear Golf Shoes?

You will find many golf courses letting you play without golf shoes. That’s because golf clubs try to encourage people into playing the sport. Although you may save some money, it will hinder you from reaching your full golf potential and you might even injure yourself. Most sports injuries are related to ankles, so you must protect yourself where it matters the most. Since golf is played across various terrains, you might slip on an uneven surface if the shoes’ soles lack traction.

Best Asics Golf Shoes

Why are Golf Shoes Needed?

Many sports rely on ground forces to create power and speed. Golf is no different. Consider sprinting for a second. Can you run well without lightweight athletic spikes? You could but you will struggle to keep up with the rest.

Golf utilizes ground forces in a vertical and horizontal manner to generate rotational torque, creating high club head speed. This is started through the ground. Therefore, it is crucial to have stability through the foot to limit lost energy.

Leading manufacturers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars designing golf shoes to give wearers a competitive edge. The sole must move and support as per the body rotation. This process allows golfers to produce greater power into the shot while keeping stability too.

The Asics Golf Shoes

So, which brand should you choose? Consider opting for Asics golf shoes. They are the best in the industry.

1. Asics Gel Course Duo BOA Golf Shoe Golf Shoes

Asics is known for designing high-quality running/training shoes for years, so it had a good foundation to create a golf shoe. The Gel Course Duo Boa Golf shoe is a classic looking shoe that comes with the traditional Asics four-line pattern on the shoe’s side with their logo on the heel. These are minimalist shoes with a clean look.

The Asics Gel Course Duo BOA golf shoes make it easy to walk around in any golf course. It offers an accurate fit that aligns with your foot’s natural shape. Powered by a proprietary lacing system, it provides lightweight padding and support, while at the same time, offering a customized fit. These shoes complement an external heel counter that re

These shoes are light because of using Asics’ patented FlyteFoam technology. They are not your traditional golf shoes – they feel and look exactly like a pair of gym or running shoes.

The shoe design helps with shock absorption too, so golfers can get enough traction during swings. The “no tie” lacing system is another feature of the BOA technology. This system boasts an adjustable dial that loosens or tighten the laces for a desired foot and fit support.

2. Asics Gel Course Glide Spikeless Golf Shoes

The Asics Gel Course Glide Spikeless Golf Shoes incorporate proprietary technology to the shoe’s back area. This allows it to increase shock absorption at the rear foot, minimize impact, and improve comfort.

An internal heel counter supports the rear foot. The upper integrated quarter panel and rubber wraps at the midsole offer foot support too. Comfort features comprise a padded ankle and tongue, a flexible mesh upper, and a FlyteFoam midsole that is 55% lighter and durable than the industry standard. The spikeless outsole contains a flex groove at the front, whereas block pattern studs are placed at the lateral side to increase traction and rotation during the golf swing. The outsole also contains wedge-shaped studs that provide improved traction.

The mesh provides breathability to offer ventilation to the foot and ample flexibility for comfort. The molded heel counter is created to secure your heel with an adaptive fit. You can maintain stability with golf swings through the toe and lateral rubber wraps.

3. Asics Gel Course Ace Spikeless Golf Shoes

The Asics Gel Course Ace Golf Shoe provides a lightweight frame, custom fit, and flexibility that will adapt to any movement you make. While making golf wings, you will experience terrific easy motion. The mesh upper is flexible and breathable. It is waterproof, so you can wear it during rainy seasons without any worry. The outsole offers countless benefits, including an FG traction sole pattern that provides unparalleled stability and grip. The lateral and toe rubber wraps assist with maintaining stability while the integrated quarter panel offers a supportive fit. Additionally, it offers GEL cushioning to increase shock absorption and minimize impact.

Our Final Thoughts

Have you made up your mind about which golf shoes to buy? Choose any one from the ones mentioned above. Asics’ golf shoes will keep you happy for a long time.

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