The 5 Best Adidas Golf Pants

A good pair of trousers is not going to save your shorts, but it does offer plenty of subtle advantages, such as flexibility and comfort that play a role during your golf session. This article will explore some of the top tips to follow when buying golf pants and review the best Adidas Golf pants.

Considerations for Buying Golf Pants


Regardless of how much you prefer a specific pair of pants, your primary consideration should be to find whether they fit. Everyone has a unique body, which means that a style that works for your friend is not going to necessarily work for you too.

Some golfers prefer a slim fit, some like straight-leg pants, and others like the classic ones. Although all manufacturers try their best to design pants that fit people of all shapes and sizes, there are some brands that excel at it more. For starters, Adidas’ golf pants are well known for catering to all. Therefore, pick high-quality pants that offer ample support and comfort during the golf session.

Best Adidas Golf Pants


Golf pants are designed through a wide range of materials. Most are made from a combination of various materials. Whatever the final composition is, they must make you feel comfortable. They should breathe, allowing you to take advantage of mobility when you swing.


Fashion is an important part of a golfer’s identity, helping many stand out. When you are satisfied with your looks, you can play the game with more confidence. Therefore, your fashion style should be reflected through your pants.

Best Adidas Golf Pants

Do you like any designs or bright colors that stand out? Or perhaps you are more of a traditional who favors the classic look? You can pick anyone that suits your appearance.

1. Adidas Ultimate365 3 Stripes Pants Flat Front Golf Apparel

If you get too sweaty at the golf course, the Adidas Ultimate 365 3 Stripes golf pants have got you covered. It comes with a moisture-wicking technology that prevents sweat from making you uncomfortable.

Thanks to a stretch fabric, you will get plenty of comfort and make movements freely. The fabric offers another advantage: it boasts UV protection. This way, you not only protect yourself from the potentially dangerous sun rays, but also ensure that your pants last long. The 3 Stripes are carefully cut to strike the perfect balance between loose and snug. The front and back pockets allow you to store small items easily.

2. Adidas Ultimate365 3 Stripes Tapered Pants Flat Front Golf Apparel

The Adidas Ultimate 365 3 Stripes Tapered golf pants are known for their build quality; they’re made of puremotion stretch fabric, a lightweight fabric that makes it extremely easy to move throughout the golf course comfortably.

The fabric boasts a moisture-wicking and water resistance technology that prevents moisture accumulation and keeps you dry during the rainy season. Unlike other golf pants, machine washing is not an issue with this one – it will serve you for a long time.

The 3 Stripes pants are unique due to their tapered fit, 3-stripes branding on the right pocket, an Adidas Badge on the left-hand pocket, constructed belt loops, Adidas branded silicon gripper tape waistband to keep your shirt tucked in, two rear besom pockets, and two front pockets with lightweight mesh lining.

3. Adidas Ultimate 365 Camo Pants Flat Front Golf Apparel

The Adidas Ultimate 365 Camo Pants offer novelty print and ultimate performance that lets you wear it for any occasion. A sporty camo print distinguishes them from other pants, while a blended stretch fabric enables a broad array of motion.

These pants have come with a basic flat-front construction, ideal for those who are sensitive regarding the fit. These pants are created to ensure that you move with full freedom without any limitations during swings.

A durable water repellant (DWR) coating means that they’re ideal on days with rain forecasts and you can wash them without any worry.

4. Adidas Go To Five Pocket Pants Flat Front Golf Apparel

The Adidas Go-To-Five Pocket Pants belong to the Adidas’ Tour clothing range that uses state-of-the-art garment tech to meet the needs of the world’s best golfers. It is designed with Primegreen, a set of high-performance recycled materials that offer greater sustainability.

Recycled nylon and elastane make up 95% and 5% of their build quality. They use a stretch fabric design to offer maximum freedom of movement and comfort. A stretch waistband is added to take mobility to the next level, whereas your shirt is kept tucked in during the session via a silicon printed gripper. This one also comes with a DWR coating, offering an added layer of protection against rain.

As the name suggests, these trousers contain 5 pockets with contrast Adidas patch branding on the trouser’s back.  All in all, they combine technical wizardry with a sleek look to offer the best of worlds.

5. Adidas WarpKnit Cargo Pants Flat Front Golf Apparel

The Adidas Warpknit Cargo golf pants are made of flexible warp knit fabric that allows for unrestricted range of motion and enhances breathability during a golf session. A contemporary, tapered cut makes them distinct, whereas a zip cargo pocket allows you to secure your tees or scorecard. The Primegreen polyester is used during their construction, offering resistance against wrinkles and durability for plenty of wash and wear.

Our Final Thoughts

Did you like any of these Adidas golf pants? Choose any of the pants listed above and you will notice a clear difference while playing golf.

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